Breast Implant Revision?

Perhaps you were unhappy with your initial breast augmentation surgery or maybe things went smoothly but changes occurred over time. Whatever the reason, breast implant revision surgery can restore the contour, fullness and appearance of your breasts. It’s typically performed in order to remove or replace implants or to correct any complications from your primary procedure.

You may want to consider breast implant revision surgery if:

  • Your implants have deflated or ruptured
  • You want to increase or decrease your breast size
  • You want to switch to a different type of implant
  • You experience capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue tightens around the implants causing the breasts to harden or change appearance
  • Your implants have shifted into different positions
  • Your breast tissue has changed due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy
  • You wish to remove your implants

of Breast Implant Revision

Improves the symmetry of your breasts

Enhances the shape and size to suit your desires

Can correct issues or complications from a previous breast surgery



This 43-year-old patient had breast implants placed by another surgeon six years ago and was experiencing severe bottoming out of the left implant. She was unhappy with the appearance and positioning of her breasts. Dr. Jung performed an internal breast lift and removed her saline implants and replaced them with silicone implants. The patient is shown two months after surgery with improved cleavage and breasts that are in the ideal position.



The exact techniques used in breast implant revision surgery will depend on the reason you’re having the procedure. Dr. Jung will meet with you, assess your breasts and discuss your goals and the probable outcome in order to customize his approach to your body. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation and, whenever possible, Dr. Jung uses the original incisions from your initial breast augmentation. In some cases, your implant will be taken out and replaced with a new one, which may require increasing or decreasing the size of the “pocket” (the space in the breast that accommodates the implant) or when dealing with implant malposition, reconstructing the pocket using suturing techniques. When implants are removed or you opt for a smaller size, a breast lift can be performed in conjunction with the revision to address stretched skin.


Op Care

Dr. Jung will give you thorough preoperative instructions to follow in order to ensure surgery is safe and successful. You may need to have a mammogram before your revision. After the surgery, the recovery will be very similar to that of your initial breast augmentation. We recommend taking it easy and resting for several days and sleeping with the bed elevated 30-45 degrees for one week. You’ll wear a post-surgical bra for a few weeks. Dr. Jung will prescribe you medication to control any discomfort, along with antibiotics if necessary. Most women experience tenderness, swelling and bruising but these usually subside quickly. Though the majority of patients are back to work within the first week and can engage in physical activity after six weeks, Dr. Jung will give you a timeline to follow, as everyone is different. It’s common to feel tingling or sharp sensations and it can take several months for these to fully go away.

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