Restylane is one of the top dermal fillers used for lip enhancement. It contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring compound in the skin, and usually applied for smoothening wrinkles along with plumping your cheeks together with lips – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.  


Restylane got the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 2003. However, it is not approved for those below the age of 21 and prevalent side effects consist of bruising, swelling, headache, itching at the injection area, pain, among others – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.  


The procedure is carried out in the office of your doctor with the aid of a local anesthetic. It does not last for more than one hour which means that you can return home after the procedure. In most cases, recovery time is a day or less and you can get back to work right away – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.  


The amount of vials used will go a long way in determining the cost. The average cost for one vial is $275 and the higher the number of vials, the higher the cost implications. Since Restylane treatment falls under elective cosmetic process, it is not covered by insurance – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.  


You will start seeing results as soon as the procedure is over because the injection will smoothen out the wrinkles after its administration. You will see absolute results after about one week and they will be very glaring – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.  


Restylane is used in many cosmetic procedures including lip augmentation, adding volume to the cheeks, boosting the appearance of lines all over your mouth, lessening the dark circles beneath your eyes, just to mention a few. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the connective tissue of your skin, it can be used by almost everybody for aesthetic cosmetic procedures and it is done easily with guaranteed quick recovery. However, the process may not be ideal for you if you are allergic to bacterial protein, using blood thinners, breastfeeding or pregnant, under 21 years of age and so on.  

How Does Restylane Work?

The main action of Restylane is the addition of volume beneath your skin in order to restore the collagen as well as other tissues that you have lost. This will lead to the lifting and smoothening of the skin which will give way to a plumper skin. The acid (HA) in the product cleaves to your skin and volume is added through the water present in the acid. The acid draws more water which helps in preserving the volume that has been recently added.  

Procedure For Restylane

Restylane is a cosmetic procedure that can be carried out in the office of your doctor without any incision. A local anesthetic is usually used so that you won’t feel much discomfort during the process. The technique used by your doctor and the level of work done will determine the time that will be spent but usually it should not be more than half an hour. There are many steps involved in the process beginning with the selection of the treatment area after which it will be cleaned with an antiseptic. Your doctor will then decide the amount of Restylane that is needed to treat your condition and an ultra-fine needle will be used to inject the product.  

Targeted Areas For Restylane

Different kinds of Restylane are available for fixing facial folds as well as wrinkles at various regions of your face including your cheeks and lips. They are all made from hyaluronic acid but each of them is specifically designed to meet a particular purpose. Restylane Silk is a lip filler ideal for lip augmentation. And fixing wrinkles all over your mouth. Restylane Lyft is usually used for enhancing your cheek, laugh lines and correcting deficiencies of the contour of your mid-face. Adding more volume along with fullness. Restylane Refyne is for fixing wrinkles situated around your nose to mouth’s corner. While Restylane Defyne has the same use with Refyne.  

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Just like with every cosmetic procedure, Restylane has some possible risks or side effects associated with it. Some of them include bruising, infection, headache, swelling, itching, pain, tenderness, allergic reaction and so on. Majority of these side effects are temporary and should abate within 7 to 18 days. If you are using blood thinners, it is not advisable for you to make use of Restylane. If any of the side effects is persisting, you should not hesitate to see to your doctor.  

What To Expect After Restylane

After your Restylane injection, your recovery period is largely dependent on the number of injections taken. And the professional that handled the administration. You may experience some side effects as mentioned above. But you should not worry because they will abate within a short time. It is very essential for you to limit your exposure to sunlight after your treatment. So as to avert severe swelling and bruising. It is very possible to return to work immediately but if many injections are administered on you. It is not a bad idea to rest for one day in order to fully recover. You will start seeing immediate results after injection but you should expect full results within one week. It is very essential for you to note that Restylane injections will not give you permanent results. Hence, you should be prepared to go for several rounds of the treatment. Results usually last for between 6 and 18 months. And there is no need for alteration of activities after you have become fully healed.  

Preparing for Restylane Treatment

Two weeks to your treatment, you should stay away from aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, ibuprofen, etc. This will help in reducing the degree of bruising that you will experience.  

How To Find A Provider

You should endeavor to look for a doctor in Houston Texas that is competent in using Restylane. So that it will be easier for you to have a successful procedure. It will also help in reducing complications after the process – Lip Fillers Houston TX Cost.