Despite the fact, a lot of us feel a bit scared when we first hear the word surgery or operation this particular treatment is not something be feared of. Wisdom teeth extraction is probably one of the most common surgeries that are done all over the world. With an increasing amount of importance that is given to the maintenance of oral health the numbers for this tooth removal has also doubled significantly. 

What is wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom teeth extraction is done of a set of molars that are growing at the backside of the upper layer and lower layer of the jaw. From the ages of 17 to 23 years these wisdom teeth, who are also referred to as the third molar grow. They end up crowding the space that is available for other teeth to grow which tampers with its alignment. Wisdom tooth extraction is done in those cases when the gums start to bleed, and they become increasingly tender. The extraction of wisdom tooth removal is also done when the mouth always has an unpleasant sensation and bad breath. Pain and discomfort are also among the reasons why people get wisdom teeth extraction done in the first place. Therefore monitoring of the growing teeth is important to deal with it on time. 

The process of wisdom teeth extraction surgery 

The first step is to get consultation about the surgery from a professional. The doctor or surgeon will then examine the set of molars that are growing in the mouth to understand the complexity of the surgery. Wisdom tooth extraction surgery involves the use of local anesthesia to numb the area of the impacted tooth.  The local anesthesia helps the patient in dealing with pain that might be felt during the extraction or wisdom teeth removal. The next step is to make a small cut along the area of the set of molars that are to be treated. Then the doctor breaks the tooth into smaller pieces to be able to handle them effectively. Once this is done making a clear pathway the doctor separates the bone and the tooth. The doctor would slightly put pressure on the impacted tooth to loosen it up from its bracket. After the wisdom tooth extraction is done which usually takes at least 20 minutes the wound is then covered with gauze and cotton. Swelling would be very visible after the surgery; therefore, the patient should use ice packs to help in reducing it. The recovery time is estimated at 2 weeks depending on how fast the wound heals. 

What should the patients do after the wisdom teeth surgery? 

The aftercare of wisdom tooth extraction is of utmost importance, and the patient needs to undertake some measures to ensure a speedy recovery. The first 24 hours are very crucial as the patient would still very much be under the influence of local anesthesia. Therefore it is advised to bring someone with you while you get operated on by a doctor, also driving for the first two days after the surgery is not recommended as the traces of local anesthesia would still be present in the body of the patient. To stop the bleeding for an hour after the surgery the patient is advised to bite the gauze covering the wound firmly. They are also advised to not touch the wound as it might infect them. Carbonated or soft drinks along with alcohol and hard foods are not to be consumed by the patient for the duration of their recovery time. Drinking water with the help of a straw is more practical as it won’t irritate the wound. Also vigorously washing mouth is not recommended as this might make the wound bleed again. Soft foods that are high in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and nutrients are recommended, as they will help in the healing process of the wound. Food like vegetable soups, broths, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes are very helpful to boost energy. The wisdom teeth extraction surgery can take up to 2 weeks to recover; therefore any physical activity is not advised during this.  You need to be extra careful postoperative, as the wound needs to be protected from getting infected. Therefore these steps would have to be taken by the patient to help in the healing process of the wound. 

Cost of the surgery 

The surgery is not that costly if it were to be compared with some of the major surgeries. If someone gets a simple extraction done, then it would cost about $99 while if more than one molar is extracted, then the cost can waver between $300 to $400. 


Is it safe to get the wisdom tooth removed?

Yes, it is safe to get wisdom teeth extraction done. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Is it okay to workout after a wisdom tooth removal?

No after the surgery till the recovery time is over any sort of physical activity including work out is not recommended. 

How painful is a wisdom teeth removal?

Doctors use local anesthesia to help the patient deal with the pain so during the surgery pain is not experienced, but after it, the pain is felt slightly. 

Is wisdom teeth removal considered surgery?

Yes, the wisdom teeth removal is considered a surgery that lasts for about 20 minutes on average.

What is the surgical process for wisdom teeth removal?

The first step is to numb the area. Then to an incision is made and to break the teeth into smaller pieces. Separate the bone and the teeth. Loosen up the teeth from its brackets, and the extraction is done.

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The recovery time of wisdom teeth extraction can extend to about two weeks. The wisdom tooth removal surgery is done with the help of local anesthesia. Local anesthesia makes the area, which needs to be extracted numb. The numbness helps the patient when it comes to the pain when it comes to the surgery. The set of molars that needs to be extracted can take up to 20 minutes in terms of the completion of the surgery. People have started to realize the importance of oral health, and it shows. The amount of wisdom teeth extraction surgeries that are done all over the world has doubled in numbers. People share their experiences of wisdom tooth extraction on the Internet to normalize the surgery. Operations, in general, can make anyone nervous. Wisdom teeth extraction is not necessarily a type of surgery one should be afraid of. It should be done to avoid problems in relation to gum disease in the future. The article will focus on making people understand the wisdom tooth removal surgery and how surgeons deal with this set of molars. Measures that need to be taken after the surgery will also be highlighted. Plus average wisdom tooth extraction cost will be mentioned as well. For a surgery like this professional expert in the field are essential. Premiere surgical art is a facility that has trained professionals working for them who will cater to the needs of the patients. Book your appointments for free consultations and avail the services that they have to offer.