Fat Removal made Easy with Liposculpture Houston TX

Getting rid of excess fat can be stressful to many people. Even those that observe a healthy lifestyle characterised by regular workouts and a clean diet tend to find fat removal a difficult thing to achieve naturally. 

However, you can save yourself time, effort and money by taking advantage of the fat removal benefits of liposculpture body contouring procedures today. 

At Premiere Surgical Arts, you will be exposed to the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston, offering a variety of safe liposuction procedures to help remove stubborn fat deposits from specific parts of your body like your abdomen, calves, hips, arms, buttocks, thigh, lower back, and chin. 

With liposculpture, you will easily be able to achieve the symmetry and body contours that you have always desired, and in a safe way too. 

Types of Liposuction At Premiere Surgical Arts Liposculpture Houston Tx

At Premiere Surgical Arts, we offer different types of liposuction cosmetic surgery procedures to not only help eliminate stubborn fat, but also to improve body lines, contours and symmetry to greatly enhance appearance. 

The type of liposuction procedure that would be recommended by our cosmetic surgeons will depend on the severity of your case. That being said, we offer the following liposuction procedures;

#1. Body Liposuction

With body liposuction, we will help remove body fat from parts of your body that does not respond well to exercise and diet. 

We will use a cannula and high powered vacuum to suck out excess fat from localized areas like your hips, chest, thighs, abdomen, cheeks, lower legs, and so on. 

The sucked off fat may be transfered to other parts of your body to give you a well defined figure. 

#2. Smart Liposuction or Laser Liposuction 

Premiere Surgical Arts offers quick, minimally invasive, and affordable liposuction in Houston with Smart Liposuction or Laser Liposuction. 

With SmartLipo, the stubborn fat is melted away with quick bursts of laser energy. 

The melted fat is then suctioned out of your body and disposed of. Laser Liposuction will coagulate blood vessels while also helping to stimulate collagen production, which gives you a more elastic and tighter skin.    

#3. Vaser Liposuction 

Vaser Liposuction is another minimally invasive liposculpture procedure tags targets localized fat deposits for removal with the use of advanced ultrasound technology. 

You can expect minimal pain and downtime with this cosmetic surgery procedure while your appearance will be sleeker and trimmer than before. 

Benefits of Lipo Body Sculpture of Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

Whatever liposuction treatments you have at Premiere Surgical Arts, you can be sure of getting the best lipo surgery in Houston that will go a long way in enhancing your overall look. 

Here are some benefits you can expect from the different types of liposculpture full body procedures on offer at our surgery center in Houston.

#1. Fat Removal

The first step in looking gorgeous starts with fat removal. We will remove stubborn fat deposits that you find hard getting rid of by exercising and dieting.

#2. Body Contouring 

Apart from removing excess fat from troubled areas. We can also help in fat transfer to enhance parts of your body like your hips and improve your overall body contours.

#3. Ideal for Gynecomastia 

Male boobs or gynecomastia can be treated with liposuction. We will remove the excess fat under your breasts to make them less feminine.

#4. Excess Skin Removal

You can also get rid of excess skin with a liposculpture procedure, especially if you were previously obese and you have lost as much as 40% of your body mass index (BMI). 

#5. Relief from Lymphedema 

Although this is not the main function of liposuction, it have been proven to provide some comfort from the inflammation that is caused by lymphedema. 

Expected Results From Liposuction At  Premiere Surgical Arts Houston Liposuction Center

After a liposuction procedure at our Houston TX plastic surgery center, you will experience localized inflammation at the site of the surgery. 

It may take up to one month (4 weeks) for the inflammation to go down before you will notice significant improvements in your body symmetry, lines, and contours. 

However, you are advised to maintain a routine of regular exercising and a clean, healthy diet in other for your body modification results to be more permanent. 

FAQs About Liposculpture Houston TX

Who can benefit from liposculpture?

Just about any one with stubborn fat and weight issues can be a beneficiary of liposclupture. This includes adult males, females, and transgender. 

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required will depend on the complexities of individual patients. You will be thoroughly briefed on the number and types of treatment procedures that will be carried out by our cosmetic surgeon before your scheduled surgery.

How will liposculpture examination be conducted?

A typical liposclupture procedure begins with a scheduled appointment with our cosmetic surgeon. At this appointment, you get to discuss your medical history, treatment and expectations. A scheduled date for your surgery is then fixed and during this time a cannula is passed under your skin at the region of the stubborn fat to help remove the fat.

Why is liposclupture different to standard liposuction?

Liposclupture is different to standard liposuction, as it considers improving the body contour and symmetry through fat transfer rather than just removing excess fat, as is the case with a regular liposuction procedure. 

Premiere Surgical Arts the Home of The Best Liposuction Doctors in Houston

If you want the best lipo doctors in Houston, then look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts surgery center. Our cosmetic surgeons begin with a thorough liposuction consultation where you are examined and where our surgeon discusses your case. 

You will be briefed on the safest treatment procedures that will offer you the best chance of meeting your expected results. 

At our Houston liposuction center, we offer several treatment options including body liposuction, smart/laser liposuction, and vaser liposuction. 

In fact, we take pride in having the top smartlipo doctors in Houston, led by Dr. Jung, who has extensive experience and expertise in assisting numerous patients in enhancing their appearance. He has helped many individuals achieve a slimmer and well-toned look through a variety of liposuction procedures.

You too can start your journey to looking slimmer and more attractive today by first scheduling an online appointment with us, or calling  832-930-7660.


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Overcoming Stubborn Fat at Premiere Surgical Arts Liposculpture Houston

So you have put in the required work in the gym and you have even gone on a calorie deficit diet, but alas, you are left frustrated by the lack of or minimal fat removal.

Right now, you might be thinking that you are alone in this situation, but the truth is, you are one of many people in the U.S and indeed around the world that struggle with their weight due to stubborn fat that almost always doesn’t seem to go through more traditional means.

However, do not be discouraged, as you can achieve your ideal body shape through body sculpting at Premiere Surgical Arts. While there is no substitute for eating clean, exercising, and just generally living an active, healthy life, you can take a huge leap forward with lipo sculpting. 

This cosmetic surgical procedure will involve removing excess fat deposits from one part of your body to improve your body lines and symmetry today.




Body sculpting stands out not just because it is widely recognized as a safe liposuction method, but also due to its popularity as an option for individuals of all genders.

That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you are male, female, or transgender, you can trim down those unsightly fat deposits in your cheeks, chin (double chin), neckline, chest, abdomen/stomach, love handles/hips, thighs, lower leg, and even knees. 

Speaking of the abominal region, lipo sculpting is much more desirable in getting rid of abdominal fat in today’s world than conventional tummy tucks. 

This is primarily because lipo sculpting provides the flexibility to repurpose body fat by transferring it from one part of your body to another, allowing you to attain your desired shape. In liposculpture, no fat goes to waste.

At Premiere Surgical Arts, our experienced cosmetic surgeons will discuss, not just how they intend removing your troubled fat deposit, but also how fast transfer can help in improving your overall look. 

This holistic approach to liposuction body sculpting is what makes a liposculpture full body procedure a more desirable cosmetic surgery option in not just the U.S, but around the world.



There are three main benefits of body sculpting liposuction surgery are they are:

#1. Safe removal of body fat

This is the main benefit of lipo sculpting, as it helps in safely removing fat deposits from different parts of the body including the hips, stomach and thighs. In addition to this, lipo sculpting also helps to improve cellulite.

#2. Liposculpture full body benefit

Body sculpting can help to sculpt out parts of the body that may be indifferent to the work put into exercising and dieting. Lipo sculpting will help to give patients a more refined, sleeker, and sexy figure.

#3. Improves self-confidence and acceptance

With a liposculpture full body procedure, the self confidence of patients will be sky-high while they stand a greater chance of making new friends and been accepted by their peers, as their overall appearance improves for the better.



To be qualified as a perfect candidate for full body liposculpture, your general health has to be good and this also includes your skin tone which has to be good enough to enable optimal retraction of your skin after the stubborn fat is taken out. 

Once you have been cleared for a body sculpting procedure, our cosmetic surgeon will infuse the site of the fat deposit with minute amounts of anesthesia, adrenaline, and saline solution. 

Similar to traditional liposuction procedure, our surgeon will then maneuver a cannula beneath your skin in order to remove the stubborn fat deposits and improve your body contours.

FAQs About Liposculpture Houston

Can liposculpture be performed more than once?

Yes. Liposculpture can be performed more than once depending on the complexities involved.

What are the Benefits of Power Liposculpture?

Power Liposculpture offers quick, efficient, and aesthetically seamless body sculpting to patients making it a more desirable cosmetic surgery option to consider.

How much weight will I lose?

The weight you will lose will depend on several factors including your current body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, the site of excess fat deposit, your health status at the time of the cosmetic surgery, and so on.

Is liposculpture the same as liposuction?  

Not really. Liposculpture involves a cosmetic surgical procedure that uses liposuction amongst other techniques to achieve the best body sculpting results to improve body contours. However, liposuction is simply a technique used in removing excessive fat cells from parts of the body without offering the possibility of fat transfer in other parts of the body to boost symmetry.




For the best liposculpture near me in Houston, Texas, you should look no further than Premiere Surgical Arts. 

Our highly skilled, trained, and experienced cosmetic surgeons will meet with you in person to discuss your cosmetic goals and proffer the best cosmetic surgery options to help you achieve those goals in the safest way possible. 

You can be sure of removing unwanted fat wherever they may be located in your body, and if need be, some of this fat could be transferred to other parts of your body, as part of the surgical procedure to improve your overall symmetry and body lines. 

Our cosmetic surgeons serve the Houston neighbourhoods of Montrose, Galleria, Greenway/Upper Kirby, Tanglewood, Boulevard Oaks, Midtown, Rice Military, River Oaks, West University, and many others.

To get started, you can schedule an appointment online with us, and be on the right path towards achieving your body sculpting desires today.

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Do Laser Treatments For Weight Loss Actually Work?

Why You Need Premiere Surgical Arts Laser Liposuction In Houston Texas

If you are 25 pounds overweight and you want to get rid of unwanted fat quickly, you need not look farther than SmartLipo procedures at Premiere Surgical Arts medical center in Houston, Texas.

The popularity of Liposuction for cellulite has grown in proportion mainly due to the ever rising accessibility of SmartLipo which is a minimally invasive, relatively painless procedure that guarantees fat and weight loss with the least downtime possible.

What’s more, both male and female patients can take advantage of Laser Liposuction treatment in losing weight. With SmartLipo, you can get rid of localized excessive body fat in virtually any part of your body including your abdomen, upper arms, neck, thighs, and love handles.

As a matter of fact, Laser Liposuction love handles is one of the most in-demand cosmetic surgery procedures amongst women in the US, and certainly at our medical center in Houston, Texas.

With SmartLipo, you will be able to quickly burn out excess visceral and subcutaneous fat to improve your body shape with a shapely, well contoured form and appearance.

Another reason why you need Laser Liposuction is that it is one procedure that is capable of significantly boosting your skin’s elasticity as it increases your body’s production of collagen.

But that’s not all, in addition to improving your skin’s elasticity, Laser Liposuction will also give you a much more youthful and firmer body contour.

What’s more, with a SmartLipo procedure at Premiere Surgical Arts,  you will be able to prevent internal bleeding during and/or after surgery by promoting blood vessel coagulation.


The main reasons why the popularity of the Liposuction procedure is rising fast can be explained in five main advantages.

However, before we get into the pros of SmartLipo, it is important for you to know that where you have your Laser Liposuction is just as important as the procedure itself.

SmartLipo at a clinic with unqualified, inexperienced cosmetic surgeons and medical personnel can be hugely detrimental to not just the success of the procedure, but also your health.

At Premiere Surgical Arts, you are guaranteed the safest Liposuction treatments in Houston by world-class cosmetic surgeons

Now the five main advantages of Laser Liposuction treatment at Premiere Surgical Arts are:

#1. Minimal Invasive Surgery:

The first thing you need to know is that SmartLipo at Premiere Surgical Arts is a minimal invasive procedure unlike more traditional liposuction treatment.

Our cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions in and around the targeted site of operation through which a cannula is passed through followed by a laser fiber that is used to liquefy excess fat that is then suctioned out and disposed of.

The incisions are stitched up and you can expect thin surgical scars that are almost invincible to the naked eye and suggesting very little evidence of surgery.

#2. Unwanted Fat Removal:

This is perhaps the most important reason why you would have Laser Liposuction to begin with. And at Premiere Surgical Arts, we ensure that excess body fat at specific body parts including your abdomen, neck, upper arms, thighs, and also love handles are removed without any damage to other tissues or organs.

#3. Painless Procedure:

It is safe to assume that most patients would prefer a painless liposuction procedure and this is what you get with SmartLipo. Compared to traditional liposuction, SmartLipo treatment offers little or no pain during and after surgery.

#4. Downtime? What Downtime?!

Another advantage of SmartLipo is the fact that you can expect very little downtime after surgery. The same cannot be said about traditional liposuction procedures which have a comparatively longer downtime. With SmartLipo, you will be able to engage in your regular work and recreation activities within a couple of weeks after surgery.

#5. Improved Body Contouring:

As mentioned already, Laser Liposuction will promote body contouring leaving you with a firmer, slimmer, well-toned, and shapely appearance. By removing unwanted fat, SmartLipo will also keep you fitter and healthier than before which is more than most patients can ask for.

FAQs About Laser Liposuction In Houston Texas

What are the laser treatments for fat removal?

SmartLipo is a Laser Liposuction for fat loss that involves a minimally invasive procedure with the use of a cannula through which a laser fiber is passed through and used in liquifying unwanted fat before being suctioned.

How well does Laser Lipo work?

Laser Lipo works very well in reducing the amount of excessive fat deposits at trouble spots, such as; your neck, abdomen, love handles, and thighs.

Can laser skin tightening cause fat loss on your body?

Yes. SmartLipo Laser Liposuction will liquefy fat deposits in a painless and quick way leading to fat and weight loss.

Is Body Contouring safe?

Yes. Body Contouring is considered to be a safe way of surgically losing both fat and body weight.

Is Liposuction worth it?

Yes. Liposuction particularly, Laser Liposuction is definitely worth your time, money, and effort. Laser guided Liposuction often provides great results for patients wishing to lose fat and weight quickly without having to go through the rigorous dieting and weight training.


For the best Liposuction near me with the latest Liposuction technology to remove fat, visit our medical center in Houston, Texas today.

We provide our services  to all patients wishing to undergo belly Laser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction love handles, SmartLipo Laser-assisted Liposuction for the neck, thighs, and upper arms.

If you reside in Houston, then Premiere Surgical Arts medical center is the place to be for top quality SmartLipo procedures by experienced, and qualified cosmetic surgeons.

You can make an online appointment online or call us on 832-930-7660 to discuss your treatment.

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Faster Fat Loss With a Laser

Try Laser Liposuction Houston for Safe, Effective Fat Removal

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat, but you are wary of the risks associated with traditional lipo surgery, you can rest easy today, as Laser Liposuction offers a safer, more effective means of removing excess fat in a variety of places in your body.

At Premiere Surgical Arts, we offer you SmartLipo laser liposuction treatment in Houston, so you don’t have to make travel arrangements outside the state of Texas in order to improve your overall look.

Our Laser-assisted liposuction or LAL will not only remove excess body fat in a quick, safe, and relatively painless manner, but will also save you time and money in both the short and long-run.


Our cosmetic surgeons are often asked a myriad of questions, particularly by new patients to our cosmetic surgery medical center. But the one question that is frequently asked by most patients borders on their eligibility for a Laser Lipo procedure.

Indeed, before we schedule you for a SmartLipo procedure, you will have to first meet with an assigned cosmetic surgeon to discuss your treatment as well as ascertain your eligibility for Laser Lipo treatment.

Typically, your medical history will be looked at in order to determine whether or not you have a genetic condition that could disqualify you from the procedure.

Your medical history will also reveal any underlying health challenge that may make you a high risk patient and one that really shouldn’t undergo SmartLipo.

We try as much as possible to ease all your anxieties by explaining in detail how we intend helping to improve your body shape with Laser Lipo.


Before you are scheduled for a SmartLipo Laser Liposuction procedure, our designated cosmetic surgeon will determine if you weigh a minimum of 25 pounds (Ib) in excess of your ideal body mass index (BMI). This is also a criteria in determining your eligibility for Laser Lipo treatment.

Once you meet every single condition for a SmartLipo treatment and you have been duly scheduled for the procedure, you will be taken to an operation room at our Houston medical center where tou will be sedated by a qualified anesthesiologist before our Lipo cosmetic surgeon makes incisions on parts of your body near the specific body part with the unwanted fat.

Through the incisions, our Lipo doctor will pass a thin tube known simply as a cannula. The cannula will house a laser fiber which is gradually passed through the tube until it gets to the unwanted fat.

This laser fiber is used in delivering to the unwanted body fat, a total of three (3) wavelengths of laser energy in order to liquefy the excess fat before it is duly removed through powerful suction.

It is worth noting that SmartLipo procedures are designed for both male and female patients. In addition to promoting body contouring, each Laser Lipo procedure will equally promote the coagulation of blood vessels to avoid internal bleeding while also stimulating collagen production to aid cellular regeneration and quick healing.

You can be sure that a Laser Lipo treatment at our Houston medical center will leave you with a more elastic, firmer, and smoother skin, particularly at the site of the procedure.

FAQs About Laser Liposuction Houston

What are the different techniques of Liposuction?

The most common techniques of Liposuction are the more invasive traditional procedure and minimal invasive Laser Lipo procedure with the latter offering patients an opportunity to recover at a much faster rate with less pain and complications.

How well does Laser Lipo work?

Laser Lipo works very well as a minimal invasive procedure to remove fat from a number of body parts including your abdomen and love handles.

How to know if I am the right candidate for SmartLipo?

You are a right candidate for SmartLipo if you are 21 years and over, relatively healthy, and do not suffer from any potentially life threatening medical condition or engage in unhealthy lifestyle choices like excessive cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, and/or recreational drug use.

How safe is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is generally regarded as a safe procedure due to its minimally invasive nature. It employs ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, which are then gently removed from the body, resulting in less damage to surrounding tissues compared to traditional liposuction.

What are the most popular Liposuction procedures for men?

The most popular Liposuction procedure for men is Laser Lipo for the removal of abdominal fat.

Is Liposuction worth it?

Absolutely. Laser Liposuction in particular is safe, quick, less painful, and offers a faster recovery time while ensuring that you achieve a body contouring that you can be proud of.


For anyone wishing to undergo a Liposuction procedure in Houston, you should look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts.

Whether you live in Tanglewood, River Oaks, Midtown, Galleria, Boulevard Oaks, West University, Montrose, Greenway/Upper Kirby and environs, we offer you an opportunity for the best body contouring by some of the best Laser Lipo cosmetic surgeons in the US.

You can make it a date with us for your first consultation appointment by making an online booking or giving us a call on 832-930-7660 today.

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Why You Should Choose Laser Lipo Houston For Body Contouring?

Traditional liposuction has been around for quite awhile now with undoubted success. But there comes a time when advancements in technology dictate the trend for the modern era.


SmartLipo is the new trend in cosmetic surgery for the removal of excessive fat deposits. Smart Liposuction or Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) is an improvement from traditional liposuction procedures offering patients little or no pain and downtime after surgery.


Laser assisted liposuction will remove fat in quick time to enhance your body contours and make you more attractive in appearance.


At Premiere Surgical Arts, we are your number one SmartLipo Houston center that you can rely on for safe, patient-friendly, and result-oriented Laser assisted liposuction cosmetic surgery.

What To Expect From Smartlipo Houston Texas?

As always, we expect you to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Jung, our chief cosmetic surgeon. At your first consultation visit to our cosmetic surgery medical center, you will undergo a preliminary examination while answering questions relating to your medical history.


Dr. Jung would also be interested in your current lifestyle choices in order to either eliminate or qualify you as a candidate for Lipo Laser surgery.


Typically, you should be eligible for a SmartLipo procedure if you are a healthy adult with no underlying medical concerns and you live a healthy lifestyle devoid of cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and drug abuse.


Before you are scheduled for a SmartLipo, you will be educated on how the procedure will be conducted. This is important as it will help ease any misgivings and/or anxieties that you may have.


You will also be briefed on the cost of the Laser assisted liposuction as well as informed on the financing options available to you.

The Best Center For Mens Liposuction Houston

There is a misconception that SmartLipo Laser liposuction is for women only. This can’t be farther from the truth, as men are also susceptible to having excess body fat, especially in their abdominal region.


Our Lipo doctors will treat each patient on the merit of their respective case and recommend a SmartLipo procedure if it has been determined that the patient’s weight is in excess of 25 pounds of their ideal body weight.


A Laser assisted liposuction procedure involves sedating the patient with general anesthesia followed by the Lipo doctor making incisions around the site of treatment.


The Lipo doctor then inserts a cannula – which is a thinly built tube, into the site incision followed by passing a laser fiber through the cannula until it reaches the site designated for treatment. This laser fiber will deliver three wavelengths of laser energy directly to the fat deposit. This melts the fat and the liquefied fat is suctioned out and eliminated.


The same Laser Lipo procedure for women is applied to men to promote body contouring while also stimulating the production of collagen and the coagulation of blood vessels.


Ultimately, men that undergo SmartLipo at our medical center will have smoother, firmer, and more elastic skin around the site of treatment.


The incisions made before the passing of the cannula will be stitched up after the minimally invasive Laser Lipo procedure with near invincible scarring.


Also, male patients will experience little or no pain and downtime just like their female counterparts after surgery.

We Offer Affordable Laser Lipo At Our Houston Center

Your primary concern when it comes to SmartLipo should not be the cost, but instead your preparation and recovery from the surgical procedure. This is because we offer different financing options to make your journey to having a sculpted body to be proud of through Laser Lipo a pleasant one.


Conventional insurance coverage may not make provisions for SmartLipo, but you can still tap into a number of payment structures to meet your peculiar financial needs.


The total cost of treatment at our Houston Lipo center may vary based on several factors including the complexity of your case.


However, our Lipo Houston center offers very affordable SmartLipo Laser liposuction cosmetic surgery for both men and women.

FAQs About Laser Lipo Houston

What questions should I ask before getting liposuction?

There are many questions to ask prior to getting Laser Lipo, but questions on the procedure including pre and post treatment considerations, the benefits, and the cost should suffice.

What is Liposculpture and how does it work?

Liposculpture may involve traditional liposuction or SmartLipo. These procedures aim to remove fat through surgical means from parts of the body where exercising and dieting may not be too effective in burning the fat.

What area of your body needs liposuction the most?

The parts of your body that need liposuction the most include your abdomen, neck, upper arms, love handles, and thighs.

How to know if I am the right candidate for Smartlipo?

You will be eligible for SmartLipo if you are relatively healthy as at the time of your scheduled appointment and you live a healthy lifestyle devoid of excessive alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and prescription and/or hard drug abuse. Also, you should be at least 25 pounds over your ideal body weight.

Premiere Surgical Arts Your World Class Lipo Laser Center Houston

You should visit Premiere Surgical Arts today, as we are the best Houston liposuction center around.


If you reside in the Houston neighborhoods of Midtown, Boulevard Oaks, River Oaks, Memorial, Galleria, Montrose, Tanglewood, Greenway / Upper Kirby, West University, and so on, at our Houston center, you can be rest assured to have access to reliable SmartLipo doctors near me.


What’s  more, our center is open to walk-in appointments from Monday to Friday, but you can call us now on 832-930-7660 or simply request an appointment online.

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What Is Laser Liposuction Houston Treatment?

If you want to remove fat from parts of your body that are proving to be quite difficult through a consistent exercise, and dieting routine – you can do so by subscribing to the use of a sophisticated fat melting laser technology known as Smart liposuction or Laser Liposuction.


While traditional liposuction has for a long time been the go-to procedure for many people, Smart liposuction is fast replacing it as the most preferred option in the modern era.


Laser Liposuction technology is designed to help remove excess fat from localized trouble spots on your body, such as; your love handles, thighs, abdomen, neck, and upper arms. The beauty of SmartLipo is that it is a safe minimally invasive surgical procedure that is extremely effective in removing fat deposits from fat pockets with little or no pain.


In addition to this, Laser Liposuction offers you next to no downtime, and you can resume your regular daily activities almost immediately after surgery.


SmartLipo will sculpt your body to give you a well contoured body composition that should have heads turning wherever you go. SmartLipo works by safely delivering laser energy to the troubled spot to melt excess fat. This melted fat is then suctioned out from the fat pocket while


Also, SmartLipo will boost your collagen production which helps in improving the elasticity of your skin while at the same time promoting the coagulation of blood vessels.


Laser Liposuction will also tighten your skin to give you a slimmer, firmer, sleeker, well–toned, and youthful appearance.


It must be mentioned that while SmartLipo is great for resolving excessive fat and weight problems, you still have to spend your time exercising, and eating clean. Laser Liposuction is ideally suited for anyone that is within 25 pounds of their preferred body weight.

Benefits Of Full Laser Lipo

Before you settle for Laser Lipo, it is important for you to first understand what you stand to gain, especially in comparison to traditional liposuction.


Here are a few benefits of full Laser Lipo to look forward to;

#1. Quick Removal of Stubborn Body Fat

Dieting and exercise can go a long way in helping you shed excess fat, but there are instances where fat deposits just don’t respond well to your dieting and workout efforts.


In this situation, Laser Lipo can help to rapidly melt these stubborn fat deposits and leave you looking trim.

#2. Body Contouring

SmartLipo is arguably the best choice for body contouring. Laser Liposuction will help to sculpt your body to accentuate that natural curvature hidden by pockets of body fat.

#3. Firming and Toning

As mentioned already, SmartLipo will stimulate your collagen production to improve the elasticity of your skin, and leave it looking and feeling firmer than before.


If you want a well-defined, smoother, and toned body shape, then SmartLipo is the way to go.

#4. Quick, Painless Procedure

SmartLipo is a relatively painless, minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be completed in a single visit to the surgeon’s office unless more than one procedure is required for a complete makeover.

#5. Minimal Downtime

Compared to traditional liposuction, SmartLipo offers you minimal downtime after the cosmetic surgery.


While your period of recovery is dependent on the number of procedures undertaken, you should spend less time recovering from a SmartLipo procedure in comparison to traditional lipo.

Laser Liposuction Procedure Treatment Considerations

You might be wondering at this point what to expect from typical Laser Lipo sessions. Well, a normal Laser Lipo procedure at our Houston office entails the use of sedation and local anesthesia to put you to sleep.


Our chief cosmetic surgeon – Dr. Jung, will proceed to make small incisions in your troubled body parts before inserting a cannula (a thin tube) in an incision and then passing the laser fiber through the cannula.


The laser fiber is used to deliver bursts of laser energy (at three wavelengths) directly to the fat deposits. The bursts of laser energy will melt excess fat deposits while stimulating the coagulation of blood vessels and boosting the production of collagen.


The melted fat will then be suctioned out before the incisions are stitched up. You will not notice the stitching as the incisions made during this cosmetic surgery are really tiny in size.

Pre And Post Op Care For Lipo Laser Fat Reduction

Before your Laser assisted Liposuction procedure, you will be briefed by our chief cosmetic surgeon on what you should do or not do prior to your surgery. For example, you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and use certain medications before your scheduled surgery.


After your SmartLipo Laser Liposuction, the site of treatment will be covered up with a compression garment for a short period of time.


It is not unusual for patients to experience minor discomfort, bruising, and inflammation around the treatment site. However, this inflammation is often short-lived and should subside within 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.


As a matter of fact, you may be able to get back to work after 48 hours, but you are advised to avoid engaging in any stressful activity for at least 14 days.

FAQs About Laser Liposuction Houston

What is Laser Lipo?

Laser Lipo is a cosmetic surgical procedure involving the use of bursts of laser energy to melt excess fat deposits in troubled body parts like the upper arms, thighs, neck, abdomen, and love handles.

How well does laser lipo work?

Laser Lipo is a quick, safe, and efficient cosmetic surgical procedure that will instantly melt fat with the liquefied fat suctioned out to leave you looking trim, toned, sculpted and contoured.

How to know if I am the right candidate for Smartlipo?

If you have a body weight of 25 pounds over your ideal body weight, you will be eligible for SmartLipo. Also, if you have stubborn fat that exercising and diet can’t get rid of in your upper arms, neck, thighs, and love handles, you are a perfect candidate for SmartLipo.

Is liposuction worth it?

Absolutely! Laser Lipo is a safe, quick, and effective minimally invasive cosmetic procedure with very little pain and downtime to worry about.

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts For The Best Laser Fat Removal Near Me In Houston Tx

If you’re looking for the best cosmetic surgery office in Houston for Laser fat removal, look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts.


We are your trusted center for Laser fat removal near me. Our SmartLipo procedures are conducted by highly qualified, experienced, and competent surgeons.


We assure you of a Liposuction procedure that is safe, quick, relatively painless, and with little downtime. You can book your appointment online today or give us a call on 832-930-7660 now for a scheduled visit to our office.

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Focus Less on Fat Transfer To Buttocks Surgery Cost and More on the BBL Procedure

So you have decided to undertake a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, but you are concerned about the overall cost of the buttock lift cosmetic surgery.

Have no fear, as we are committed to helping all our prospective patients amicably sort out this critical aspect of the entire process.

At Premiere Surgical Arts, we only want you to focus on the surgical procedure including the pre-op process and all you need to do in order to recover quickly and return to your regular life after the surgical procedure.

What To Expect From Fat Transfer To Buttocks Surgery Cost

There are several cost elements that typically make up the overall fat transfer to buttocks cost. It is important for you to first understand these cost elements before even asking about what your respective buttock augmentation would ultimately cost you.

These cost elements may differ from patient to patient, but regardless of the nature of your choice buttocks enhancement, you should expect the following cost elements:

#1. Surgeon’s fees:

This is the fee for the professional service of our designated surgeon.

#2. Surgical facility costs:

This is the cost you incur for undergoing a BBL cosmetic surgical procedure in our facility.

#3. Anesthesia fees:

This is the fee charged for the recommended anesthesia for your surgical procedure. This could be general anesthesia fees for example.

#4. Prescriptions for pre-op and post-op medication:

You will incur the cost of any pre-op and post-op prescription medication to aid your preparedness for the surgical procedure and recovery respectively.

#5. Post-surgery garments:

After the BBL operation, you will be given special post-op garments, you will have to bear this cost as well.

In addition to garments, we may recommend specialized pillows that can aid your recovery and you will also have to cater for the cost of these pillows.

#6. Medical tests:

The cost of all recommended medical tests would have to be paid for and make up part of the total cost of any BBL procedure at our facility.

What Is The Price Range For Brazilian Buttlift?

We often get asked by prospective patients how much does a Brazilian Butt lift cost, but the answer to this question is not as straightforward as you may imagine.

Fat transfer cost can vary from one patient to another for a number of salient reasons.

As a matter of fact, we treat every patient as a unique case, and in our experience, every surgical appointment is often peculiar to the patient concerned.

However, the cost elements highlighted earlier remain, and more may be added as the case may be.

Typically, the summation of all cost elements will make up our overall cost, but the valuation of each cost element may also differ from patient to patient depending on the complexities of each procedure.

You will have to discuss with our surgeons to get a clearer idea of what your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will cost.

FAQs About Fat Transfer To Buttocks Surgery Cost

How long does fat transfer surgery take?

BBL is a more natural cosmetic surgical procedure in comparison to butt implants and may take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete under general anesthesia, as it does not require the insertion of synthetics like silicone implants.

How much volume can I get from a fat transfer?

During your BBL operation, an average of between 2 and 4 pounds of donor fat can be extracted via liposuction and then transferred to your hips and buttocks. However, the exact amount of extracted donor fat would depend on several physical parameters including your height and weight.

I’ve had liposuction before. Will that affect my ability to undergo fat transfer?

You will be eligible for fat transfer despite having liposuction in the past. This is provided you have sufficient donor fat in your abdomen, thigh, lower back or hips.

Can the injected fat migrate to other parts of the body?

No. The injected fat will not migrate to other parts of your body. It will remain in the part of your body where it has been injected into. As long as there is blood supply, the transferred fat will remain stable.

For The Most Affordable Liposuction From Stomach To Buttocks Cost Visit Premiere Surgical Arts

The beauty of having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure at Premiere Surgical Arts is that we offer really affordable fat grafting options.

Our American Society of Plastic Surgeons certified surgeons will properly assess your peculiar case and determine the best place to extract donor fat.

The most popular fat grafting involves liposuction from the stomach and transferred to the buttock and hips. The popularity of the BBL surgical option is mainly due to the comparative ease of the operation, the minimal risks and complications of the procedure, and its relative affordability.

In truth, butt augmentation cost varies from one patient to another depending on a number of factors including the complexities of the procedure.

However, a straightforward abdominal liposuction and butt transfer is now more or less a routine surgical procedure and therefore more affordable.

If you to begin your fat grafting journey, you can book a consultation appointment online  and meet with an experienced cosmetic surgeon today and discuss the BBL procedure, cost, and flexible payment options that would meet your expectations.

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Simple Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Hips for a Curvaceous Lower Body

Many people are insecure about your lower body shape and desperately want improvements one way or another.

Having a flat, disproportionate buttocks is not uncommon and could be hereditary, due to aging or erratic fluctuations in one’s weight.


Whatever your case may be, you can resolve your insecurities with a simple Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).


BBL cosmetic procedures involve fat transfer to your buttocks with viable fat taken from other parts of your body. This fat will help redefine the shape and size of your buttocks leaving it looking more alluring while building your confidence level.

Why Fat Transfer To Buttocks And Hips?

In a typical BBL, our American Society of Plastic Surgery certified cosmetic surgeons will first determine if you are a perfect candidate for the procedure.


For starters, at Premiere Surgical Arts, we ensure that you meet the barest minimum eligibility for safety reasons.


We also ensure that you are in the best physical, psychological, and mental shape possible before any fat transfer to buttocks Houston TX cosmetic procedure is recommended and undertaken.


In a BBL procedure, excess fat from your abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs are repositioned through liposuction to your buttocks.


For this cosmetic procedure to take place, you need to have adequate fat for the transfer. Fat transfer from stomach to buttocks via liposuction is quite common in the U.S and arguably the most popular of all the possible points of fat extraction available.

The Best Candidates For Buttock Augmentation With Fat Injection

The safety of our patients always comes first and so before we recommend buttocks augmentation surgery, we assess your medical history to determine your mental and physical conditioning prior to the cosmetic surgery procedure.


We look for red flags that could put a halt to any cosmetic surgery. This is done not to discourage you, but to save you from potential health complications during and after your BBL.


However, in addition to serious underlying health issues, as seen in your medical history, that could possibly disqualify you from a BBL, we also consider other factors.


Here are a few things we look at:


#1. Your motives: We ascertain that you want to augment, enhance or improve the size and shape of your buttocks through fat grafting rather than with the use of butt implants.


#2. Your skin tone: It is also important that the skin tone of your buttocks and hips in particular are in good condition before liposuction and injecting the fat in those regions.


#3. Your fat constitution: We try to determine that you have sufficient fat pockets for fat distribution. We check your abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs or any other viable part of your body for donor fat viability.


#4. Your post-op preparedness: Your pre-op preparedness is just as important as your post-op preparedness. We want to be sure that you will be able to avoid sitting down on your butt after the cosmetic surgery.


We want to be certain that you can avoid sitting for a few weeks or whatever timeframe it takes for you to recover from the procedure.

Benefits Of Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

There are many benefits that you can derive from having your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done at Premiere Surgical Arts. But some of the key advantages of Brazilian buttock augmentation include:


#1. Natural Buttock Augmentation: Perhaps the most telling benefit of a BBL is that you get to naturally enhance the shape and/or size of your buttocks.


Rather than having buttock implants, we will inject donor fat directly into your hips and buttocks. The fat then fills out your hips and buttocks in a more natural way in comparison to butt implants.


#2. Youthful Appearance: With our BBL, you can achieve a more youthful appearance with a curvaceous, firmer, and lifted buttocks.


#3. Removes Excess Fat Deposits: The beauty of BBL is that while it is designed to give you a more youthful appearance with firmer, lifte, and shapely buttocks, it also helps in removing excess fat deposits in other parts of your body including your abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs amongst others.


#4. Better Proportions and Balance: With Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be able to improve the entirety of your lower body by having the right proportions. This gives your body shape balance and further enhances your beauty.


You will be able to wear those sensual clothings that you normally would be too embarrassed to put on.


#5. Confidence Booster: Without a doubt, undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift is a real confidence booster. As you allow us to give you a more curvy body profile, your self-esteem is sure to go through the roof.


You will no longer feel like the odd one out in the midst of your family, friends, and work colleagues.

Faqs About Fat Transfer To Buttocks And Hips

Where are fat grafting procedures done?

Fat grafting procedures are done at our Houston TX, clinic where we assess your body constitution for donor fat particularly in your abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs.


The excess fat in these regions are taken via liposuction and transferred to your hips and/or buttocks during the Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic procedure.

Is there a preferred age for patients receiving fat transfers?

Typically, we recommend BBL to adult patients over the age of 18 years.

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts For The Best Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgeon In Houston Texas

If you want an American Society of Plastic Surgery certified cosmetic surgeon in Houston Texas to handle your BBL procedure, look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts. We are home to the best Brazilian Buttock Lift surgeon in the U.S.


Dr. Calvin Jung will give you the peculiar attention you deserve before, during, and after your BBL procedure. You can start your journey today by booking a consultation meeting for personalized service on  Brazilian Buttock Lift near me.

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Ear Surgery Before And After Expectations

The first thing you need to know about otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery is that it can be recommended for children as well as adults.


As a matter of fact, the ears are fully grown by the time you attain the ages of 5 or 6.  So children aged 5 and 6 are perfect candidates for otoplasty, as are teenagers, young adults, and fully grown adults.


In the case of children, protruding ears can be cause for bullying amongst peer groups. To ease the suffering of children subjected to physical, emotional, mental, and psychological abuse by their peers due to their protruding ears and other congenital ear defects, we readily offer otoplasty cosmetic surgery at our Houston office.


Therefore your ear surgery before and after expectations should see protruding, cupped, and asymmetrical ears rectified to put an end to the bullying while boosting the self-confidence of patients.


We perform ear pinned back surgery to address protruding ears, especially if your ears stick out way too far from your head. For asymmetrical ears, we will reposition the ears to make them proportional, and give balance to your overall facial appearance.


At Premiere Surgical Arts, we also help to reshape overtly large ears through the removal and reshaping of ear cartilage to make them much more proportional in size and shape.


Ultimately, the self-belief and self-esteem of our ear surgery patients will be boosted, and they will be able to attend public social events full of confidence.

Ear Surgery Before And After Treatment Considerations

Our cosmetic ear surgery is usually carried out under I.V sedation or general anesthesia. But before the surgery, you will have a one on one consultation appointment with our resident cosmetic surgeon.


We will discuss your peculiar case dissecting the surgical procedure and ensuring that you are fully aware and in agreement with the ear cosmetic surgery before and after expected results.


Your medical history is thoroughly scrutinized, and our surgeon will check for birth defects in analyzing the severity or otherwise of your ear surgery procedure.

Benefits Of Ear Reshaping Surgery

Earlobe repair is a form of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery where your damaged earlobe is reshaped, and restored to its natural, original shape with little or no sign of surgery.


Damage to your earlobe may be caused by the wearing of heavy set earrings, ear trauma resulting in your earlobe being split, torn, or stretched out of proportion.


An earlobe repair is typically a simple cosmetic surgery procedure requiring very little or no downtime.


What’s more, your repaired earlobe(s) will be smooth and natural looking with re-piercing of the earlobe possible after surgery.


Here’s a summary of the before and after benefits of earlobe repair:


  • Torn or split earlobes will be sutured leaving very minimal or virtually no sign of surgical scarring.


  • Earlobes that have been elongated or stretched out of proportion can be restored back to their original, natural appearance.


  • Previously damaged earlobes will be smoothed out to enable the re-piercing of the earlobes if need be.

FAQs About Ear Surgery Before And After

Is There Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Yes. Cosmetic ear surgery is medically known as otoplasty. And this cosmetic surgical procedure is used to correct disproportional ears by reshaping, resizing, and/or repositioning them to bring balance to a patient’s facial structure.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon that uses permanent sutures to reposition, resize, and/or reshape a patient’s ears. Otoplasty is recommended for rectifying protruding wars or prominauris.

What Is The Cause Of Cauliflower Ear?

Otherwise known as “perichondrial hematoma” or “wrestler’s ear”, cauliflower ears are a deformity that arises from blunt trauma to your auricle.


Blunt trauma causes blood to accumulate within the pinna disrupting the flow of blood to the cartilage. This results in fibrosis and hence cauliflower ears.

Can Cupped Ears Be Fixed Even If I Am An Adult?

Yes. Ear surgery can be performed to rectify constricted or stiffened ear cartilage causing the cupped ears deformity.


Your cosmetic surgeon may perform an ear surgery on the ear cartilage to prop it back up and give it a more natural shape.

What Is Earlobe Surgery?

Also referred to as earlobe repair, this cosmetic surgery procedure helps to rectify misshapen, split, torn, or otherwise elongated earlobes.


Your cosmetic surgeon will resize and reshape your earlobes to make them proportional to your facial structure.

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts For The Best In Earlobe Plastic Surgery

For your world-class surgery otoplasty, you should visit Premiere Surgical Arts from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Thursday and 8AM to 4PM on Fridays.


Our cosmetic surgeons will help to improve your overall facial looks by providing balance to your facial features through otoplasty and/or earlobe repair.


Whether you have cupped or cauliflower ears, we will help to correct the deformity in a safe, precise, and professional way. You can give us a call now on 832-930-7660 or book a consultation appointment online today.

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Premiere Plastic Surgery Houston at Premiere Surgical Arts

For top-class cosmetic surgery doctors near me, Premiere Surgical Arts is the place to be. We offer a full-range of cosmetic surgery procedures to build your confidence by enhancing your physical appearance.


We take pride in providing four broad cosmetic surgery procedures, namely; Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Body Procedures, and Face Procedures.


With regards to Face Procedures, we specialize in Brow Lift, Cheek Reduction, Ear Surgery, Earlobe Repair, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Facial Implants, Fat Grafting, Neck Lift, Neck Liposuction, and Nose Surgery.


Our cosmetic surgery services are performed by world-class cosmetic surgeons with years of experience backed by a retinue of glowing reviews from satisfied patients.


Whatever cosmetic surgical procedure you decide to have, it is always advisable to seek the best cosmetic surgeons around.


While many people are motivated by the cost of cosmetic surgery, the truth is, your primary focus should be finding a cosmetic surgery clinic that knows what they are doing and have a track record of success to prove it.


Premiere Surgical Arts is a renowned plastic surgery clinic, and we encourage anyone interested in enhancing their physical appearance to book an appointment with our chief surgeon today.


We will listen attentively to your cosmetic needs while offering you safe, viable cosmetic surgical options that will help enhance your look to your satisfaction.


Your safety takes top spot when it comes to any of our surgical procedures. We never compromise on the health of our patients no matter what cosmetic procedure is done. And one cosmetic surgery procedure that is in great demand today are Face Procedures.


Whenever you come into contact with anyone, your face is often the first part of your body. Additionally, the face is also one of the most exposed parts of the body.


Exposure to the elements can play a big role in how you look, but also genetics, aging, trauma, and sudden variations in your body weight.


The use of makeup to conceal facial imperfections may not be the most productive solution for you.


For a more long-lasting solution to your facial issues, our resident cosmetic surgeon will combine advanced technology with modern surgical techniques to resolve all your facial concerns in the most artistic way possible and with attention to detail.


No matter what facial concerns you may have, we offer a series of facial cosmetic procedures to help improve your look and boost your self-confidence.

Here’s a summary of some of our facial cosmetic procedures that you can have performed by the best facial cosmetic surgery doctors in Houston:

Brow Lift

We will help to reposition both your forehead and seemingly sagging eyebrows to give you a more youthful and alert appearance.

Cheek Reduction

If you have chubby cheeks that make you appear immature and childlike, we can help you remove the buccal fat pad to give your cheeks a more elegantly sculpted, contoured look.

Ear Surgery and Earlobe Repair

We perform otoplasty to improve the position, proportion, and shape of your ears. Ear surgery promotes facial balance and ultimately enhances your beauty.


We will also help to repair your earlobe if you have cauliflower ears for example.

Eyelid Surgery

For some of the best eyelid surgery doctors near me, visit Premiere Surgical Arts today.


Our surgeons will help to remove any excess fat and skin surrounding your eyes to give you a more youthful appearance.

Facelift and Facial Implants

We can help to literally reverse the aging process with a facelift. Also, we can make your face more proportional and balanced with implants for your jaw, chin or even cheeks.

Nose Surgery

We will help improve your breathing by resizing and reshaping your nose. Visit our Houston office today for an outstanding nose surgery near me.


Other facial cosmetic procedures that you can look forward to when you contact us include Neck Lift, and Neck Liposuction. In addition to these, you can also get the best lip surgery near me at Premiere Surgical Arts.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is fast growing in popularity as one of the most sought after facial plastic surgery procedures around. Also known as eyelid lift, this surgical procedure aims at removing excess loose skin surrounding your eyes.


The skin around your eyes will therefore be tightened to give you a youthful and bright look. Blepharoplasty can equally be used in altering the shape of your eyes.


Eyelid surgery can be done to cater for droopy eyelids or alternatively an Asian eyelid surgery can also be performed if needed.


At the end of the day, you are sure to look younger than your age may suggest.


The major benefits of eyelid surgery at one of the best private cosmetic surgery near me (Premiere Surgical Arts) include:


  • The removal of bags and puffiness under your lower eyelids. Also, the removal of hooded skin on your upper eyelids.


  • Improved facial appearance with a taut, smoother look devoid of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Improved vision as your overhanging eyelids are rectified through cosmetic surgery.

FAQs About Premiere Plastic Surgery Houston


Is there any difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery refers to a broad medical field that incorporates both reconstructive surgical procedures and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a term used to describe surgical procedures done for aesthetic results.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure designed to enhance the physical appearance of patients.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

The main benefits of cosmetic surgery include improved self-esteem and self-confidence brought about by enhancements in a person’s physical appearance. Relief from pain and discomfort like in nose surgery is also a benefit of cosmetic surgery.

Why is cosmetic surgery becoming so popular?

There are several reasons why the popularity of cosmetic surgery has grown in recent times. However, there seems to be a greater premium placed on beauty in virtually all aspects of life and particularly across all social media platforms. This has placed a tremendous amount of burden on regular people and not just celebrities to always look good, as they present themselves to their fans, and followers.


For a premiere center for cosmetic surgery in Houston and environs, visit Premiere Surgical Arts today.


We are a premier plastic surgery hub with a specialization in a broad range of cosmetic surgery procedures.


You can get a specialist cosmetic surgeon for Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Body Procedures, and Face Procedures.


Why don’t you request a consultation appointment online or give us a call – 832-930-7660 to speak with Dr. Jung, our head cosmetic surgeon now.


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