Vaser liposuction procedure makes use of the ultrasound technology for body contour by breaking the fat cells down. The word vaser stands for Vibration Amplification Sound Energy at Resonance. This form of plastic surgery is still relatively new to the market of cosmetic surgery. This form of laser liposuction does not deal with removing the visceral fat, which is responsible for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The procedure involves directly dealing with the fat cells, and it leaves behind a smoother skin surface while the traditional form of liposuction leaves a relatively rougher skin behind.

What is the procedure? 

The vaser liposuction procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. The area that needs to be dealt with is injected with a solution, and then the surgeon uses ultrasonic vaser tools to probe the fat cells. The local anesthesia that is left in the tissue helps in dealing with pain experienced after the procedure. The entire process gently breaks the fatty tissue and then waits for it to emulsify. Once it emulsifies the fat cells are extracted. The process is not similar to a tummy tuck they both are different from each other despite the belief.  Tummy tuck gets rid of excess skin while vaser liposuction procedure deals with fat cells. The recovery time is usually for two weeks, but that is also dependent on the health of the patient, also on the amount of incisions that have been made on the body.

The benefits of vaser liposuction 

Like traditional liposuction, vaser liposuction procedure also has some benefits that make it an even more desirable procedure.  The procedure makes use of ultrasound technology that helps in the laser liposuction. It is used for body contour and sculpting by targeting the fat cells. One of the greatest benefits that can be deduced from the vaser liposuction procedure is that it gets rid of the excess fat that is present in the body and leaves smoother surface behind. It is usually a treatment that people who wants a more sculpted body undertakes. This treatment of body contour allows an individual to shape the body in the way they like.  In comparison to traditional liposuction the time it takes for bruising to disappear, swelling to go down and the discomfort level to decrease is less. Therefore it can be said this treatment is more favorable in that respect as well. Plus the level of invasion that is done by vaser liposuction procedure is on the minimal level. 

Also regardless of what people like to say about cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, it does bring positivity into the lives of individuals. All of us have insecurities, and all of us are looking for ways to deal with them. This treatment is known for boosting the confidence of people and making them feel even more secure in their bodies.  Vaser liposuction Before and after images are an avid example of the difference sit brings into the lives of people.

 Who can get this treatment done? 

The treatment of vaser liposuction procedure is not limited to only women. Men can also get this procedure done. But ideally, it is recommended that only those who are already at the desired weight and leading a healthy lifestyle should get this procedure done. The reason for that is that it allows the body to adjust to the changes quickly. Vaser liposuction is not a way to lose weight so that aspect is reliant on the type of lifestyle an individual leads. Also, they should be committed with the idea of continuing on a healthy lifestyle path if they want the results to look favorable. Health is of the utmost importance when it comes to getting this treatment done along with the durability of the skin. Maintenance of a healthy diet and the desired weight even after the surgery would be more useful for this surgery. If the patient were to go back to an unhealthy diet or give up exercising, then it would badly affect the body. The areas that usually men and women vaser liposuction are of their love handles, thighs, hips, and chest area. The way they want to modify it is completely up to them. This way of body sculpting and contouring can give them the desired shape. 


Is Vaser Lipo better than Smartlipo? 

 It completely depends on the patient that a surgeon is dealing with. If smaller pockets of fat need to be dealt with it are always better to go for Vaser Lipo as a treatment.  

How safe is vaser liposuction? 

The safety of the procedure itself is dependent on the surgeon who is going to be doing the surgery at the end of the day. Plus for vaser liposuction, procedure it is important to be in the health possible.

How much would it cost to get a liposuction? 

The cost of liposuction lies in the range between $2000 to $3000. The prices vary from surgeon to surgeon and facility to facility as well. This cost does not include the cost of the anesthesia and the equipment that will be used to carry out the procedure. 

How does liposuction work? 

So liposuction is plastic surgery treatment that essentially makes an incision in the fatty area that needs to be treated by the surgeon. Then with the help of a suction pump or a large syringe, the area is invaded, and the fat is extracted from the area.

Best place to go to in Houston 

This treatment being new and unique of its kind has a limited amount of experts that can carry it out successfully. Therefore a more practical approach and research in terms of who to refer to for this treatment are essential. So book your appointments for a free consultation at one of the medical spa facility in Houston.  


With the evolution of medical and technology industry, new treatments and procedures are always on the horizon that makes people curious about it. Vaser liposuction is a new treatment that has been recently introduced to the cosmetic world. This new treatment has made people even more curious. It is a new ultrasound technology that reduces and fights the fat cells in the body by breaking them down. It is a form of high definition liposuction that is slightly different from conventional methods. The vaser liposuction before and after images gives a clearer understanding of how the treatment can bring positive results. This is categorized as a procedure that is used for body contour or reshaping. Mainly this treatment is taken up by those who are having a tough time in reducing fat from some areas of their body. Vaser liposuction procedure is not that elaborate or extensive. It is pretty straightforward. However, consultation with an expert will allow an individual to make the final decision of which direction he or she should undertake. Whether or not vaser liposuction procedure is going to benefit them in the long run or not. This article will explore the inner workings of this new way of dealing with fat cells and highlight its benefits as well. Also, highlight the results of this treatment and how much difference it makes. Not only will that it bring to the attention which individual is more suitable for a treatment like this. Book your appointments with the medical spa in town.