Lip Reduction Surgery Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

If you feel that you have abnormally large lips and they are making you look ugly, you can be subjected to lip reduction surgery Houston in order to fix this problem. When your lips are bigger than the normal size, the condition is referred to as macrocheilia and reduction surgery can be used to fix this problem. It involves the correction of the lower and upper lips so that they can be harmonious with each other and balance up with other facial features. Lip reduction surgery Houston is ideal for a macrocheilia patient because the condition can lead to faulty oral function. Which can result to the inability of the lower and upper lip to seal properly. Leading to drooling and other complications. This situation has the capability of having an adverse effect on the speech pattern. Which can lead to loss of self-confidence. Macrocheilia can be caused by many factors. They  include tissue thickening, hemangiomas, dentofacial deformities, inflammatory infiltration, glandular hypertrophy and so on. For your lip reduction surgery Houston to be successful, the plastic surgeon that will handle it must be very competent. Experience is very vital in this regard. So that you will be able to get a positive outcome after going through the procedure.  

How Is The Treatment Done?

Lip reduction surgery Houston, also known as cheiloplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery used to fix fat, big or puffy lips. This is basically achieved through the reduction of one or both lips. While an artificial angle is created with the aid of a healthy tissue derived from other region of the body. A local or general anesthesia is usually administered for lip reduction surgery Houston. And, at times, oral sedation can be applied. It is usually an outpatient procedure. Which means that you can go back home after the surgery. The process can be carried out in the clinic of your plastic surgeon or in the hospital. It usually lasts for about one hour but if other processes are combined, it may take an extra time. A small incision will be made on the lip. So that it will be easier to eliminate the excess fat as well as tissue. This will go a long way in reducing the lip size. And the process can be carried out on one or both lips. So that they can blend with your facial features in order to boost your appearance. Thereafter, the plastic surgeon will make use of stitches to cover up the incision.  

Who Is Eligible For The Treatment?

Eligible candidates for this surgery are those with big lips that affect the smooth functioning of their mouth. Others with complications arising from big lips and those with speech problems may also benefit from the surgery. In addition, if you have gone through a bad lip augmentation process. You can get it reversed through lip reduction so that your appearance can be enhanced.  

Who Is Not Eligible For The Treatment?

If you are not in good health or you are a regular smoker. You may not be an ideal candidate for lip reduction surgical process. Your medical history will be properly checked. And you will be adequately assessed in order be sure that you can safely go through the procedure. You may also be ineligible for the procedure if your expectations are not realistic. Hence, you should endeavor to be realistic with your expectations.  

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are some side effects associated with lip reduction surgery. They include swelling, bruising, pain and redness at the treatment area. Allergic reaction to anesthesia and infections are other side effects that can be experienced after going through the procedure. Others include numbness, lips assymetry, lumps in the lips, among others.  

What Are The Post-treatment Guidelines?

After your treatment, your surgeon will recommend painkillers in order to reduce your discomfort. You will also be guided on ways to manage swelling and bruising that may occur after the surgery. You may experience some difficulties in eating. It is advisable for you to stay away from acidic foods in order not to jeopardize your treatment. You may be advised to flush your mouth using an antiseptic mouthwash during the whole of the day. So that infections can be prevented.  

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

As mentioned earlier, the surgery is an outpatient one as you will have the opportunity of returning home same day. After about one week, the stitches will be removed. The result of the procedure will be generally conspicuous after about three months to the surgery.  

What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

The cost of the surgery is largely dependent on whether one or both lips will undergo the treatment. And the experience of the plastic surgeon that will handle the treatment. You should speak with your surgeon and an ideal payment plan may be worked out for you.  

Are The Results Of The Treatment Permanent?

 In most cases, the results of lip reduction surgery are permanent. If you have large lips, you will generally look better and feel alright. You will have the opportunity to get around oral complications associated with big lips. In a situation whereby the lips are too thin, a lip augmentation process will be required to fix that.  

What Are The Alternatives To The Treatment?

You can engage in lip reduction exercises if you don’t want to go through surgery. You can also endeavor to take much water. So that your system will be properly hydrated at all times. You can avoid lip gloss if you have big lips so as not make them look bigger than usual. There are some natural herbs that can help in reducing the size of your lips. But their efficiency cannot be compared to lip reduction surgery.  

Final Word

Lip reduction surgery Houston can actually help in boosting your look. However, you should endeavor to get the plastic surgeon. So that getting the result of your aspiration will not be a mirage.