A sculpted, well-defined jawline is something men and women both desire. It makes a person appear younger and slimmer. The appearance of a “double chin,” known as submental fat, can be extremely frustrating as it’s often due to genetics or aging and doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. For years, liposuction was the only answer. That is until recently. Enter Kybella, the first FDA-approved injectable drug that can reduce the appearance of a “double chin.” Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which is naturally formed in the body and helps to dissolve and absorb excess fat. Through a series of injections, we can now eliminate submental fat in a non-invasive, nonsurgical way giving you a permanently sleeker look.


of Kybella

Nonsurgical, non-invasive procedure with little downtime

Reduces the appearance of a double chin for a more sculpted jawline

Results are permanent and fat cells are gone for good



At your consultation, Dr. Jung will assess your needs and goals and then tailor the procedure and number of injections to the amount of fat you have in the submental region. While most patients only report mild discomfort during the procedure and this level of discomfort decreases with each subsequent treatment session, if necessary, a topical anesthetic or lidocaine can be used. Dr. Jung will mark the areas he’ll be treating with a special grid and then completes a series of injections in these areas. The entire procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

The majority of people will see noticeable results after two to three treatment sessions. The total number of sessions you need will depend on how much submental fat you have. The part? Once you achieve your aesthetic goals, you don’t need any further injections as the fat cells are permanently destroyed.


Op Care

Kybella recovery is usually speedy and non-eventful. Patients often experience minor bruising and swelling that goes away in two to four days. Any mild post-procedure discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

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