Difference Between Medical, Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology

Knowing the difference between medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology will assist you in getting the cosmetic surgery Houston. Even though the differences are little, it is very important to understand them so that you will be able to get the possible treatment.


Medical Dermatology

Dermatology is coined from two Greek words, derma (meaning skin) and logia (meaning study). A medical dermatologist is involved in diagnosis as well as assessment of diseases afflicting the skin, nails, hair, mouth and lips so that your overall health will be boosted. It is not common to see an exclusive medical dermatologist but a full-fledged dermatologist that can handle every aspect of the practice. Usually, dermatologists are board certified to practice and in most cases, you will be referred to them by primary care doctors.


Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is also concerned with your skin, nails, hair, mouth and lips but with much emphasis on aesthetics. Also cosmetic dermatology is more concerned about your look in contrast to medical dermatology that is after your skin health. A case like eczema falls under medical dermatology while fixing of wrinkles and spots with or without cosmetic surgery Houston falls under cosmetic dermatology. There are many over-the-counter solutions in cosmetic dermatology in contrast to medical dermatology that requires signed prescriptions.


Surgical Dermatology

Surgical dermatology complements both medical as well as cosmetic dermatology. When a knife and anesthesia are involved in the procedure, it is referred to as surgical dermatology and cosmetic surgery Houston remains one of the procedures. Cases like removal of tumors and moles fall under surgical dermatology. In today’s world, there are many procedures in surgical dermatology that are less invasive, hence, you should not be worried about the surgery.


Why you Should Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen

It is highly recommended to wear sunscreen regularly whether or not you are out in the sun or at the beach. There are many reasons for this and some of them are treated below (cosmetic surgery Houston).


Prevent Cancer

It is important for you to protect your skin daily with the application of sunscreen. Not minding the type of your skin, your gender, age or race, your skin should be protected from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. UVA as well as UVB rays have the capacity of penetrating clouds, clothes and windows to cause burns, skin cancer and freckles. Experts believe that 1 in 5 Americans have the tendency of developing skin cancer, especially those living in sun belt states such as Florida.


Anti-aging Benefits

Tanning will give your skin the glow it deserves but may lead to premature aging exhibited in forms of wrinkles, age spots, folds and sagging. If you sufficiently apply sunscreen everyday and avoid exposure during peak periods, you will be counteracting the negative aftermath of ultraviolet rays on your skin thereby leading to conspicuously lustrous as well as healthier skin.


Day-to-day Skin Health

Your skin can be depressed now or later if not properly protected. Sunburn can lead to redness, irritability, pain, peeling and itchiness which are very inimical to your good look as well as great health. The application of sunscreen will give your skin the preservation it deserves so that you will be able to look and feel good at all times.


Prime Canvas

When you apply sunscreen as a base layer, it will smoothen your skin and prime it for cosmetic application. Apart from keeping your skin healthy, the sunscreen will also work with your makeup to give you a flawless look.


Enhance Efficiency Of Other Procedures

When your skin is healthy without any UV damage, it will boost the efficiency of other skin care procedures like lasers, microneeding, hydrafacials and so on. Majority of these procedures will leave your skin more exposed to the sun, hence, you should endeavour to protect it at all times with sunscreen.


Other Things To Do To Prevent Sunburn

 In order to prevent sunburn, you need to take proper steps that will protect your skin from preventable damage. Here are some facts you need to know in averting sunburn (cosmetic surgery Houston).


Find Some Shade

When you are out there at the beach or attending a sporting tournament. You should look for a shade to stay under. You can stay under a tree. Especially at the beach and if there is no shade around, you can improvise by using an umbrella or tent. You should avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight for a long time.


Stay Away From Intense Sun

Intense sunlight is usually experienced between 10am and 2pm, with the peak temperature manifesting by 12 noon. If it is possible for you, it is advisable to restrict your outdoor activities throughout this period in order to stay safe. If you can’t afford not to be outdoor at this period. You should make use of enough sunscreen or look for a shade.


Check Medications

Some medications can cause sensitivity to sunlight. And some of them include antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, acne treatment medications and so on. If you are taking any of these drugs with this side effect. You should endeavor to take every necessary steps to protect your skin.


Put On Protective Clothing

If you are spending a day out with the possibility of considerable exposure to sunlight. You should put on protective clothing. You can put on a long sleeve shirt, hat, sunglasses and any other clothing. That will prevent your skin from being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. You should take advantage of sun-proof clothing which reflect the injurious rays of the sun.


Use Sunless Tanner

Tanning in the sun comes with the danger of skin cancer. And if you can stay away from it, you will be doing a whole lot of good to your skin. If you desire a glowing, graceful skin, you should make use of a sunless tanner. This will give you the opportunity to get a delightful skin without any sun damage.



Your desire to have an ideal cosmetic surgery Houston will help in boosting your look. However, it is important to give your skin the usual treatment it requires. So that you will be able to get the from it.