Get Started with Inner Thigh Fat Removal

When you want any liposuction treatment, you must meet with a specialist for an exam and consultation. Liposuction works best to contour the shape of your body. If you need to lose a lot of weight, you may need to accomplish health goals before having the procedure. Many women seek inner thigh liposuction to reduce chafing and restore the thigh gap. Men may simply prefer to have a more defined thigh shape. Get ready for your thigh fat removal by finding a reputable surgeon, scheduling a consultation, and choosing the type of procedure you prefer. 


Find a Specialist for Inner Thigh Fat Removal

Look online or ask for recommendations to find a reputable body contouring near me. You can look at the clinic website to find out more about their services. Most liposuction surgeons post before and after pictures of their patients. These pictures can help you learn what to expect from inner thigh fat removal treatment. Also, check credentials and patient reviews to make sure your clinic offers quality care.


The Best Liposuction Procedure for Inner Thighs

You can often choose between traditional liposuction and laser liposuction for most areas of your body. The type of liposuction depends a lot on the clinic you choose, as well as the results you wish to accomplish. If you prefer laser fat removal, choose a clinic that specializes in this process. Each procedure has benefits for the inner thigh area. 


Traditional liposuction works best for larger accumulation of fat. The inner thigh area also has a thinner skin and may get damaged easier during both liposuction treatments. It can burn easily with laser treatments, therefore, a skilled surgeon must perform the procedure. The inner thigh also has less elasticity. Traditional liposuction allows for more efficiency with the contour in the inner thigh area, as well. Laser liposuction, however, helps tighten the skin. You must work with your surgeon to find the treatment that works best for you. Each patient has a unique preference and body type. The specialists at Premier Surgical Arts can help you decide on an inner thigh liposuction treatment plan. 


How can I lose or reduce thigh and hip fat?

Liposuction can remove small amounts of fat and contour your thighs and hips. You can also talk to a doctor or nutritionist about a healthy eating plan for your body type. Most liposuction patients also incorporate an appropriate exercise routine to help reduce fat or maintain a healthy weight. 


What to Expect from Body Sculpting Liposuction for Thighs

Liposuction patients should look at before and after pictures to gain an understanding of the changes made with the surgery. Your surgeon can also explain what to expect with your particular weight and body type. Specialists use inner thigh fat removal surgery to thin out the upper legs and remove the thigh gap. Consult a cosmetic surgeon in Houston, 77098 to schedule your surgical consult today. 


How to get rid of my thigh fat?

Meet with your doctor to discuss healthy weight loss and exercise options. A personal trainer can help you target your thighs. Cosmetic surgeons can also perform a targeted liposuction treatment to remove thigh fat and improve the shape of your thighs. Most cosmetic surgeons prefer to work on patients in a good physical condition that employ a variety of body improvement techniques. 


Best Non-Invasive Liposuction

If you would like to try a less invasive form of body contouring surgery, talk to your surgeon about laser liposuction. Laser liposuction uses a laser to break up the fat before removing it. This method allows the surgeon to use smaller cannulas to remove the fat. Many patients have less bruising and a faster recovery with laser liposuction. 


How to lose thigh fat fast?

Natural body contouring with exercise takes time and patience. Excessive dieting and exercise can create health problems and may not target the areas you desire to change. You may also have naturally larger legs due to your body type. Surgeons use liposuction treatments to change the shape of their thighs and remove some of the fat. 


Recovering From Inner Thigh Lipo Body Contouring

You can expect to see the final results of your liposuction treatment about one month after the procedure. Immediately after the procedure, you may need to take a few days off of work or school to stay home and rest. Bruising and soreness remain the most common effects of the surgery. Most patients can manage light activity, such as walking around the house, immediately after the procedure. Your doctor can determine when you have reached full recovery and can begin normal activities. For most patients, a full recovery from an inner thigh surgical procedure happens at about 2- 3 weeks. Talk to your doctor about using ice packs on the treated area, as well as using over-the-counter pain medication. 


Liposuction Treatment for Men and Women

Both men and women seek out liposuction to shape their bodies. Both men and women often choose to get liposuction on the abdomen. Women may choose to reduce fat on the inner thighs since they wear short skirts and athletic clothing. Body contouring to restore or create a thigh gap remains popular with women, however men also have the procedure. Cosmetic surgeons work with both sexes to find the best treatment plan to meet aesthetic goals. 


What is the best way to reduce thigh fat in men?

Reducing thigh fat with healthy eating and exercise can help both men and women. These methods should remain a part of your routine, even if you choose to have liposuction. A healthy lifestyle can help you maintain the results of your surgery. 



Cosmetic surgeons accomplish inner thigh fat removal with liposuction. Inner thigh fat removal contours your legs and often restores a thigh gap. Both men and women request this procedure to reach aesthetic goals. Most surgeons require patients to remain in good physical shape before undergoing cosmetic surgery. When trying to reach any weight loss goal, combine your efforts with a healthy meal plan and exercise to get the best results. Take the time to meet with your surgeon for a consultation to discuss your surgery, possible results and recovery. Specialists use both traditional and laser liposuction to remove inner thigh fat.



Liposuction for the inner thighs can help reduce the size of your thighs, as well as increase space between your thighs. After the procedure, it takes about a month to see the final results. During this time your body must heal from the swelling and bruises. The skin also needs time to tighten up. You can enhance your new body shape by continuing to eat healthily and exercise. Make an appointment with Premier Surgical Arts today to find out more about inner thigh liposuction.

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Getting Ready for your Stomach Fat Removal Procedure

Most surgical procedures begin with a professional consultation. Cosmetic surgeons want to make sure their patients are good candidates for treatment. Popular liposuction treatments include thighs, hips, buttocks, and the stomach. Sometimes surgeons separate stomach fat removal procedures into the upper and lower abdomen. Most doctors limit the fat removal to about 6-10 pounds per procedure. Get ready for your liposuction treatment by scheduling an exam and talking about your goals with your specialist. 


Are You a Good Candidate for Stomach Fat Removal

Liposuction surgeons want to make sure they limit risks for patients. Limiting risks means making sure patients remain healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure. Surgeons require a physical exam and consultation before moving forward with lipo surgery. If you plan to have traditional liposuction, you also need blood tests to determine the safety of surgery and anesthesia.


Candidates for stomach fat removal should focus on body contouring instead of weight loss. You can expect to lose about 6-10 pounds with liposuction. You can continue to reach your body goals by adopting healthy habits to help lose stomach fat. The specialists at Premier Surgical Arts can help you prepare for your cosmetic surgery. 


Liposuction on Big Stomachs

Some patients need to lose weight before body contouring. Most surgeons explain the risks of surgical procedures on patients with a high BMI. Obesity may cause complications with anesthesia, blood clots, and wound healing. Liposuction may not make a noticeable difference on larger stomachs. Talk to your doctor about how to lose belly fat to prepare for liposuction contouring. Loose skin also becomes a problem on larger stomachs. Patients with loose skin often need a different surgical procedure to reduce the excess skin. Talk to your doctor about the steps you need to take before liposuction if you have some extra weight. 


    What are the treatments to remove belly fat?

Common procedures to remove belly fat include tummy tucks, liposuction. A tummy tuck is a two-part procedure that involves fat removal and tightening of the skin. 


What to Expect From Liposuction Treatment

You can expect to lose anywhere from 6- 10 pounds of belly fat with liposuction treatment. The goal of liposuction should remain body contouring. If you need to accomplish weight loss before liposuction, talk to your doctor about the best way to lose body fat. You may need a different procedure or an appointment with a nutritionist. You can look forward to a flatter stomach and a smaller, more defined waistline after stomach liposuction.   


    Is liposuction a good way to lose weight?

Patients should not choose liposuction if they need major weight loss. Cosmetic surgeons use liposuction to change the shape of the body more than to take pounds off. 


Liposuction Lower Belly

Lower and upper body liposuction procedures may have different results. The upper area of the stomach has a more fibrous makeup. Liposuction treatment on the lower belly may result in a smoother appearance than upper belly liposuction. If you plan to have both sections done, talk to your surgeon about the waiting period between procedures, as well. Liposuction specialists limit the amount of fat removed during each treatment. If you prefer to have the maximum amount removed,  you may need two procedures. May doctors, however, combine different liposuction treatments in optimal situations with good candidates. A surgeon on Richmond can help you with a liposuction consultation. 


    Is it possible to lose fat only in the stomach?

If you rely on exercise and nutrition, you can expect to lose weight in general. Specific exercises target the shape and tone of different areas, however. Liposuction treatments target specific areas, as well. 


Belly Fat Laser Liposuction: A Less Invasive Approach

Laser liposuction works well for patients with limited body fat. This less-invasive procedure helps patients enjoy an easier recovery. During laser lipo, the doctor uses a laser to liquefy the fat. This process makes it easier to vacuum out the fat. You can also gain tighter skin from laser liposuction, as the laser helps increase the production of elastin and collagen. With any liposuction treatment,  however, plan to take time off work and enlist help around the house. You may also need cold backs and pain-relieving medication during recovery. 


    How to reduce belly fat in a week? 

Proper fat loss with diet and exercise always takes several weeks or months. You can limit bloating in the stomach area by staying hydrated and eating properly. If you want to change the appearance of your stomach quickly, you must have liposuction or a tummy tuck. 


Paying for Cosmetic Surgery

Insurance companies refuse charges for liposuction, as it is considered a cosmetic surgery procedure. You can often find liposuction clinics with in-house financing, however. Talk to the financial department about your surgery and monthly budget. You can often get affordable monthly payments with this option. You may also choose to use a credit card or a personal loan. If you plan to have liposuction in the future, start saving a little money from each paycheck to make a quality down payment, as well. 



If you plan for stomach fat removal with liposuction, a reputable clinic can help determine if the procedure is right for you. You must take several things into consideration before any surgical procedure. Your doctor should schedule both a physical exam and a consultation to discuss your health and options. Doctors often consider a high BMI a risk factor for surgical compilations such as blood clots, slow wound healing, and issues with anesthesia. Stomach fat removal with liposuction works best for patients with smaller amounts of fat and body contouring goals. You can expect to lose between 6 and 10 pounds with liposuction. If you would like to have the procedure on both your upper and lower abdomen, your surgeon can discuss a dual procedure or a proper break between surgeries. Prepare for your surgery by taking some time off of work and enlisting a friend or family member to help you out around the house. Soreness and bruising remain the main effects to prepare for after liposuction. Insurance companies do not pay for liposuction, as it is a cosmetic procedure. Talk to your clinic about payment plans, use a credit card or loan, or save money for the procedure. Research liposuction clinics thoroughly to find a reputable surgeon to begin the process.



Stomach fat removal remains a popular liposuction treatment for both men and women. You can lose a few pounds and reshape your stomach with liposuction. You must have a physical exam and consultation before moving forward with liposuction surgery. Liposuction should not happen strictly for weight loss. Patients with a high BMI may need to have a different surgery or explore traditional weight loss methods before having liposuction for contouring. You must also prepare for the financial responsibility of a cosmetic treatment. Many clinics offer payment plans. Make an appointment with Premier Surgical Arts to plan your stomach fat removal today!

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Find Out if Fat Transfer from Stomach to Buttocks is Right for You

When you feel ready to pursue a body-changing procedure, meet with a surgeon to discuss your options. Once you find a reputable clinic, schedule a consultation to discuss your treatment plan. You may have specific body goals, however, the doctor must determine the best procedures for your body type and lifestyle. The transfer of fat from the stomach to the buttocks involves both liposuction and an injection to the new site. You must prepare for both the surgery and the recovery period. 

Find a Clinic to Transfer Stomach Fat to Buttocks

The first step to changing your body involves finding the right clinic. While a simple online search can give you names of clinics in your area, you must research properly to make sure you have a reputable surgeon. Look at the business website to find the surgeon’s education and experience. You may also like to learn about the rest of the staff in the office. Many liposuction specialists provide before-and-after pictures of their satisfied patients.  Visit a third-party site to read reviews about the doctor you choose, as well. 

Preparing for Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injection

During your consultation, tell the surgeon the goals you have for your body. Women often accumulate fat in the belly and “love handle” area. Even with these fat deposits, you may lack shape in your breasts or buttocks. You must prepare for 2 different procedures when you want the fat transfer to the buttocks in Houston, TX. You may need blood tests and a basic physical exam to make sure you remain healthy enough to undergo the procedures. Your doctor should also assess your personal risk factors for general anesthesia.

Recovery from Fat Transfer to Buttocks Procedure

You should prepare by taking about a week off of work for recovery. If you sit at a desk all day, you may need to take extended vacation time away from work. How you treat your buttocks during the first 3 weeks determines the long-term presentation of the transfer. Expect to limit your activities for up to 6 weeks, as well. You must refrain from putting pressure on your buttocks for extended periods of time. Do not attempt exercise routines until your surgeon grants permission. The professionals at Premier Surgical Arts can help you plan a successful procedure and follow-up visits. 

    What areas does liposuction treat for fat transfer?

Common areas for fat transfer include the breasts and buttocks. Specialists use liposuction to remove the fat from the abdominal area or “love handles”. 

Benefits of Working with a Surgeon for Fat Transfer to Buttocks Near Me

You can make your liposuction appointments more convenient by working with a specialist near your home. You can expect to visit the doctor several times through the liposuction process. While looking for a specialist near your home for fat transfer to buttocks in Houston, TX, you may want to ask for recommendations from friends or family. A liposuction clinic near your home offers easy access for continued appointments, a short trip home on surgery day, and urgent appointments. 

Fat Transfer to Breast and Buttocks at the Same Time

Talk to your doctor about transferring fat to the breast and buttocks at the same time. These two procedures are commonly done together on the right candidates. While you may have enough fat to transfer, surgeons often limit how much they remove at once. If you plan to have a large amount of fat transferred to each area, you may need separate procedures. 

 The procedure for buttock enhancement injections leads to a long recovery time. Some patients may prefer to recover from one procedure before starting another one, yet you can avoid excess exposure to anesthesia by having the procedures done together. While recovering, you may also like to rest on your stomach to ease the strain on your buttocks, which cannot happen while recovering from breast injections. Talk to your surgeon about your desired body shape and lifestyle to get the best treatment plan for your situation. A cosmetic surgeon in Houston can help you learn about different aspects of breast and buttocks fat transfer. 

    Where else can fat be transferred?

The most common areas for fat transfer remain the breasts and buttocks. Some women request to have fat transferred to their hips to form a more feminine, hourglass shape, as well. 

Affordable Fat Transfer to Buttocks? 

One main complication with cosmetic procedures remains the out-of-pocket cost for patients. Medical insurance companies do not usually cover cosmetic procedures. You can make the payments more manageable, however, by finding a clinic with in-house financing. You may also find a clinic offering special pricing to attract new patients. The experts at Premier Surgical Arts can help you make a payment plan for your stomach to buttocks sculpting procedure. 

The Results of Liposuction Fat Transfer to buttocks? 

Patients that request a fat transfer to the buttocks often have flatter buttocks than they prefer. You may enhance your buttocks with targeted exercise. Popular shapes, however, may require synthetic implants or fat transfer. An augmentation using fat remains the more natural choice if you plan to have a surgical procedure. A fat transfer from the stomach to buttocks adds shape and lifts the buttocks. 

    Will the results be visible?

It can take several months for your results to finalize. Your body reabsorbs a portion of the fat that gets transferred, as well. Follow your doctor’s orders to get the most out of your fat transfer. This includes resting, keeping weight off the buttocks, and refraining from strenuous activities. 

    How long do the results last from fat transfer? 

Your fat transfer is permanent, however, the body reabsorbs some of the fat. Your body can still change shape over time if you alter your eating and exercise habits. Natural changes from aging also contribute to the shape of your body after a fat transfer. 


Body sculpting with liposuction and fat transfer helps patients achieve a new body shape by using their own fat. This helps patients avoid the use of synthetic implants. When you get ready to have a fat transfer, you must first meet with your surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate. You may need blood work and a physical exam before you undergo anesthesia. You must also prepare for the recovery process. You may need to take time off work and limit your physical activity for several weeks. Make an appointment with Premier Surgical Arts to start planning your body shape today!

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Liposuction for Men: Popular Treatment Areas

It may come as a surprise that men, not just women, also think about changing their body shape. One reason for body changes involves age. Fat tends to settle in different areas of the body as we age. Men may seek out liposuction to help contour their body as they work to lose weight or build muscle. While both women and men consider liposuction, men often focus on different areas of the body. Popular areas for men include the chest, chin, neck, and love handles. 

Popular Treatment Choices: Liposuction for Men

Males may try liposuction to restore a more familiar body as they begin to change with age. Liposuction can help add definition to the neck or chin. Fat tends to accumulate in the neck area as people age. This area may remain difficult to change with exercise and weight training. Another popular area for mens liposuction is the chest. Some men have a more prominent breast-like appearance with excess fat in the area. A medical spa in Houston can help create custom plans for your liposuction treatment. 

    Is it common for men to have liposuction? 

Some liposuction clinics have up to a 25 percent male customer base. Women still ask for liposuction more often than men.

Preparing for Male Liposuction

Preparation for lipo for men includes a consultation to discuss the patients goals. Anyone preparing for a liposuction procedure should get a physical exam to rule out health issues and risks. Your doctor may discuss your reasons for the body change and your lifestyle. It can help to adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine before moving forward with fat removal surgery for men. A healthy lifestyle helps you continuously improve your body and helps you maintain your new look. 

Male Belly Fat Reduction Surgery 

Belly fat reduction, with all liposuction, works to contour the stomach. Patients should not expect to lose a lot of weight with any liposuction surgery. You can expect liposuction to take off an average of 6-8 pounds. In some cases 10 pounds may come off. After belly fat reduction, you may have swelling or bruising. Once you recover, you may notice loose skin on your abdomen. You may need to wait anywhere from 1-3 months to see the final results, as your skin tightens back up. 

Male Breast Lipo

Males often work hard to build muscle in the chest area. Some men, however, have a collection of fat in this area that looks unnatural. Depending on genetic conditions and body type, this may not respond to diets or workouts. With male body sculpting, specialists make small incisions and remove the fat deposits above the muscle. Males with chest fat deposits may notice sagging in the chest area. The laser used during liposuction may help firm the area. 

    What are the popular liposuction procedures for men? 

Men often consider liposuction for the chin, neck, and chest areas. Some men also choose to remove fat in the abs and “love handles”.

Male Full Body Liposuction

Occasionally, patients desire to make changes to several different areas on the body. Talk openly with your surgeon about your goals during your consultation appointment. You may need to schedule your procedures at different times to make recovery more comfortable. Doctors do not want to increase your risk of complications by removing too much fat at once. While you can have more than one area done during  the procedure, the surgeon must consider the amount of time you remain under anesthesia. You can consider less invasive laser lipo to avoid lengthy surgery or a long recovery. 

Male Chin Liposuction

Men that want a more defined jawline may choose chin liposuction. The incisions for this procedure are made behind the earlobes and under the chin. Removing fat in this area can expose your natural jaw line. The jaw line naturally becomes less noticeable as we age. If you want a smaller procedure to add a youthful appearance, chin liposuction may work well for you. Meet with the specialists at Premier Surgical Arts to get your customized treatment plan. 

Neck Lipo Men

Patients may choose to have neck and chin liposuction together to contour the entire area at once. The neck and chin areas may not respond to workouts or weight lifting as easily as the rest of the body. You may work hard at the gym to sculpt your body, but still have problems with neck fat or a sagging neck. 

    Is liposuction worth it?

Liposuction is a personal decision and patients must decide if it is worth having surgery and going through recovery. Most people try other methods to change their body before trying liposuction. 

Recovering from Men’s Liposuction

After a liposuction procedure, plan to rest and stay home from work for 5-7 days. Expect to limit your activities for 4- 6 weeks. Some patients have a longer recovery of 2-3 months. Each person tolerates surgical procedures differently. Your recovery time also depends on the number of areas you have treated. When you first get home, you may notice bruising and swelling. As the swelling decreases, you may have some loose skin. It can take up to 3 months to see the final results of your liposuction procedure. 


Body sculpting with liposuction differs between men and women, as they often prefer to target different areas. Men often ask for help with the chin, neck, and chest. Men often define their muscles with rigorous workouts and weight lifting, however, some areas may have stubborn fat. Some genetic issues can cause fat buildup in the chest area. The chin and neck lose definition naturally as we age. Liposuction can reshape your body and remove a small percentage of fat. Make an appointment with Premier Surgical Arts to discuss your body goals today.

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Choosing a Specialist for Liposuction Houston

If you consider liposuction to help change your body, take the time to look for a reputable specialist to complete the procedure. You can learn a lot about a clinic by looking over their website and meeting for a consultation. You may also ask for credentials and check customer reviews. A personal recommendation may also make you feel better about the procedure. Make an informed decision after learning about the safety and risks of the different types of liposuction. 


Liposuction Houston Safety Concerns

Traditional liposuction requires anesthesia during the procedure. As with any surgery, this carries a risk. If you choose this type of procedure, meet with the anesthesiologist before your appointment to discuss the risks and ask questions. You should have a pre-op exam with bloodwork to assess your health before a liposuction procedure. This practice helps to recognize risks in vulnerable patients. 


You may have bruising, soreness, and increased cellulite after the procedure. More concerning risks include nerve damage, deep vein thrombosis, and infection. Discuss the benefits and risks of liposuction with your surgeon. New forms of liposuction, such as laser liposuction, reduce the risks of the traditional procedure. A medical spa in Houston can help plan a traditional or laser liposuction treatment. 


    Is Liposuction Safe?

Each patient has their own personal health profile that contributes to the risks of any surgical procedure. The rate of complications remains at about 5 percent of liposuction patients. 


    When can liposuction go wrong?

Liposuction can go wrong if you do not prepare properly or have a surgeon with a poor reputation. Many risks mimic those of most surgical procedures. These include anesthesia reactions, blood clots, and infection. Liposuction also comes with a risk of bruising and nerve damage. Recovery may also include further cosmetic surgery to remove loose skin. 


Find Out If Houston Smartlipo Can Work for You

Smart lipo Houston may work well for you if you have a smaller amount of fat that needs removal. You must realize liposuction works best to contour your body, not to lower your BMI. To get the best results, you must combine a healthy lifestyle with the procedure. 


    Who is a good liposuction candidate?

Your doctor may check your weight to make sure you remain within about 30 pounds of your ideal weight. Patients needing to lose more than 30 pounds should initiate a healthy weight loss program before considering liposuction. 


Get a Proper Consultation for Liposculpture Houston, TX

Reputable liposuction clinics take their job very seriously. They should schedule a consultation to make sure you fall within the health parameters set by the clinic. During this consultation you can learn more about the procedure and if you can proceed with the process. You may also learn of goals you must reach before you have liposuction. Talk to the surgeon about the different procedures, as well. You may forgo full liposuction for a tummy tuck, for example. The professionals at Premier Surgical Arts can help determine the best treatment for your situation. 


Changes to Expect with Laser Fat Removal in Houston 

Liposuction works to change your body shape. You may lose some weight or reduce your clothing size due to less fat in specific areas, however. Your skin may look different after lipo Houston, as well. Smart Lipe works well on small areas of the body, such as the back of the arms. Your doctor may also recommend Smart Lipo if you have minimal amounts of loose skin. The lasers used in Smart Lipo also work to tighten your skin, which is a result you prefer. 


Learn More About Lipo Doctors in Houston

Before you commit to a liposuction Houston, Tx, take the time to learn about participating surgeons. You may wish to have a consultation before making a final decision. While you can learn a lot about a doctor online, you can gain more insight from an in-person visit. To find a reputable clinic or doctor, you should also check credentials. Qualifying credentials may include education, certifications, and experience. 


Recovery From Lipo Surgery Houston

Plan to take a few days off of work or school after your Houston lip center treatment. Each person handles the post-operative days differently. Expect to need anywhere from 3-10 days to resume minor activities. Getting back to your normal activity level can take up to 5 weeks, however. The amount of recovery time depends on the extent of your lipo Houston procedure. Non-invasive Smart Lipo patients may feel like resuming normal activities in less than two weeks. 


Traditional liposuction results in more bruising and soreness than laser lipo Houston, TX. Talk to your doctor about pain relief options at home. Your doctor should send you home with a compression garment to help reduce swelling. Take medication only with a doctor’s approval. As with any surgical procedure, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. 


Finding Affordable Liposuction Houston

Since liposuction remains a cosmetic procedure, you can expect your medical insurance to deny the charges. You may need time to save for the procedure, otherwise, the cost of liposuction may fall outside of your budget. Many lipo doctors in Houston offer in-house financing to help patients manage the cost of their surgery. Call and discuss prices and payment options with the office to find affordable liposuction Houston, TX. 



If you want to contour your body, you may have many questions about liposuction. Many patients consider changing their abdominal area, thighs, and arms. Schedule a consultation with a liposuction clinic to find out more about the various procedures and what may work for you. Make an appointment with Premier Surgical Arts to get started today!


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10 of Our Favorite Houston Beauty Style in 2021

As the community of Texas lifestyle bloggers as well as beauty and fashion Instagram stars expands, Houston is really coming into its own in terms of style. Our amazingly diverse city is constantly growing and we’re no longer just known for big hair and cowboy boots (though you’d be hard-pressed to find a state that does those things better than us!). The team here at Premiere Surgical Arts is, not surprisingly, all about aesthetics, so we like to stay on top of the latest Houston beauty and style bloggers; today we thought we’d share some of our current favorites. 

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10 Things To Expect After Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt lift is becoming popular because of its contouring benefits. As compared to other procedures of buttock augmentation, Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered a more safe and effective cosmetic procedure. Moreover, it also has a few complications. But before you start finding which place offers BBL near me, it is better that you know what to expect after your Brazilian butt lift.

One of the main concerns about Brazilian butt lift surgery is the scars that the surgery left behind. Although when you are excited you don’t even think about it, it is always better to know in advance so that you can prepare yourself for what you are going to experience.

Are There Scars From BBL Surgery?

Brazilian butt lift procedure involves minor incisions of about 2-3 millimeters. The reason is that this surgery is used to enhance the appearance not to diminish it.

Best BBL Doctors in Houston

During liposuction, small insulin is made to get the fat and also when fat is injected into the buttocks. Surgeons are careful enough to make extremely small incisions especially at those places where they are not visible. However, you should talk to your surgeon about your concerns.

What Type Of Scarring Can You Expect From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

While considering BBL near me, you should know its after effects as well. The Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that involves both liposuction in which fat is harvested and the other part of the procedure in which the harvested fat is transplanted by making small incisions. In the Brazilian butt lift procedure, the number and sites of incisions depend upon the number of sites from which fat can be harvested. However, these incisions are followed by minimal scarring. Moreover. the appearance of incisions also depends on how much care you take care postoperatively. To make your scars barely visible follow the following instructions:

Exert pressure on your scars:

When the incisions are healed completely, you can use silicone sheets to put pressure on the incision bbl scars. This will help the scars heal quickly.

Avoid solar radiation:

Ultraviolet solar rays are of high intensity and their direct exposure can darken the scar tissue. This can result in increase pigmentation on the tissues especially in the first year after surgery. Therefore, you should avoid clothing like light fabric and swimwear. Moreover, you should apply sunblock and also cover your scars completely as much as possible.

Avoid irritants:

If, like many other people, you are used to using irritating and harsh antimicrobial solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or ointments, to clean your wounds and treat tissue injuries yourself, stop using them on your scars. These solutions are very popular but they can act as irritants to new cell growth and surgical incidence that are delicate enough to be irritated easily.

You can prevent infection by covering the incisions and using sterile surgical practices. Moreover, until incisions are healed, you should also avoid swimming pools, baths, and other sources that can cause infection.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Along with considering BBL near me, you should also take into account how long does it take to recover from a Brazilian butt lift. Moreover, you should also get information about postsurgical care.

After surgery, you may experience soreness and swelling but you can control this by oral medication. Moreover, you can also use cold compresses to reduce pain and swelling.

Best BBL Surgeon in Houston tx

You must wear a compression garment for about 2-4 weeks. The compression garment helps contour your body. Depending on the procedure, you must also avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for some days because this can shift how the fat is placed, interfering with the results.

It may take up to two weeks to return to your work. You can go for a walk but avoid extraneous exercises. And it takes approximately 4 weeks to get back to normal.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Worth It?

To find out is Brazilian but lift surgery worth it or not you should have an idea about the benefits and cost of Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Pros Of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery:

Brazilian butt lift is more natural-looking as compared to butt implants. Moreover, by reducing excess fat, the Brazilian butt lift procedure contours your thighs, waist, or lower back. If you don’t lose or gain much weight, the fat that is transferred will remain there forever. Moreover, Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered safe if done correctly and safely as there is no risk of rejection or the allergic reaction of fat transferring because the fat is taken from your own body. And as the scars of incisions are minimal patients are usually happy with the procedure.

Cons Of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery:

Apart from the benefits that most people get from Brazilian butt lift surgery, this procedure, due to some surgical techniques, is considered as one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries. Previously it had a higher mortality rate but now this has been reduced due to safer methods that surgeons use.

Moreover, it takes up to 6 weeks to fully recover from the Brazilian butt lift procedure, therefore, for at least two weeks; you must avoid sitting directly on the buttocks as well as doing anything that exerts direct pressure on them. Another shortcoming of this procedure is that about 40% of the fat that is injected into the buttocks is reabsorbed during the first four months. Moreover, some people have also experienced a lump or dents.

Therefore, don’t jump right into you finding BBL near me, first consider the pros and cons and then decide it for yourself.

What Does A Brazilian Lift Fix?

Brazilian butt lift can contour, lift, firm, and increase the size of the buttocks. And it also corrects the proportional imbalances in your body by making your buttocks look more youthful and making your body more curvaceous.


BBL is becoming popular for improving the appearance of your body. It has its pros and cons for you to consider whether you want it or not. However, you can get the best Brazilian butt lift surgery done by the Premiere Surgical Arts clinic located in Houston Texas. For more details,  visit the website and book an appointment by calling 832-930-7660.


Brazilian Butt lift is popular because it gives your body a more curvaceous look by correcting proportional imbalances and making your buttocks lifted and firm. Moreover, you get barely visible, minimal scars after surgery. However, it has its own drawbacks as well.

To heal scars quickly you should exert pressure on scars after they have been healed completely. Silicon sheets are recommended for this purpose. The reason is that silicone sheets have the property that modifies the static electric field in the scar and promotes the collagen tissue to remodel. After 4 to 6 months of operation, your doctor may recommend Silicon treatment especially if you have dark skin and if you scar poorly. 

During the first year of surgery, the scars keep maturing, thus, making them more visible. Therefore, you should avoid exposure to solar radiation and irritants such as harsh antimicrobial solutions including rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and ointments.

Considering the pros and cons you can decide for yourself whether it is worth doing or not. However, you can get best Brazilian Butt lift from Premiere Surgical Arts clinic. You can visit the website for more details and book an appointment by calling 832-930-7660

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Best BBL Doctors in Houston | Cosmetic Surgeon in Texas., 77098

Meet Dr. Calvin Jung: One of the Best BBL Doctors in Houston

Are you looking for the best BBL doctor in Houston? Do you want a doctor who can help you achieve the best Brazilian butt lift shapes? Well, look no further because Dr. Calvin Jung is widely considered one of the best BBL surgeons in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Calvin Jung is an extremely experienced and double board-certified cosmetic surgeon with an exceptional educational background, having graduated with high honors from NYU School of Medicine. Following his degree, Dr. Jung completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So far, Dr. Jung has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries, including multiple successful Brazilian buttock augmentation procedures. He has also served as a faculty at several cosmetic surgery institutions, and he’s delivered lectures on cosmetic surgery across the country, making him a distinguished BBL doctor in Houston.

Dr. Calvin Jung specializes in the latest and safest BBL surgery practices. He carefully listens to his patients’ expectations and cosmetic goals to curate the ideal BBL surgery treatment plan for their specific needs and lifestyles. He believes his patients’ physical and emotional comfort is crucial, and he takes all steps necessary to ensure you know what to expect.

Houston plastic surgery Center

Please continue reading to learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery at Houston, TX.

Overview of Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes 

Butts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they’re all valid and beautiful in their own rights. However, if you’re not quite satisfied with your butt’s shape, you can now transform it to achieve any shape you want!

The following is a quick overview of some of the most common Brazilian buttock augmentation shapes.

  • Round: When you think of voluptuously round and large buttocks, you may think of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. This buttock shape is primarily meant to be larger, firm, and upright, capable of filling out your favorite jeans. You can also get rounder and firmer butts through lots of hip thrusts and squats, but Brazilian Butt Lift promises instant and better results.
  • A-Shape: Pear-shaped women often have an A-shaped buttock with soft curves. The narrow waistline often leads to fuller buttocks that slope downwards. Some women with this buttock shape like to perform a bit of liposuction to streamline their appearance and opt for BBL surgery to give their buttocks a lift.
  • Heart: This shape is similar to the A-shaped buttock, but it’s rounder and fuller, leading to a voluptuous lift. People with heart-shaped buttocks often choose BBL to ensure optimal proportion or to fill out the buttocks some more.
  • Square: This is one of the most common buttock shapes that women want to transform. This type of buttock is characterized for being completely straight without a lot of curves. The almost-flat appearance doesn’t give the most distinct silhouette, but a BBL procedure can easily transform it into voluptuous derrières.
  • V-Shape: Women often worry about their v-shaped buttocks as the natural aging process moves fat distribution from lower in the buttocks to the waistline, leading to fuller tops and flattened bottoms. This can also occur because of natural sagging due to gravity and loss of collagen from the skin.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

During your consultation with the board-certified Brazilian butt lift doctor, he will discuss your medical history and current medications to give you a set of preparation guidelines. You must be completely honest with them and follow all of their guidelines, which may extend to several days or weeks before the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

The following is an overview of some of the common preparation guidelines for Brazilian buttock augmentation:

  • Stop taking blood-thinning medications.
  • Stop smoking several weeks before the procedure.
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory medications because they increase bleeding.
  • Follow all of your cosmetic doctor’s preparation guidelines.

What can I expect on the day of the procedure?

After the consultation and preparation, the BBL surgery doctor will mark the treatment areas on your skin. The doctor will also mark out the areas from which liposuction will be performed. The following is an overview of the next steps in the Brazilian butt lift surgery near me:

Cosmetic Surgeon in houston

  • After applying local anesthesia, the BBL surgery doctor will remove the excess fat tissues from the targeted areas using a small cannula. The targeted regions are usually the tummy, love handles, and thighs.
  • The fat tissues will be melted and extracted from your body.
  • The fat cells will be processed and purified.
  • During the final stage, the doctor will inject the fat tissues into the buttocks’ targeted regions to provide the Brazilian butt shape you want.

How long will my beautiful new shape last?

You can expect to retain 60% to 80% of the liposuction fat transfer to buttocks after the procedure, but you’ll lose some volume over the next couple of months. However, the doctor will adjust for the absorption and inject excess fat tissues. After the absorption, the remaining fat tissues will remain in your buttocks for a long time, lasting several years. However, your buttocks will still be prone to natural aging.

How do I know if I have enough fat for BBL surgery?

Patients with a little excess fat tissues around the midsection, thighs, or love handles are suitable candidates for liposuction fat transfer to buttocks. During your initial consultation, the BBL surgery doctor will let you know if you don’t have enough fat for the butt implant procedure.

Schedule BBL Plastic Surgery Today

Premiere Surgical Arts is one of the best clinics for cosmetic surgeries and BBL plastic surgery in Houston, Texas. For more information, please schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Jung and discuss your treatment options.

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A Guide to the Brazilian Butt Lift and How We Make it a Safe Procedure in 2021

Over the last few years, the buttocks have received more press coverage than ever before. Women of all ages and body types visit Premiere Surgical Arts interested in the possibility of our Houston Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. While breast surgery is still the most popular cosmetic procedure, Brazilian Butt Lifts have become more and more sought after over the past five years with a 23% increase in the number performed from 2014 to 2015. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have really brought curves and the desire for a nice butt to the forefront.

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How Much Does a Neck Liposuction cost

Why bother to do a neck exercises when you can walk into the doctor’s office and get a well-defined jawline in a matter of minutes. People don’t think that certain plastic surgery procedures are possible but thanks to technology and specialist doctors fat is removed from all areas including the neck region.

There is nothing like a smooth, slim, slender neck, it makes you look sassy, sexy and youthful. You know a slim neckline changes your overall appearance but to you know how much this procedure cost?

neck liposuction cost houston

What is the cost of neck liposuction?

Usually, a neck liposuction procedure is done in combination with other procedures that help provide that definition of the entire face. Full neck liposuction cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 dollars.

  • Neck liposuction cost for people that want to remove excess fat in the neck and chin area cost $2000 to $4000 and depends on the technique employed and extent of the surgery.
  • Patients that want to undergo a cervicoplasty which is removing excess skin in the neck area and re-draping the skin for a smoother and smoother appearance will have to pay $3000 to $5000 for the procedure.
  • Patients that undergo this procedure but want to tighten their neck muscle to ensure the overall appearance and contour of the neck; a process called platysmaplasty will pay more. Most times patients that want this procedure also have to undergo cervicoplasty and hence this cost about $6000 to $10,000 depending on the facility and your neck anatomy.

Remember though that these prices may vary depending on the location of the facility and the surgeon in question.

Candidates ready for this procedure should also know that most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance and should discuss with their doctors a suitable payment method prior to the procedure.

Who is a candidate for neck liposuction to remove fat?

  • People with dangling skin under their neck
  • People with weak neck muscles or poor skin elasticity and contraction
  • People that just lost weight and want a tighter firmer contoured face
  • People who want one or more facial lift surgeries done.

What is the procedure for neck liposuction?

A neck contouring is the removal of fat from the neck region to create a defined neckline but this process also involves other tiny alterations for a straighter neckline. The doctor also deals with smoothening out wrinkles and flab for a more dramatic look that instantly removes years from your age. The neck liposuction for fat removal is done through the following procedure.

best procedure for neck tightening 2021

Neck liposuction Steps

The patient books an appointment with Premiere Surgical Arts facility and consults with one of the doctors. You are examined and certified a candidate for the procedure after all the boxes check out and a date is fixed.

Day of the procedure: the doctor numbs the area, and makes an incision below the chin where the excess fat will suck out from using a cannula. The same procedure is applied to a regular liposuction technique.

The neck liposuction procedure is most cases go together with a neck lift. Once the fat has been extracted from the neckline, loose skin can be seen hanging which is not attractive.

The Neck Lift Procedure

When undergoing a neck life, the doctor has to consider your age and the amount of skin. For a younger patient, the skin is small than for a lady or guy aged 50 and above. If you want this procedure after a neck removal fat liposuction, the doctor has two options – a cervicoplasty (to remove excess loose skin) or a platysmaplasty (to tighten loose muscles in the neck region).

Both of these procedures are cosmetic procedures to give you a better-looking neckline. In this situation, the surgeon numbs the area, makes a small incision behind the ears and chin. These points are from where the skin will be pulled back. This will help tighten the skin and muscle to create a younger look. After the operation, a drain bag is attached to collect fluid and blood but is removed after a day or two.

Recovery time for a neck lift

As with all surgeries, the recovery time depends on the individual and the type of procedure done on the patient. Typically, the patients attain full healing and the ability to move their neck around without pain after two weeks of the surgery but will notice significant tightness after days of the surgery.

During the healing process, patients will experience swelling and bruising which are common with all liposuction procedure. Please do keep the post-operation garment on during healing as this helps to hasten the recovery process.

Neck liposuction Combination

If and when you decide to go for a neck liposuction procedure, performing a neck fat removal alone will not yield the desired result. Most neck lipo procedure is combined with, a chin augmentation, a facelift, and a nose job. You don’t have to do all but a facelift and chin are part of enhancing the general appearance of your face.

Benefits of a neck liposuction

  • Removes excess fat deposits and sculpts the neck to a more defined structure
  • Excellent procedure for elderly and less invasive
  • Gives a more natural look to the neck
  • Less scarring due to tiny incision as compared to other surgical procedure
  • Give you a youthful appearance in an instant
  • Fat removed will not come back again
  • Tightens skin and muscles easily

Undergoing for neck liposuction for fat removal is a very delicate procedure that needs a good doctor or facility to eliminate that double chin that most women especially ladies battle with. To have the opportunity of getting the neckline of your dream means Premiere Surgical Arts facility did the procedure for you.

For patients looking to tightening or eliminate loose and sagging neckline through neck liposuction, then visit today for a consultation with one of our renowned medical personnel who will gladly talk you through the process and answer all your questions to give you an excellent procedure at the end of it all.

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