The skin loses volume as we age leading to sagging and wrinkles. JUVEDERM® is a nonsurgical, minimally-invasive way to fill in facial folds, wrinkles and lines, particularly around the mouth, nose and on the forehead, and add volume back into the skin to restore the face’s contours with little to no downtime. The smooth, injectable hyaluronic acid gel instantly plumps and is also thought to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are responsible for the skin’s elasticity and fullness. The results are noticeable, yet natural.

We use two formulations at Premiere Surgical Arts: JUVEDERM XC to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles including smile lines, corner lines, marionette lines and vertical lip lines and JUVEDERM VOLUMA XC, which has been FDA-approved for adding volume and lift to the cheeks. Both forms contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that attracts water to plump the skin and fill and smooth out surface wrinkles.


of Juvederm/Voluma

Fills in wrinkles and lines and plumps areas with lost volume

Makes the face smoother, more supple and younger looking

Get immediate results with little to no downtime



At your consultation, Dr. Jung will assess you and discuss your goals to determine if you’re a good candidate for JUVEDERM® XC or JUVEDERM VOLUMA® XC. It’s imperative that you let Dr. Jung and his staff know of any allergies or reactions you’ve had to fillers in the past as it could affect the procedure. During the procedure, he typically uses a topical anesthetic. He then marks your treatment areas and makes injections at the sites using a fine needle before massaging the skin to ensure the filler is distributed evenly.

You’ll see results immediately and the treated area will continue to improve for up to a week after the procedure. JUVEDERM® XC has been shown to last between nine and 12 months and JUVEDERM VOLUMA® XC may last for up to 24 months.


Op Care

Recovery is minimal. Possible side effects include bruising, swelling, redness around injection sites, bumps and irritation, however, these are usually mild and resolve within a week. While most people are thrilled with the results, hyaluronic acid fillers, such as JUVEDERM, are completely reversible with a reversal agent.

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