Brow Lift?

As we age and gravity plays its part, the skin on the forehead wrinkles and sags and the brow droops into a horizontal position, which can make a person appear grumpy, sad or tired. A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift or browplasty, refreshes the upper third of the face by tightening the soft tissues of the forehead, which in turn repositions the upper eyelids and eyebrows as well. Forehead wrinkles and furrows between the brows are diminished and the face appears more youthful, alert and friendlier.

Lifts a low or sagging brow that hangs over the upper eyelid and eliminates any excess skin or fatty tissue that droops over your eyes

Smoothes and tightens the skin to get rid of deep wrinkles and frown lines or furrows

Makes you look more alert, youthful, happier and friendlier



The exact approach will vary depending on your facial features and aesthetic goals and Dr. Jung will tailor his technique to suit your needs. Options may include:

  • Traditional Brow Lift: Dr. Jung will make a long incision across the forehead along or just behind the hairline. He’ll lift the skin away from the underlying tissue so he can loosen the muscles and remove the fat. He’ll also get rid of any excess skin before pulling the rest of the skin down and suturing the brow into its new position. The skin is pulled taut to smooth any deep wrinkles.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift: Dr. Jung will make small incisions in the hairline through which he’ll insert an endoscope (a thin, long tube with a camera and light attached to it). This gives Dr. Jung a clear view of the internal structures of the forehead. Again, he’ll reshape and reposition the underlying tissue and pull the forehead tight. This technique requires minimal incisions.
  • Limited Incision Brow Lift: This technique often works for patients who are seeing the first signs of aging. While it requires minimal incisions, the results are subtler. The incisions are hidden within the temporal hairline and the outside part of the brow is elevated.


Op Care

Prior to your surgery, you may be asked to refrain from smoking and to stop taking certain medications for a period of time. After surgery, Dr. Jung will bandage the area. We suggest icing around the eyes regularly and keeping your head elevated for the first 48 hours to reduce swelling. Some bruising, swelling and discomfort is common, however, it typically resolves in a few days. Bandages can be taken off within one to three days and stitches will be removed in about a week. Most patients return to their everyday activities a week after surgery but should avoid strenuous activities for three to six weeks. Sensation might be diminished in your scalp for a few weeks and for those who underwent a traditional brow lift, numbness behind the incision can last for nine to 12 months post-surgery.

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