Why You Need Cosmetic Surgery Houston Tx

If you are like hundreds of thousands of people around the world feeling insecure because of their physical appearance, then you might want to consider having cosmetic surgery done. But there are many different types of surgical procedures that can be done and depending on what your surgical needs are, these cosmetic surgeries basically cover the Body, Face, Liposuction and Breast. 


For anyone residing in Houston Tx, you would be glad to know that you can get all four types of cosmetic surgery Houston done at Premiere Surgical Arts. Why go elsewhere if your place of residence is in Rivers Oak, Montrose, West University, Tanglewood, Boulevard Oaks, Memorial, Galleria, Rice Military, Greenway/Upper Kirby, Midtown and environs?


If you are wondering why you should get your cosmetic surgery done at Premiere Surgical Arts. Well, for starters, we offer you a chance to be treated by some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston. Our surgeons are highly qualified and trained with the requisite experience needed to handle all cases regardless of the seeming complexities involved. 


Secondly, we cover all four generic types of cosmetic surgeries, so you do not have to go elsewhere if you want to have multiple surgical procedures performed at different stages. Breast surgery is one of our more popular cosmetic surgical procedures and we cater for breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast implants. As a matter of fact, the best breast surgeons Houston can be found attending to multiple cases at our clinic.


Indeed, for the best breast augmentation surgeons in Texas, look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts. We take pride in enhancing your overall physical appearance and figure by providing you with full breasts that compliment your stature. 


We also know how important it is for a woman to look good and desirable. To this end, we provide high quality saline or silicone based implants that will help to greatly enhance the size of your breasts due to the following issues;

  • underdevelopment of your breasts,
  • asymmetrical breasts,
  • small breasts,
  • flat or saggy breasts due to multiple child births, weight loss or changes in hormonal levels.


You can be sure that your confidence and self-esteem would be given a much needed boost after breast augmentation surgery Houston in our clinic and at the hands of our more than capable surgeons. In addition to improving your self-confidence, breast augmentation Houston Tx will give you fuller, youthful and perkier breasts while improving your body’s balance and proportion. 


Do you need the best facelift surgeon in Houston? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are one of many people that have made the right choice in Premiere Surgical Arts. Facelift helps in improving the firmness and elasticity of your face to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. 


Our surgeons help to significantly slow down the aging process to ensure you look and feel young again. We offer different types of cosmetic facelift procedures including mini-lifts, cheek lifts, and more traditional facelifts. 


With facelifts, your jawline, neck and facial contours are made to appear smoother and a whole lot more youthful. We also help to restore the elasticity in loose skin and tighten up your neck and facial muscles.

FAQs About Cosmetic Surgery Houston Tx

What are the types of cosmetic surgery?

The different types of cosmetic surgeries fall under any one of four categories, namely; Body, Face, Liposuction, and Breast surgery. In the case of “Body” cosmetic surgery you have procedures like mommy makeover, tummy tuck, and Brazilian Butt lift. 


For “Face”, you have surgeries like Ear surgery, Facelift and Brow lift. Liposuction may also include Neck liposuction and Breast surgery involves procedures like Breast augmentation, Breast lifts, and Breast reduction. 

What are the benefits of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery offers physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Cosmetic surgery will enhance your physical appearance making you more attractive. It can build your self-esteem and self-confidence making you more self-assured, especially in public. 

Is there a weight requirement for liposuction?

No. There is no specific weight class for a liposuction procedure. However, it is required that you are not less than 30 pounds above your expected post-surgery weight.

Can you get lipo if you’re overweight?

Yes. Patients that are overweight can get liposuction done to remove the excessive fat deposits from localized regions of their body. However, the health of such individuals would be thoroughly scrutinized before any procedure to ensure that they are ultimately good candidates and to minimize the risks that come with such a cosmetic surgery.  

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts For The Best Cosmetic Surgeons In Houston

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts for the best cosmetic doctors near me in Houston Tx. We offer cosmetic surgery that covers the likes of Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Body Procedures and Face Procedures. 


For Breast Surgery which is arguably the most demanded type of cosmetic surgery today, we offer breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast implant revision cosmetic procedures. 


If you want to have body cosmetic procedures, then we offer surgical procedures that include tummy tuck, mommy makeover, Brazilian butt lift, and Labiaplasty. Our face procedures consist of brow lift, earlobe repair, eyelid surgery, facial implants and so on. 

All our cosmetic surgery procedures are handled by the best cosmetic surgeon near me and you can either call – 832-930-7660 or request a consultation appointment with our resident cosmetic surgeon – Dr. Jung today.

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Premiere Surgical Arts Your One-stop Clinic For Cosmetic Surgery Houston

There is a definite rise in the number of people seeking cosmetic surgery in the U.S and this demand has led to a corresponding increase in the number of cosmetic surgeons and clinics available. 

However, finding the right cosmetic doctors near me is a challenge to some people. But if you reside in Houston, your life is made a lot less cumbersome at Premiere Surgical Arts. We offer a host of cosmetic surgical procedures to meet your needs. 


If there is one cosmetic surgery procedure that is trending fast, especially amongst mothers, it is abdominoplasty or otherwise called tummy tuck. 

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that aims at giving patients a well-toned, flat abdomen that can not be achieved by dieting and/or exercising. 

Abdominoplasty can be a standalone surgery or a key part of a mommy makeover process involving other cosmetic surgeries like breast lifts, breast reduction or breast augmentation. When it comes to tummy tuck, the best cosmetic surgeon near me will craftily remove excess fat deposits as well as loose, saggy skin in and around the abdominal region. 

There are several factors that can cause you to need tummy tuck with pregnancy and childbirth being one. Other reasons include genetics and drastic weight loss which can lead to the development of excess amounts of loose skin. 


Without a doubt, the success of all cosmetic procedures can be directly linked to several factors including:

  • the health of the patient,
  • the level of expertise and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, and 
  • the type of equipment available to the surgeon and his/her team.

After the procedure has been successfully done, you can come to expect the following benefits;

  • a tighter, flatter and more defined abdomen with the removal of excess fat,
  • a narrower, well-contoured waistline,
  • an even skin tone due to the tightening of the skin which significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks, and
  • reduced fat deposits will promote the proper functioning of your internal organs, as the pressure caused by fatty acids and toxins are effectively reduced.


When you come over to our clinic to meet with our resident cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jung, you will be thoroughly examined and quizzed. We want to be able to get as much medical history data as possible, as your health is uppermost on our exclusive list of concerns. 

After determining that you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover, our cosmetic surgeon will listen attentively to your expectations. He will then proffer possible outcomes based on his assessment of your case and what can be logically achieved under the circumstances. 

You qualify for a tummy tuck procedure if you are relatively healthy with excess fat, loose skin around your midsection and weak abdominal muscles. In order to pull your abdominal muscles and make them a whole lot tighter, sutures will be placed in the fascia of your abdominal muscles. 

Excessive skin and fat deposits will then be removed from your midsection while umbilicoplasty may be recommended where it becomes necessary to create a new belly button. To improve the contours of your waistline and hips, our surgeon may recommend liposuction on your love handles or flanks. 

FAQs About Cosmetic Surgery Houston

How much weight do you lose with a tummy tuck?

The amount of weight you can expect to lose from a tummy tuck would depend on several factors including the type of procedure you opt for. With a mini tummy tuck procedure, a total of about three pounds can be lost from the removal of excess fat and skin. However, with an extended tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, about five pounds of excess fat and skin may be lost.

What qualifies you for a tummy tuck?

If you are not happy with how your abdomen looks due to the appearance of excess fat and saggy skin, you are a prime candidate for an abdominoplasty cosmetic procedure. 

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

To be qualified as a “good candidate” for a tummy tuck procedure, you should be healthy and physically fit. You should also be a nonsmoker and non-alcoholic. In addition to this, you should be significantly bothered about how your abdomen looks while having realistic expectations of the surgical results.

Do you have to be skinny to get a tummy tuck?

No. You do not have to be “skinny” to have a tummy tuck. The primary concern of a tummy tuck is the removal of excess fat deposits and saggy skin in the abdominal region to improve a person’s physical appearance. So you do not need to be “skinny” before getting a tummy tuck. With an average build and BMI less than 35, you are a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery. 

Premiere Surgical Arts Home of The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Houston

Does the appearance of your abdomen bother you? 

Do you need a mommy makeover, but you don’t know where to go?

Well, at Premiere Surgical Arts we understand perfectly well how you must feel. We can help relieve you of your physical, psychological and emotional burden with mommy makeover cosmetic surgeries. Some of these surgical procedures include breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and tummy tuck. 

Our world-class cosmetic surgeons serve patients in the Houston areas of Boulevard Oaks, Galleria, Greenway/Upper Kirby, Memorial, Midtown, Montrose, Rice Military, River Oaks, Tanglewood, West University and environs. 

However, no matter where you reside in the U.S, you can still meet us half-way by giving us a call on 832-930-7660 or booking a consultation session with an experienced cosmetic surgeon today.

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Why You Need To Meet With A Cosmetic Surgery Consultant In Houston?

It is important that before you proceed with a cosmetic surgical procedure, you first have a one-on-one session with a 

cosmetic surgery consultant. You want to be completely certain that the cosmetic surgery you intend having is worth your time, effort and of course money. 


To this end, you need to meet with a consultant and ask all the relevant questions that would help you make that crucial decision. More often than not, the consultant you meet will be the cosmetic surgeon attending to your case. It is important to form a bond with this surgeon. You need to let him or her know your goals and expectations, then match this with what can actually be achieved as expertly explained by the surgeon. 


Knowing that your proposed surgery will be done by an experienced surgeon will definitely give you peace of mind before, during and after your surgical procedure. 

What To Expect From Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultant In Houston?

Cosmetic surgery consultation does not have to be a daunting process. It can in fact be the moment you have been waiting for. The moment where you get to express your cosmetic desires with someone that is willing to listen. A typical day in the life of a cosmetic surgery consultation would involve a medical examination by the consultant. 

However, before you get to undress, you would normally have a nice honest chat with the surgeon. You would be asked some personal questions just to establish baseline information pertaining to your medical history and current state of health. 

What’s  more, your consultant will attempt to ease your mind about the safety or otherwise of the surgical procedure. It is important to know the risks you are getting into as well as the possible complications that could arise from the cosmetic surgery you intend having. 

Your consultant would normally provide you with cosmetic surgical options stating the procedural steps, risks, complications, benefits, and expected outcomes of each option. 

Where To Get The Best Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

If you reside in Houston TX, then you need to look no farther than Premiere Surgical Arts  for the best cosmetic surgery consultants. 

Our consultants are highly skilled in a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, such as;

  • Breast Surgery: This consists of Breast Augmentation,  Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift and Breast Reduction.


  • Face Procedures: The face procedures on offer include Brow Lift, Cheek Reduction, Ear Surgery, Earlobe Repair, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Facial Implants, Fat Grafting, Neck Lift, Neck Liposuction, and Nose Surgery.


  • Liposuction: We offer Body Liposuction, Smart Liposuction/Laser Liposuction, and Vaser Liposuction.


  • Body Procedures: Our body procedures include Brazilian Butt Lift, Mommy Makeover, Labiaplasty, Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift, and Upper Arm Lift.


Depending on which cosmetic surgery procedure you want to have done, our consultants will take you through the process from start to finish. You can be sure that whatever cosmetic surgical procedure is recommended, our consultants would have thoroughly considered the safety and risks along with the expected results from the procedure.

Cost Of Cosmetic Surgery Consultation At Premiere Surgical Arts

At Premiere Surgical Arts, the cost of cosmetic surgery varies depending on the treatment. The skilled and compassionate team of professionals provides personalized care and attention, ensuring patients are fully informed of the options.. Through a consultation, patients can discuss their individual concerns and goals, as well as any specific recommendations for their desired treatment. Regardless of the treatment, the team at Premiere Surgical Arts strives to provide affordable and efficient care to meet the unique needs of each patient.

FAQs About Cosmetic Surgery Consultant In Houston

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery?

A perfect candidate for cosmetic surgery is a healthy adult with a clean medical history and no underlying medical condition.  

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery consists of a series of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery offers several benefits including improved facial and body modification, better health, and a boost in self-esteem.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that focuses squarely on the aesthetic improvement of the face and parts of the body.

Is there any difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery considers reconstructive surgical procedures, such as; the removal of tumors and the correction of congenital deformities. On the other hand, the primary focus of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person’s body shape and facial appearance. 

Which place is best for liposuction?

If you want to remove excess fat deposits or have fat transfer for a desired shape, you can do so through liposuction at Premiere Surgical Arts. For a free consultation today, you can contact Dr. Jung, our cosmetic surgeon serving neighborhoods in Houston TX including Galleria, West University, Tanglewood, River Oaks and many others.

What are the benefits of getting a liposuction?

Liposuction helps to safely remove fat deposits, improve cellulite, sculpts those parts of your body resistant to exercise and diet, and boosts your self-confidence and esteem.

How should you evaluate a plastic/cosmetic surgeon?

You should assess a plastic or cosmetic surgeon by checking their credentials, qualifications, experience, facilities, references, patient reviews, and so on.

Booking a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Appointment at Premiere Surgical Arts 

For the best plastic surgery experience in the Houston area, you can visit Premiere Surgical Arts medical spa and surgery center. You can get started on your cosmetic surgery journey today by booking an online appointment now.

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Why Is A Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston TX Important?

Before you literally go under the knife, it is important to meet with a cosmetic surgery consultant for two reasons. For starters, you need to assess the credentials, experience, and mindset of the surgeon that would be overseeing your respective cosmetic surgical procedure. 

Secondly, you want your mind to be put to rest before the procedure. You want to be able to ask the surgeon important questions relating to your cosmetic surgery and the expected outcome. 

Typically, a consultation visit can last anywhere from one to two hours, but within that time, you should be able to decide if the cosmetic surgical procedure is for you or not.

Who Is A Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston Tx?

A cosmetic surgery consultant in Houston TX is someone that has the relevant credentials and experience to discuss and/or propose cosmetic surgical procedures that would be beneficial to the cosmetic needs of patients. 

At Premiere Surgical Arts, our plastic surgery consultants are certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery. Our consultants take pride in discussing the nitty gritty of cosmetic surgical procedures with patients. We carefully intimate our patients on the steps taken in each procedure from the preparation stage up to the surgery itself. 

We also guide patients on the best way to effectively recover from a cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic surgery consultant is someone that is open to questioning. You will be made to feel at ease in their presence and you can ask questions relating to every aspect of the cosmetic surgery procedure. This can be questions relating to preparation, risks, safety, downtime, and recovery.

What Does A Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Do?

A cosmetic surgery consultation carries out a number of meaningful activities geared towards ensuring a successful surgical procedure. During a consultation visit, the cosmetic surgery consultant would do the following:

  1. Determine your suitability for the procedure: 

It is the job of a consultant to determine if you would be a suitable patient or not. He or she does this by first reviewing your medical history to know if you have any underlying health concerns that would disqualify you from having a surgical procedure. 

Your safety before, during and after surgery is of paramount importance, so your family medical history and your current medical history situation is thoroughly scrutinized before cosmetic surgical recommendations are made.

  1. Discuss cosmetic surgery treatment options and your aesthetic goals: 

As part of the consultation process, a consultant will always discuss the cosmetic goals of patients. By knowing what you would like modified on your body or face, your consultant would be able to recommend the right cosmetic surgery treatment options for you. 

Your consultant will also be honest with you on possible outcomes, as your expectation may not always match what can be achieved. During the discussion, you will be informed of the risks, complications and cost implications of each recommended procedure. 

  1. Physical examination: 

A consultation will also involve the consultants performing a physical examination of the proposed site of the surgery. 

Photographs of the site may be taken to serve as a reference point for how the site appeared before the cosmetic procedure. 

However, note that your consultant would always seek your express consent before taking any photographs.

  1. Planning: 

The next step for your consultant is to plan a pre-surgery scheduled appointment meeting as well as setting a date for the surgery itself. 

A post-surgery recovery timeline will also be suggested hinting at the possible downtime timeframe and measures you should take to hasten recovery.

Cost Of Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Consultation fees for cosmetic surgery at Premiere Surgical Arts vary depending on the specific treatment. Our team of expert consultants and surgeons will provide you with an estimated cost during the appointment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards your desired aesthetic outcome.

FAQs About Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston TX

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery improves the natural appearance, confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life of patients.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

These are elective surgical procedures not covered by insurance, but designed to enhance a person’s physical appearance while boosting self-confidence in the process.

Is there any difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgical procedures as well as cosmetic surgery while the latter also known as “aesthetic surgery” is focused primarily on improving body image.

Which place is best for liposuction?

Premiere Surgical Arts located in 2024 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77098 is your number one choice for liposuction. If you reside in Boulevard Oaks, Galleria, Greenway/Upper Kirby, Memorial, Midtown, Montrose, River Oaks, Tanglewood, West University, and environs, you can be sure we have got you covered.

What are the benefits of getting a liposuction?

Getting liposuction will help to safely remove excess body fat, reduce or enhance cellulite, boost body sculpting, improve general health and self-esteem.

How should you evaluate a plastic/cosmetic surgeon?

In evaluating a plastic/cosmetic surgeon always check their credentials, experience, feedback from other patients, and the quality of their facilities.

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts

At Premiere Surgical Arts, we stay committed to offering high quality care and excellent results. To this end, our consultation process is designed to be thorough, you start by scheduling an appointment with us by filling our webform. 

You will be expected to provide your email address, full name, age, gender, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), phone number, method of contact, and procedure of interest. 

You can schedule a virtual consult with Dr. Jung or Dr. Chamata. Alternatively, you can visit our medical spa and surgery center to meet face to face with our cosmetic surgery consultants today.

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The Facts About Body-Contouring Surgery

Whenever you meet with a cosmetic surgery consultant Houston, you need to prepare your list of questions beforehand. These questions should help to dissuade any ill feelings you may have about the cosmetic center, the surgeon, and the procedure

You need to fully understand what you are getting into and that starts with you asking relevant questions about every aspect of your intended cosmetic surgery

The success of the surgery will be dependent on your understanding of what is possible and the surgical outcomes you should come to expect.

Who is a Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston?

Before you undergo any cosmetic surgical procedure, you need to first discuss with a surgery consultation. This person is often a cosmetic surgeon that patiently listens to your cosmetic needs before offering his or her expertise recommendation

The cosmetic surgery consultant gives you insight into the nature of the surgical procedure, the cost implication, possible risk factors, post-operative recovery timeline and care, and information on the likely outcome from the surgery. 


Houston TX is a great place for having a number of cosmetic surgical procedures, as it is home to some of the best cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas in  the U.S. 

Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston

Your plastic surgery consultation will answer any question relating to your cosmetic surgery procedure

It is important to feel free to ask necessary questions that will remove all the doubt you may be harboring

Some of the more pertinent questions to ask your cosmetic surgery consultant include:

  • Questions about your suitability for the cosmetic procedure you wish to have including questions on the medical tests prior to the surgery
  • Questions about the nature, type, step-by-step procedure, and length of the cosmetic surgery 
  • Questions about the experience, qualifications, and success rate of the surgeon involved in your case
  • Questions about the anesthesiologist and post-operative prescription medications to aid recovery
  • Questions about post-operative care, recovery timeline, scheduled appointments, and so on
  • Questions about the overall cost of the procedure 
  • Questions about possible results and requesting for the before and after photos of other patients as well as feedback and reviews 

No matter what cosmetic surgery procedure you intend  having done, whether it’s BOTOX, facelift, rhinoplasty, BBL or Liposuction surgery for body-contouring, you need to be fully aware of what you are getting into before you sign up for the actual surgical procedure

Your confidence in the procedure starts with you understanding what you’re getting into from the start and what you should expect from the procedure. 


Whenever you meet with plastic surgery consultants, you should understand that it’s an opportunity for you to assess the surgeon that will handle your case and build trust.

It is also a time for you to learn more about your peculiar case and know the cosmetic surgery options available to you

In addition to this, cosmetic surgery consultation affords you a chance to ask questions about the procedure itself, a possible timeline for recovery, risks, expected results and costs.


It is possible that your liposuction consultation itself may be “free” for a first time assessment meeting on certain occasions. But typically, you would be required to pay both a registration and consultation fee. For the liposuction procedure proper, you would be required to make a number of financial obligations and these would include:

  • Facility fees
  • Medical test costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Post-surgery care costs and so on.

It is also worth noting that the total liposuction costs you incur would be influenced by a number of factors, such as; 

  • Your location vis-a-vis the medical center: If you reside far away from the cosmetic center, you ultimately will incur greater costs.
  • Type of surgical procedure: There are different types of liposuction procedures with each having cost elements. The more modern methods requiring highly advanced technology would naturally cost more than more traditional liposuction procedures.
  • The complication of the liposuction procedure: The more complicated your liposuction procedure is, the more costs you are likely to incur. 

FAQ’s About Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston

Why is cosmetic surgery becoming so popular?

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular because of the tremendous improvements in both the technology used in surgical procedures today and the outstanding cosmetic surgery outcomes as a result.

What are the best cosmetic procedures?

Plastic consultants would tell you that the best cosmetic procedures are those that work for you. But in terms of popularity, cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift, BOTOX, and liposuction are highly sought-after cosmetic procedures. 

Which place is best for liposuction?

The best place for liposuction is the competent medical spa nearest to you. If you reside in the Houston TX areas of River Oaks, Montrose, Tanglewood Memorial, and so forth, then Premiere Surgical Arts would be the best place to go for your liposuction surgical procedure.

What questions should I ask before getting liposuction?

Before getting liposuction the questions worth asking should relate to the qualification, competence and experience of the surgeon. You should also ask about the procedure itself including details about the surgery, cost, expected results and recovery time. 

Premiere Surgical Arts Surgery Center Houston TX – Your Best Place for Liposuction 

If you are looking for a medical spa that offers state-of-the-art equipment for liposuction operated by highly qualified, experienced and competent cosmetic surgeons in Houston TX, then Premiere Surgical Arts is the place for you

We offer different types of liposuction procedures including Body Liposuction, Smart or Laser Liposuction, and Vaser Liposuction

Our cosmetic surgery center and medical spa services are open to everyone, but especially those residing in the Houston neighborhoods of River Oaks, Boulevard Oaks, West University, Rice Military, Galleria Tanglewood, Midtown, Greenway/Upper Kirby, and so on

You can begin your liposuction journey today by having your first consultation meeting with a surgeon. Book a consultation online now and know what type of liposuction procedure would be best for your cosmetic needs.

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What to Expect During Your Cosmetic Consultation?

Cosmetic surgery procedures can strike fear in even the most self-confident individuals. However, one of the many duties and responsibilities of a qualified cosmetic surgery consultant is to prepare patients for cosmetic surgery procedures. 

A cosmetic surgery consultant will educate patients on the entire process while providing patients with honest expectations to get them physically, mentally and psychologically ready for the possible outcome of the procedure.

The Importance of a Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

A cosmetic surgery consultant plays a very important role in modern plastic surgery practice. Surgery consultation gives the consultant a chance to assess patients and determine their suitability for the cosmetic surgery procedure they hope to get done. 

The consultant lays everything on the table letting patients know exactly what they’re getting into with their chosen cosmetic surgery. It is also a chance for patients to ask as many questions as they can about the procedure before going under the knife. 

Patients also get to assess surgeons and to choose the surgeon they feel would be the best fit for them. In addition to this, as a patient, you can discuss expected goals and compare them with what can be realistically achieved before signing up for any cosmetic procedure. 

How Long Do You Have to Spend with Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultant?

Typically, a meeting with your cosmetic surgery consultant can last anywhere from one to two hours, but it can be longer depending on the complication of your chosen procedure. 

Plastic surgery consultation is a vital part of the whole process and you really shouldn’t be in a hurry to get it over with. You should spend time getting to know the designated surgeon for your case. 

Get to know his or her credentials, experience, and even their vision for the cosmetic procedure. Surgery consulting is a time where you get to know the nitty-gritty of the entire procedure including the scheduled timeline for the surgery as well as post-operative care and recovery.


If your purpose for meeting plastic surgery consultants is to discuss your need for liposuction, then it is important to know the various types of liposuction available to know which type would be best suited to your cosmetic needs. You could have to decide on one of three liposuction procedures and these are:

  • Body Liposuction: This involves sculpting those parts of your body that are resistant to intense exercise and a proper dietary plan. Body Liposuction will give you a more refined shape and curvature. 
  • Laser or Smart Liposuction: This type of liposuction procedure involves a minimal invasive procedure with less downtime to worry about compared to traditional Liposuction procedure.
  • Vaser Liposuction: The third type now Liposuction procedure is called Vaser Liposuction which is designed to melt fat deposits wherever they may be located in your body. The result of this procedure is a well-defined, sculpted, and contoured body.


You should never be shy of meeting with plastic consultants for your proposed plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure and here’s why:

  • Confidence: Not every patient that works into a cosmetic surgery office is confident in the procedure and with the surgeon. Meeting a surgery consultant can help to dissuade any apprehension you might be harboring about the surgery and designated surgeon.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge is indeed power and by meeting with a surgery consultant, you will be educated on the procedure and by doing so, your confidence level also rises.
  • Choice: You get to choose the surgeon that will handle your cosmetic surgery procedure during your consultation meeting. 
  • Timeline: Knowing the timeline for the whole procedure is important as it helps you to plan and prepare yourself beforehand by making all the necessary arrangements for post-surgical care. 
  • Results: A cosmetic surgery consultant will also give you an idea of the expected outcome from the procedure. It is good to have an idea of what to expect from the surgical procedure rather than being disappointed with results afterwards.

FAQ’s About Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is the term used to describe a number of cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgery aimed at enhancing an individual’s appearance. It could involve surgical procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and facelift performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

What is the most common cosmetic surgery?

The most common cosmetic surgery today is breast augmentation surgery.

What is typically involved in liposuction surgery?

Liposuction cosmetic surgery typically involves the removal of fat deposits from various parts of the body including the buttocks, lower back, back of arms, calves, thighs, chin, and abdominal area while abdominoplasty becomes necessary for the removal of excess skin in order to tighten the muscles in the abdominal region.

How much fat can be removed from liposuction surgery?

Safety comes first during liposuction surgery and the safe volume of fat deposit that can be removed is anywhere from 6 to 8 Ib.

Which cosmetic procedure gives the most bang for the buck?

It’s a matter of opinion, but apart from breast augmentation surgery, BBL is one other cosmetic procedure that can give the most bang for the buck.

Professional Cosmetic Surgery Consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts

Whenever you have the need for advanced plastic surgery solutions, our top cosmetic surgeons will provide thorough professional surgery consulting before we book patients for surgery. 


In our plastic surgery practice safety is our watchword and all our surgery procedures are tailored to meet the expectations of all our patients with very minimal or zero post-surgical complications. 

No matter what your cosmetic surgical procedure may be, you can be sure that you’ll be prepared mentally, psychologically and physically by our surgeons before surgery. To get started, book a consultation meeting with us today.

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Body Contouring at the Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston

At Premier Surgical Arts, the best cosmetic surgery center in Houston, patients are thoroughly examined to see if fat can be reduced, trouble spots can be sculpted, and loose skin can be tightened with body contouring. 

Lipolysis is a noninvasive alternative to traditional liposuction that could be recommended depending on the complexities of each patient. 

Tucks, lifts, and liposuction are all possible surgical procedures that we may recommend after scrutiny. However, the results from surgery are generally more conspicuous, despite the higher risk and longer recovery time.

Body Shaping by Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston

Body contouring is also known as body shaping and a qualified cosmetic surgeon carries out the surgical operation to alter specific parts of the body in order to improve the shape and figure of a patient. Surgery may be necessary to eliminate…

  • excess fat and skin as well as
  • built up fat reserves.

Body shaping may also be necessary to modify a person’s contours to make it more appealing. 

In most cases, body sculpting will not aid in weight loss. Instead, it assists in contouring the body and fixing trouble spots where diet and exercise alone are ineffective in reducing body fat or when drastic weight reduction has left unsightly excess skin.


People seek out body sculpting procedures for a variety of reasons, including feeling better about their bodies and how they appear in clothes. When diet and exercise aren’t producing results, you may turn to body contouring as a solution.

Excess skin may be removed surgically to achieve a more youthful appearance, especially in patients with extra skin resulting from a dramatic loss of weight. Skin that is sagging or has become lax with age may also be tightened and obvious wrinkles can be smoothed out.

Most parts of the body are fair game for body contouring. However, the body part that is most subject to body contouring cosmetic procedures are:

  • the arms,
  • the back,
  • the abdomen and sides (love handles),
  • the buttocks,
  • the thighs, and 
  • the chin and neck.

If you leave your body contouring at the hands of the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston, you can be sure of the following benefits;

  • a more youthful appearance,
  • a curvy, natural body shape,
  • obvious fat reduction,
  • obvious removal of excess skin,
  • reduction of stitching marks and wrinkles,
  • improved confidence.


Lipolysis refers to a noninvasive method of body shaping that may be carried out by cosmetic doctors near me. Numerous techniques exist for lipolysis, including:

  • Cryolipolysis: This is a method of eliminating fat cells by subjecting them to very low temperatures (as in CoolSculpting®).
  • Deoxycholic acid can be injected to cause lipolysis in fat cells.
  • Laser lipolysis (like Zerona®) use lasers to vaporize adipose tissue.
  • By focusing ultrasonic waves and heat, radiofrequency lipolysis (like truSculpt®) destroys adipose (fat) cells.

However, note that the results from each nonsurgical procedure would vary depending on several factors including the physiology and body contouring complexities of the patient undergoing the procedure.

For surgical body shaping procedures, you have:

  • Liposuction and skin-removal surgeries, sometimes known as “lifts and tucks”. The goal of liposuction is to suck out excess fat from specific trouble spots.
  • The terms “tummy tuck,” “facelift,” “breast lift,” and “double chin surgery” all refer to different types of cosmetic surgery.

FAQs About cosmetic surgery center houston

What is the best fat removal procedure?

It all depends on the recommendations of the cosmetic surgeon. To some patients, liposuction may be the best fat removal procedure while to others lifts or tucks may suffice.

Is body contouring effective?

Body contouring is effective in helping to shape your body by addressing those specific regions where a significant loss of weight has resulted in you having excess skin tissue or where your attempts at weight loss have not been so effective.

What is non surgical body contouring?

Also known as lipolysis, nonsurgical body contouring involves the use of several methods including the use of laser, hot or cold temperatures (Cryolipolysis) to dislodge fat cells in the body.

How many body contouring treatments are there?

There are two broad groups of body contouring treatments, namely; nonsurgical and surgical treatments. A typical body contouring treatment may involve between 2 and 4 sessions that are each performed by your cosmetic surgeon in a space of between 4 and 6 weeks for safety reasons and optimal results.

The Best Cosmetic Surgery Houston At Premiere Surgical Arts 

Are you looking for the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston?

Do you want to have a tummy tuck procedure done?

Are botched surgeries and life changing complications giving you sleepless nights?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then you’re in luck, as you can have your tummy tuck procedure done by the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston without you losing any sleep or worrying about failed surgeries or postoperative complications today at Premiere Surgical Arts.

Your journey starts now with scheduling an appointment online today.

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Seek The Best Facelift Surgeon in Houston for Wrinkled and Sagging Facial Skin

Sagging, wrinkled skin around the neck and jowls is a frequent aesthetic problem for the aging face. Facial sagging may be caused by age, sun damage, or even a significant weight loss, especially in the area around the jaw and chin. The lines that form between the nose and the corner of the mouth may also become more pronounced. 


Eventually, less invasive procedures like injectable fillers and surface lasers won’t be able to mask the visible effects of skin laxity and surgical procedures, such as; a facelift and neck lift may be the best options in such circumstances. 


If cosmetic surgery is advised at this point, it would be wise to seek the best cosmetic surgeon near me to avoid any complications during and after the recommended surgical procedure.

What You Should Know About Facelift and Necklift by the Best Facelift Surgeon In Houston

A facelift or necklift are surgical procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon that “lifts” the skin and underlying tissue layers upward, removing and tightening loose, wrinkled skin to restore a more youthful look. It is routine for a facelift to be done when the patient is unconscious, usually using intravenous sedation. 


Under anesthesia, incisions are made inconspicuously around the ear, and the subcutaneous tissue is “lifted up” using concealed sutures and secured higher in the front and back. The incision around the ear is mirrored by the removal of a substantial quantity of superfluous skin. 


Patients who have developed jowls (excess skin below the jawline) or sagging skin around the neck and chin are good candidates for a facelift/neck lift. Instead of waiting until the skin is sagging, it’s frequently best to treat the issue as soon as it’s observed. Facelifts are often performed on people in their 40s and 50s, although those in excellent health may have them done as late as their 80s.

The Difference Between Facelift And Necklift Cosmetic Surgery Houston

A neck lift specifically targets the skin of the neck below the jawline, whereas a facelift focuses on the skin of the face above the jawline. 


A facelift and neck lift are often considered together because of how closely the face and neck are linked. 

And while a facelift can be done independent of a neck lift and vice-versa, both the face and the neck might still be part of the cosmetic surgery depending on the extent of work required. 

The Process Of Recuperation Following A Facelift Or Necklift

A facelift is a major operation that requires rest and recuperation afterward. Getting back into your regular routine after a facelift might take a few weeks of rest and relaxation. The initial two to three weeks are the most critical, but the whole nine to twelve months of facial rejuvenation and healing are often not apparent to the naked eye.


You should avoid strenuous exercise for the first week after surgery and instead focus on resting and recovering from your operation. 


Facial swelling and bruising are commonplace following a surgery and any pain and discomfort can easily be taken care of by medication. 


You will return to the surgeon the following day (after a cosmetic surgery) for a dressing change and postoperative examination. 


One week after surgery, patients are expected to return for a follow-up appointment to have their sutures removed while the surgeon will entertain any pressing questions on the results and recovery amongst other questions. 

FAQs About Best Facelift Surgeon In Houston

Can you do a neck lift without a facelift?

Yes. Your surgeon can perform a neck lift independent of a facelift, if the latter is not required.

How long does tightness last after neck lift?

The tightness following a neck lift procedure can last up to 60 days or 2 months. But it all depends on the patient and the length of tightness should be judged on an individual to individual basis.

What is the best age to have a facelift?

Facelift is best suited for person’s aged 40 to 60+ years. This is when the effects of aging become more pronounced and only cosmetic surgery by way of facelift and necklift can help remedy the situation.

How many years does a neck lift last?

A neck lift cosmetic procedure successfully executed can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Visit Premiere Surgical Arts for the Best Cosmetic Surgeon Near Me


It’s no secret that surgeons in Houston are some of the best in the U.S and indeed the world. So a cosmetic surgery Houston almost guarantees zero complications and excellent results. This is what we promise you at Premiere Surgical Arts


Our surgeons are highly qualified to handle most facelift and necklift cases. We start off by scheduling you for a consultation and examination where we discuss your case in the most honest and patient-centered way possible. 


We will listen carefully to your cosmetic needs and proffer surgical recommendations based on our assessment of https://premieresurgicalarts.com/breast-augmentation-before-after/#your peculiar case. Your overall health is a priority to us, so every decision made is done with your safety placed above everything else. 

You can start your journey to restoring your facial beauty today by requesting an appointment with us today.

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World-class Cosmetic Procedures At Top-notch Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

Why settle for less when looking for the best cosmetic surgery center in Houston? If you are eager to undergo cosmetic procedures, but you are not sure of which facility to go or the service you will get, know now that you are not alone. The easy part in cosmetic surgery these days is the surgery itself while the hard part is actually finding the right cosmetic surgery center that not only offers popular procedures at a competitive price, but pretty much guarantees a safe, patient-oriented service delivery at all times. 


Houston is home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the U.S and their proficiency is further enhanced by the ultramodern facilities and surgical equipment that they are privy to. Premiere Surgical Arts is one Houston cosmetic surgery center that runs a world-class facility that caters to a myriad of cosmetic needs handled by highly reputable, professional, and experienced plastic surgeons.


Breast augmentation is one cosmetic surgery that stands out above others for the sheer number of people that seek out this service. And our Houston cosmetic surgery center is no different. We get appointment requests daily and a great number of these requests are for breast augmentation surgery. In the hands of competent surgeons, you can gain a tremendous amount of benefits from breast augmentation surgery, such as;

  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence,


  • Enhanced body proportion as well as balance,


  • A more appealing appearance with youthful, natural looking boobs.


Before you are scheduled for breast augmentation surgery, you have to pass through a process that ensures you fully understand the risks and likely outcome of the procedure. 


This process involves;


  • Consultation: This is where you meet with a top surgeon to discuss your expectations. The surgeon will listen attentively to your requests and match them with what is actually possible in your case. Safety takes precedence over aesthetic goals, and your health after the surgery is of paramount importance. 


  • Before and After Photos: You will be shown pictures of patients that have undergone a similar procedure as your proposed cosmetic surgery. This is necessary to allay your fears and to show you what is actually possible. 


  • Test run: You will be given the chance to test out varying sizes of breast implants by simply slipping them in your bra. This will give you an idea of the most suitable breast augmentation surgery for you and also give you a feel of what to expect after the surgery. 


  • Implant options: You will be given a choice of breast implant which is typically between silicone gel and saline breast implants. Based on your specific aesthetic desires and needs, our surgeons will advise you appropriately on which implant would be best suited to your anticipated outcome. We make use of both Natrelle and Mentor breast implants in ensuring that your breasts appear full and natural looking.

FAQs About Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

How to reduce face muscles/chubby cheeks?

The excess fat in your cheeks can be reduced through buccal fat removal surgery. This surgery will help to highlight your facial bone structure including your jawline and cheekbones to give your face a more angular appearance rather than a circular or rounded one.

How good are non-surgical facelifts?

Non-surgical facelifts are very good and very effective. They are a cost effective cosmetic option with lesser health risks and patient downtime. Non-surgical cosmetic facelifts also provide more natural post-procedural results.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can improve your physical appearance by rectifying defects to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

What is the best procedure to remove excess skin and fat?

Excess fat in the abdomen, chin, cheeks, neck, upper arms, ankles and calves can be removed using liposuction. Plastic surgery can also help in taking out excess skin after fat deposits have been removed. 

What are the benefits of facelift surgery?

A facelift surgery will help to address the issues of deep lines, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin due to aging.

Will a facelift leave scars?

In the hands of very experienced surgeons, the surgical scars from a facelift procedure are at best usually completely concealed or at worst very minimal in appearance.

At what age should I consider a facelift?

A facelift is ideal at an age when the telltale signs of aging become obvious. This can be from your 40s to 60s when fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and deep lines are more prevalent. 

Premiere Surgical Arts An Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

Premiere Surgical Arts Houston cosmetic surgery and vein center is run by some of the most qualified surgeons in the country. We appreciate your need for the best full-service cosmetic surgical procedures and that is what we offer to you. 


We ensure that you are fully aware of the complexities of each procedure while reassuring you of our unrelenting desire to give you nothing, but the best plastic surgery to address your peculiar cosmetic needs. 


Over the years we have built a reputation of efficient, quality, courteous service as seen in our Houston cosmetic surgery center reviews

We welcome all to our medical center and our surgeons are more than willing to spend quality time with you to listen to your cosmetic needs and offer expert advice on the best cosmetic procedures for your case. You can request an appointment with us today and be on your journey to self-improvement.

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Breast Augmentation By The Best Cosmetic Surgeons In Houston

Mammoplasty or better known as breast augmentation involves cosmetic surgical procedures aimed at improving the overall size of your breasts. This may involve the insertion of breast implants under your chest muscles or breast tissue. 


Mammoplasty would not only enhance your look, but also raise your confidence levels. Breast augmentation is also recommended for people with or recovering from health conditions that may necessitate cosmetic surgery. 


In the hands of the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston, the risks and health complications associated with mammoplasty can be greatly minimized. 

Why You Need The Services Of The Best Cosmetic Surgeons In Houston

It is always important to seek the best in all things and this also applies to cosmetic surgery. By seeking the services of the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston, you will be able to minimize the risks and complications that may be associated with your respective Mommy makeover procedure. 


Your health should always come first and should be more important than your desire to look good. The best cosmetic surgeons are highly trained, skilled, and competent at what they do. You should always checkout the credentials of both the cosmetic medical center and surgeons before seeking their services.

Why You Need Breast Augmentation Surgery Houston

A breast augmentation surgery Houston is recommended to:

  • improve your overall appearance by enhancing the size of your breasts
  • correct asymmetrical breast issues
  • reduce your breast size after a significant loss of weight or pregnancy
  • rectify unevenness in your breasts, especially after a cosmetic breast surgery
  • build your self-esteem and confidence.


Before you undergo a breast augmentation Houston, your surgeon will discuss your cosmetic goals with you and make realistic recommendations that would ensure your safety during and after the procedure. Your surgeon will advise on the safest breast augmentation procedure, as your health should always take precedence over your cosmetic needs. To avoid unsafe cosmetic surgery practices, always seek the services of a reputable cosmetic surgical center with trained, skilled, competent, and experienced cosmetic surgeons. 

Possible Risks From A Boob Job Houston 

There are many risks that you could be exposed to when you undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Some of these risks include; pain, infection, change in your breast and nipple sensation, breast implant rupture, changes in position of breast implants, capsular contracture where the shape of your breast implants are distorted by scar tissue. 


To avoid these risks, you should have your breast augmentation, breast lifts or boob job Houston done by seasoned professionals with the right expertise, training, skill level and years of experience under their belt.

Save Money By Getting The Best Facelift Surgeon In Houston

You can look much younger than you do now with a facelift cosmetic surgery. Sagging and wrinkling skin will be reduced with this cosmetic surgical procedure which also helps in smoothing the skin folds of your jawline and cheeks to give you a more refined, symmetrical facial appearance. 

However, to achieve your desired facial appearance without any complications, you need the services of the best facelift surgeon in Houston, especially if you reside in Texas. 

DO NOT compromise on quality when it comes to cosmetic surgeries or you may be forced to repeat the same surgery at even greater costs.

FAQs About Best Cosmetic Surgeons In Houston

What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries?

The most popular cosmetic surgeries are Breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Rhytidectomy (facelifts), and Mastopexy (breast lift).

How Do You Know What Size Breast Implants To Get?

The unspoken rule in getting breast implants is to add about 250 cc to any cup size you intend having. However, the average breast implant size ranges from 350 cc to 500 cc.

What is included in a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy makeover would typically include a combination of several cosmetic surgical procedures, such as; breast augmentation,  breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, buttock augmentation, liposuction, thigh lift, and arm lift.

How Many Facelifts Can You Have In A Lifetime?”

It is not uncommon to find people that have had two or three facelifts in their lifetime. It all depends on the complexities of each cosmetic procedure as well as the extent of scarring from each of the facelift cosmetic surgical procedures.

The Best Cosmetic Surgery Houston Offered At Premiere Surgical Arts

What makes a great cosmetic surgery medical center? 

The best cosmetic surgery center is where you get the latest, most technologically advanced equipment for implementing a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures. This center guarantees a very high rate of success with each cosmetic procedure because of their expert level of skill, training and experience of the world-class cosmetic surgeons they can call upon. This is what makes a great cosmetic surgery center.

If you want the best breast augmentation surgeons in Texas, then without a doubt, you should visit Premiere Surgical Arts now. You are fee to request an appointment with a world renowned cosmetic surgeon to discuss your Mommy makeover preferences highlighting the pros and cons of each procedure while making recommendations to ensure that you achieve your cosmetic needs in the safest way possible. Get in touch with us and transform your life for the better today.

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