Finding the skin specialist Houston should not be a difficult task. With little research and proper questioning, you should be able to locate one without stress. There are three vital steps for you to take which will go a long way in helping you to choose right.  

Step 1: Discovering a Cosmetic Surgeon

  You can ask your general physician (GP) to refer you to the skin specialist Houston. It is very important for you to be definite about the type of skin specialist you are looking for – cosmetic or general dermatologist. A cosmetic dermatologist handles skin problems such as dogged skin discoloration, severe scars and wrinkles, just to mention a few. On the other hand, a general dermatologist takes care of skin issues like acne, rashes, rosacea and so on. Furthermore, you can check the website of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeon (AAD) to get access to a listing of board-certified dermatologists. With the doctor locator option on the website, you will be able to search for the skin specialist Houston. You can also speak with your friends to know if there is a dermatologist they like. In addition to this, you can confirm the dexterity of the dermatologist by observing your friend’s skin. You should be very careful with dermatologists that advertise. It may be an indication that they are not retaining patients and getting enough referrals. If your work is good, you don’t need too much advertising. However, this should not be understood to mean that every dermatologist that advertises is not good. The point here is that you should be wary of dermatologists with too much advertising.    

Step 2: Confirming The Credentials of The Cosmetic Surgeon

  In order to choose the skin specialist Houston, you need to go through the biographies of your prospective specialists. You should also confirm their ADA board certification. And know whether they focus on cosmetic or general dermatology. You should then schedule an appointment and it is advisable to choose Monday or Tuesday. Because these are the most busy days for doctors which will give you the opportunity to rub minds with other patients. And tap from their experience. If it requires waiting for days before seeing the dermatologist, you should not be bothered. It is a sign that the doctor is good and in high demand. Majority of doctors will charge you a little consultation fee. And this will be deducted from your overall treatment cost if you decide to go ahead with the dermatologist.  

Step 3: Confirming The Attitude Of The Cosmetic Surgeon

  At the onset of the consultation, you should let your doctor do most of the talking if you really want to get the skin specialist Houston. Before going for the consultation, you should be specific about what you want, whether you want a cosmetic treatment or general skin treatment. You should pay attention to how your doctor speaks and how he/she addresses your concern as well as the treatment plans being offered.

The approach

The approach of the doctor will go a long way in giving you the assurance that you are in safe hands. For example, if an injection or chemical peel is recommended for a supposedly simple case such as mole or skin discoloration. You should demand for an explanation to know the basis for such a recommendation. The way the skin specialist addresses your questions will show that he/she feels concerned about his/her patients. Since you are going to place your skin under his/her care, you should be able to have a good support with him/her.  

Previous experience with similar case

Furthermore, it is not out of place to demand to know the frequency at which the specialist performs your choice procedure. If he/she handles up to five similar cases everyday, it may be an indication that you are at the right place. When a doctor is familiar with a procedure, there will be increased efficiency when it is being carried out. If you are going for a laser treatment, you can ask the doctor if the laser machine is rented or bought. This will go a long way in showing the seriousness of the practice. And how often they carry out the procedure. If they are using a rented device, it means they are not handling many cases. And may not have enough experience with the procedure.  


Moreover, you can demand to know the number of years the specialist has been practising. A practise of more than five years is an ideal one as many patients would have been satisfied during the period. It is very important for you to confirm that the medical personnel handling any aspect of your treatment are certified to do so. It is common for many board-certified dermatologists to delegate some procedures like Botox or laser treatment to registered medical professionals. You must ensure that these professionals are properly trained and supervised to carry out the procedure.  

Cautions about Before/After photographs

Besides, you should be careful with before and after photos. Because many things can be doctored in today’s world. It is very easy to fall for dazzling pictures of perfect skin that the specialist provides. It is not easy for you to know if those in the picture have actually passed through the clinic. With current advancement in technology, it is possible to alter pictures in order to meet the desire of the manipulator. As a result of this, you should not put your total trust in those photographs. Because they may not be real. You can ask the doctor if your result will be exactly like the one in the photograph and look at his/her body language while answering the question.  

Final Word

  Your desire to get the skin specialist Houston TX should be backed up with the right step. You should take a proper note when carrying out your search. And every single detail should be analyses. You should not rush into taking a final decision except your case requires an urgent attention. You should take some days to think about your findings. So that the final decision will be made.