What You Must Know About Double Chin Treatment Houston

If you look at the mirrow and discover that you have a double chin, it can adversely affect your look and self esteem. A double chin is characterized by additional layer of fat under the chin and it is usually brought about by many circumstances including diet, genetics and age. Double chin treatment Houston can be used to fix this condition but it is better to understand its causes so that you will be well-positioned to combat it.


As you grow older, your skin begins to lose elasticity. This can cause additional saggy skin to come up which may be partly responsible for your double chin.

Diet and Weight

If you gain too much weight, it may contribute to your double chin. The case can be complicated with the consumption of foods with excessive calories as well as processed foods.


If you have a family history of double chins, there is every possibility that you will have it. Genes play a major role in this regard and it is very important to investigate the medical history of your family in order to be well-prepared.


Poor posture has the capability of weakening the chin and neck muscles. This can go a long way in contributing to double chin with time when the encircling skin starts losing elasticity due to lack of use of the muscles.

Exercises That Can Help Reduce Your Double Chin

There are many exercises that can be engaged in so that your double chin can be reduced. There is insufficient scientific backing for this but the exercises have the capability of targeting your face and neck muscles. When you work these muscles, there is every possibility of burning excess fat in these regions and this will help in reducing your double chin. Here are some of these exercises.

Around The World (Warm Up)

It is very essential to warm your muscles as this is the major starting point of an exercise routine. If you want to warm up your neck, you should rotate your head gently in a circular, clockwise direction. After you have done this for a while, you can change the direction. You should then extend your jaw to the left, front, right and back, maintaining each position for about two seconds. This will warm up the muscles of your jaw and get you ready for proper exercising.

Whistle At The Ceiling

You can use this exercise to strengthen your muscles so that your neck will be given a break from the time you have spent on the desk. You should sit with your back straightened and shoulders relaxed. Slant your head backwards and look at your ceiling. You should then close your lips as if you want to whistle. This will relax your lips and you can maintain this position for about 20 seconds based on your comfort level. You should repeat this exercise for about ten times.

Kiss The Sky

Kiss the sky is an exercise that aims at getting your lips farther from your face as much as you can. It is similar to whistle at the ceiling exercise but with some differences. You should stand straight with your shoulders and arms loose and relaxed. You should then compress your lips and do as if you want to kiss the sky. Extend your lips as much as possible and if this is done properly, the muscles of your chin and neck will feel more comfortable. You should maintain this position for about 20 seconds and repeat the exercise for about 15 times.

Gum Chewing

Gum chewing is very popular among youths but it can help in reducing double chin. According to research findings, chewing gum after meal will make you feel better satisfied thereby reducing the likelihood of taking extra snacks. This will ensure that you don’t add up unnecessary weight that will affect your chin. In addition, gum chewing works up the muscles of the jaw and this can contribute to fat loss of your chin.


Apart from exercises, double chin treatment Houston has the capacity of reducing excess fat in your chin. A lot of treatment options are available and some of them are treated below.

Face Masks

The use of face masks is an option for double chin treatment Houston. They will help in tightening your skin so that the appearance of double chin can be reduced. Glycerine, coffee, green tea, lemon and honey masks are some of the popular ones.


Surgery is also an option for double chin treatment Houston. There are various surgical methods available and some of them are discussed below.


Mesotherapy is a double chin treatment Houston involving the injection of compounds to your chin in order to dissolve the fat. The procedure may last for about six months and you may need to go through more than one treatment session. If the procedure is not properly carried out, it may lead to nerve damage.


Liposculpting involves the removal of excess fat from your chin through suction as well as laser. It is a popular procedure that can assist you in eliminating your double chin.


The kybella injection is approved by the FDA and it is effective for treating double chin. One session of the treatment may involve several injections which will be administered to the area with the excess fat. You may need to go for multiple treatments before achieving the result.

 Side Effects

Surgical approach to fixing double chin comes certain side effects. They include bruising, swelling, pain, just to mention a few. As a result of this, it is very essential for you to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon in order to minimize your exposure to these side effects.


A balanced diet is very vital for your body and a natural diet will help in reducing the look of your double chin, particularly if it is brought about by overweight. You should reduce your daily calorie consumption and take enough water so that your double chin treatment Houston will be successful.