Everything You Need to Know About Lip Lift Surgery

A lip lift Houston is a surgical procedure carried out by a facial plastic surgeon. For the purpose of modifying the appearance of your lips. Lip lift surgery is very distinct from lip augmentation which can be carried out using a non-surgical approach. The major aim of a lip lift procedure is to enhance the conspicuousness of the vermilion border. So that the facial region above the lips can be very alluring.  


The are two major techniques available for lip augmentation or lip lift Houston. Surgical and non-surgical. The surgical approach involves the use of incisions under the nose as well as other outer edge of the lips. While other methods create the surgical incisions from within the mouth.  

Surgical Aesthetics

The ideal aesthetics of the mouth gives prominence to an upper lip with a noticeable Cupid’s bow. As well as fullness of both the upper and lower lips. However, as we grow older, these features depreciate making the lips to contract. And be deprived of anatomic definition which negatively influences the aesthetics of your smile. According to American Society of cosmetic surgeons, about 3 million procedures in cosmetic surgery were carried out on people aged 55 years and above in 2008. Majority of them demand for facial rejuvenation without including the mouth. And the result was aesthetically deficient. When it was discovered in the 1980s that collagen filler has limited capability in lip enhancement. Plastic surgeons came up with surgical techniques for fixing aesthetic flaws and deficiencies.  

Surgical Procedures

Lip lift Houston can be classified into four surgical divisions. Direct lip lift, indirect lip lift, corner of the mouth lift and V-Y lip advancement. Each of these divisions are discussed extensively below.  

Direct Lip Lift (DLL)

Direct lip lift, also known as gull-wing lift, is a type of lip lift Houston. Usually used for boosting the notability of the vermilion color around the lips. This is achieved through the removal of skin as well as other tissues from the vermilion region through incisions. The removal of the tissues will lead to the alteration of the lip’s shape. Through the movement of the vermilion from the peaks of the Cupid’s bow to the edges of the mouth. The region known as the commissures. In addition, incisions are created just under the lower lip. In order to boost the protrusion of the lower lip’s vermilion. DLL requires about 20 minutes. And post-operative swelling will abate after about two weeks. While the tightness will die down after about four months. Some of the possible complications of DLL include hypertrophic scarring, under-correction, assymetry, just to.mention a few.  

Indirect Lip Lift (ILL)

Indirect lip lift Houston comes in three classes. The three ILL classes are subnasal, thread and double duck lip lifts.  

Subnasal Lip Lift

Also known as bull-horn lip lift. This is an indirect technique that is characterized by the elimination of tissues from beneath the nose. Thereafter, the skin is lifted and sutured so that the lip will receive a boost. And the upper vermilion will be more exposed. Based on your condition, this method has the capacity of increasing the droopiness of the commissures. Consequently, a corner lift may be necessary as an addition to the procedure. The corner lift procedure will ensure that the tissues around the region are removed. So that the mouth corners can be elevated. The contour of the Cupid’s bow can be boosted through the removal of the descending tissues.  

Thread Lip Lift

Thread lip lift involves the placement of a square stitch from one nose to another. Down to the summit of the Cupid’s bow. However, this method may no longer be popular. Because the results tends to be short-lived.  

Double Duck Lip Lift

The double duck lip lift is an indirect technique. That does not involve the making of incision on the columella of your nose.  

Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML)

CML is another type of lip lift for enhancing the upper commissure. It is characterized by the removal of the white skin around the upper commissure. So that the region can be enhanced. The popularity of this technique has earned it a name called smile lift.  

V-Y Lip Augmentation (VPLA)

VPLA involves the creation of an incision in the mouth in order to loosen the vermilion and mucosa. Which are later advanced and secured. It is a much -loved procedure. Because it does not leave any exposed area in the mouth.  However, it can be painful. And has a long recovery period.  


According to the disclosure of many surgeons. A lot of patients that go through lip lift using these techniques are greatly satisfied with their results. Majority of these techniques lead to the addition of the amount of vermilion that is conspicuous. Resulting in more sumptuous lips.  


There are some complications associated with lip lift just like with every other surgical procedure. Some of these complications include stiffness, numbness, pain, lip distortion and parasthesia. Others are smile deformation, visible scaring, speech impediment, just to mention a few. In order to ensure that these complications are reduced to the barest minimum. It is an ideal thing for you to use an experienced, competent surgeon for your lift.  


Lip lift Houston is usually an outpatient procedure which means that you can go back home on the surgery day. It is a type of facial plastic surgery for boosting the way you look. And a local anesthesia may be administered. However, when choosing a plastic surgeon dr. It is very essential for you to make the right choice so that you don’t get disappointed. In addition, you wouldn’t want to be exposed to complications. And that is why you need to be very careful with your choice. Your research should be comprehensive enough as this will help you to achieve the new look you have always desired. The success of your lift is in your hands and you should work hard not to jeopardize it.