When you are planning for your cosmetic surgery, especially at a Houston cosmetic surgery center, you need to be adequately prepared so that your recovery period can be highly successful. Whether it is a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, face lift or any other cosmetic procedure, here are 10 ways to get prepared before diving into the pool of cosmetic surgery.


#1. Schedule Your Surgery When Youre Healthy

It is very important for you to schedule your surgery, particularly at a Houston cosmetic surgery center, to a period when you are very healthy. This is very vital so that your body immune system will be at its peak in order to boost your recovery. A lot of people schedule theirs during their annual vacation because they will have the opportunity of maximizing the period for their personal pursuits.


#2. Get Enough Essential Nutrients

Your diet should be adequately supplemented before and after the surgery, especially with vitamins A & C, copper, selenium and zinc. Each of these nutrients plays a major role in helping your wounds to heal faster and boosting your immune system. When there are adequate nutrients in your body, your surgery at a Houston cosmetic surgery center will definitely turn out to be a success.


#3. Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein and calories are the two most vital healing elements. In order for your body to create new tissues as well as blood vessels, it needs extra protein especially after your surgery at a Houston cosmetic surgery center. As a result of this, you should increase your intake of proteinous foods like beans, fish, poultry, etc., before and after the procedure. Normal daily protein requirement for your body is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of your body weight. If your diet cannot guarantee this, you can add protein powder to yoghurt or smoothies. After the surgery, you should increase your protein intake by one and half in order to enhance your healing process.


#4. Discontinue Taking Certain Supplements

Two weeks before and after your surgery at a Houston cosmetic surgery center, you should stop the consumption of some nutritional supplements. Some of these supplements may aggravate side effects like prolonged bleeding, cardiovascular disturbances, anesthesia interference, just to mention a few. Some of these supplements include gingseng, vitamin E, garlic, fish oil caps, ginger, ephedra and so on.


#5. Stay Well-Hydrated by Drinking Water

You should endeavor to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday and you should ensure that the water is of high quality. Taking enough water, especially a day before the surgery, will help in cleansing and hydrating your body. Since fluid intake will be depreciated on the surgery day, it is very essential to take enough water before the procedure. In order to prevent complications during the procedure, you should not drink anything after midnight preceding your surgery, unless your surgeon instructs you otherwise.


#6. Do not Take Aspirin or Aspirin-Containing Products

It is not advisable to take aspirin before your procedure because it is a blood thinner and can aggravate bleeding. If you are on an aspirin therapy, you should stop it until the time that your doctor gives you the instruction to go on so that you don’t jeopardize your treatment.


#7. Do Not Drink Alcohol 72 Hours Before and After Your Surgery

Alcohol has a suppresive effect on the immune system, hence, it should be avoided 3 days before and after the procedure. Your recovery is very essential and you should stay away from anything that can adversely affect your timely recovery.


#8. Do Not Smoke 2 Weeks Before and After Your Surgery

When you smoke, less oxygen will be supplied to your cells which usually obstructs wound healing. Smoking also escalates the risk of complications when a surgery is being carried out. It will interest you to note that some surgeons will not carry out some cosmetic procedures. Especially face lift, on smokers because smoking will inhibit their wound healing as well as recovery.


#9. Participate in Relaxation Techniques

Participating in relaxation techniques before and after the surgery will help you to heal faster. You can listen to pacifying music and tapes or get involved in yoga and meditation. Relaxation techniques will help in reducing stress and this will have a positive effect on your recovery.


#10. Build a Support Structure

Weeks before and after a surgery can be very stressful. Consequently, you need all the support you can get from family and friends. It can also be an emotional period. And their support at this crucial time will go a long way in helping you to prepare properly and recover faster. They can accompany you to and from the clinic on your surgery day. In order to be a source of encouragement to you. They can also help you after the procedure to carry out some household chores. Which may be difficult for you at that point in time.



Looking after your skin can be more complex after the surgery. Because you will have to attend to your wounds, take care of swelling. And sustain daily skin care in order to get the result. It is advisable to make use of ice or cold compresses regularly, particularly on the first 3 days after the procedure. Overnight swelling can also be prevented by sleeping with your head up above your heart. You should continually clean your skin in order to avoid the formation of pores which can cause breakouts. You can wash sore areas  with mild pads without applying too much pressure.

If your skin is devoid of open wounds after your surgery at a Houston cosmetic surgery center, you can resume your normal make up after some days. In some cases, you may need to wait for the top layer of your skin to be fully rebuilt before applying your make up. You should speak with your surgeon on the issue of make up after the procedure. It is advisable to go for mineral-based make up because they are gentler on the skin. And you should not forget to wash it off when going to bed at night.