14 Breast Reduction Facts You Should Know About

Having large breasts is not fun and the situation can lead to various problems like back/neck pain, shoulder grooving, rashes, and sweating, just to mention a few. A Breast Reduction Houston is definitely a sure way to reduce your mammary glands to manageable sizes so that you can be more comfortable with life. More than 90,000 breast reduction procedures are carried out in the U.S. every year, hence, if you are contemplating going for a reduction, you are not alone. There are many misconceptions about this procedure, hence, you need to read the following 14 facts in order to get a broader picture.

1. Breast Reduction Is Actually Possible For Any Size

There is no definite breast size for Breast Reduction Houston as it is ideal for everyone who can get its benefits. If your breasts hang low, they are interfering with your physical activities or you are experiencing frequent back pains, you may be the right candidate for reduction. Even if your boobs are medium-sized but still hurt when you run, you may need to reduce them.

2. Is Not Only For People Who Have Always Had Large Breasts

Breast Reduction Houston is not only for those with big breasts right from adolescence, other conditions can lead to big boobs, including pregnancy and some body changes. The change can happen at any time which may necessitate going for the procedure.

3. Breast Reduction Is Possible For All Ages

You will be surprised to know that Breast Reduction Houston is not only for mothers or mature women. Young girls who display symptoms that require the procedure and can tolerate it are usually subjected to it. What matters most is your comfort and if it requires shedding your boobs, so be it.

4. It’s An Outpatient Procedure

Breast Reduction Houston is a simple process that is carried out within three hours. You will go home the same day you are treated and recovery time depends on the type of process used as well as the type of the problem. You should be able to resume normal activity within one week while you can start an unconditional activity within six weeks.

5. Every Breast Reduction Also Includes A Lift

A breast lift usually accompanies reduction so that the skin will be tailored to blend with the reduced tissue. This will ensure that new breasts appear more natural and bouncier.

6. You Can’t Choose A New Cup Size

You can have a goal breast size but you can’t pick a postoperative bra size before the surgical procedure. The ideal cup for you is determined by the size of your entire body. Your focus should be on your shape and not really the size so that you will be able to achieve your desired outcome.

7. Your Ability To Breast Feed Might Be Changed

Research shows that about 80% of women can actually breastfeed after the surgery but your chance of being among the 80% may not be guaranteed. In some extreme circumstances, the nipples may be repositioned to ensure a proper outcome. As a result of this, it is advisable to check with your doctor to know if you will have to wait till you have finished having children and breastfeeding.

8. You May Or May Not Lose Sensation In Your Nipples

In few cases, there are reports of loss of sensation after the procedure. This loss of sensation usually disappears within some months and if it persists, you should see your physician. However, if a competent surgeon is going to handle your surgery, you should not worry about loss of sensation.

9. You Will Have Scarring But Not As Bad As You May Think

Scarring is inevitable but it won’t be so severe. Your breast skin will have some scars but they will fade after some time. Scarring is one of the prices you will have to pay in order to get good looking boobs and the type of procedure used will determine the nature of the scars.

10. The Surgery Does Not Guarantee Symmetry

A lot of women consider breast reduction so that their boobs can be symmetrical. While this is achievable most times, it is important for you to note that it may not be possible at all times. Breasts are naturally created as sisters and not twins but your surgeon should be able to achieve the symmetry as possible.

11. Breast Reduction Cannot Be Done With Liposuction Alone

Liposuction is just one of the tools used in carrying out breast reduction and if it is the only tool for the procedure, there would be excess skin left which will make your breasts to appear contracted. A competent surgeon will combine techniques in order to achieve the result.

12. The Procedure Might Reduce Cancer Risk

You may not believe this, but it is real. Since the tissues in your boobs are reduced during the process, your risk of contracting breast cancer is greatly reduced. In addition, during the consultation, you will be properly screened and if defective cells are identified, they would be quickly eliminated before they become cancerous.

13. Your Breasts Will Require A Different Kind Of Care For A Bit

After the surgery, the needs of your breasts will change because their shapes and firmness have changed. You should take note that they will continue to change since that is a natural process. The effect of gravity on them lasts for a lifetime, consequently, you should not discard the use of bras because your boobs are now bouncier. As they go through change, their needs will also continue to change.

14. Breast Reduction Has One Of The Highest Patient Satisfaction Rates

Breast Reduction Houston is definitely one of the procedures that have the highest rate of satisfaction among patients. The majority of patients that go through the procedure are very happy and fulfilled. It is like taking a heavy load off your head thereby giving you maximum comfort. Above all, you will get a boost in self-confidence which is enough to make you achieve anything you can think of.