What You May Not Know About Houston laser liposuction

Houston laser liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, is a cosmetic procedure for busting persistent, stubborn fat deposits. Lasers help in softening the fat in preparation for easy removal and the procedure is ideal for those that desire skin tightening. The process starts with the administration of the tumescent solution which numbs the fat, prepares it for removal and assist in closing the blood vessels. The laser is then made to penetrate the fatty layers in order to soften and dissolve the fat. Thereafter, the loosened fat cells will be removed through suction.


Does Laser Liposuction Work?

Houston laser liposuction is very efficacious for patients battling with assiduous fats. It may be an ideal option for you if you have tried to shed fat through exercising and dieting without so much result. In some cases, exercising as well as dieting alone are not enough to eliminate fat and your doctor will work out a treatment plan that is ideal for you. This is very important because your surgeon must ascertain your eligibility for the treatment before he can recommended it for you. During your consultation, your surgeon will properly evaluate you and you should not hesitate to ask questions bothering you. It is also very important to discuss your expectations and possible side effects so that the procedure will properly work for you.


How Long Does The Result Last?

Houston laser liposuction result could be permanent depending on how well you maintain it. Proper dieting and exercising are very vital in maintaining good results. Your physician will give you more information on living a healthy lifestyle that will help you to sustain your result.


Is Laser Liposuction Safe?

Houston laser liposuction is a very safe cosmetic procedure and improvement in technology has made it to be safer. A lot of risks associated with it can be eliminated while those that cannot be eliminated are easily managed. Your doctor will discuss the associated risks with you and ways of managing or avoiding them.


Will I Need to Wear a Compression Garment After Treatment?

You will need to put on a compression garment after your Houston laser liposuction. The work of the garment is to assist in tightening and contracting the skin after the procedure. If you have bandages, they should be replaced after 24 hours. It is very essential for you to wear the garment in accordance with the instruction of your doctor. Usually, you will get information about the garment before you proceed to treatment.


Can It Be Performed On Large Areas Of The Body?

Laser usually helps for treating small areas of the body like arms, neck and so on. It does not have so much effect on large areas and can expose the tissues to danger associated with heating if used on large areas.


Will It Help With Weight Reduction?

Certainly not. There is no form of liposuction that has the capability of weight reduction and laser liposuction will not be an exception. Its major goal is to reduce excessive fatty cells so that you will be able to exercise with ease in order to lose weight significantly. It will make you to be lighter and you will be more inspired to exercise and observe your diet program.


What Are the Risks Involved?

There are risks of associated with this procedure because the laser usually heats the fat. A burn is imminent if your surgeon expose the laser beam too close to your skin. And this can be manifested as a pigmentation area. If the burn is very strong, it can lead to skin loss that may require some time to heal up. Other risks associated with laser liposuction include red scarring, skin thickening, just to mention a few.


How Does Laser Liposuction Differ from Laser Used for Facial Rejuvenation?

We have different types of lasers with their various unique uses. Some lasers are used for melting tissues just like in laser liposuction while some are used to vaporize tissues just like in laser erbium resurfacing for fixing wrinkles as well as acne scarring.


What Is the Most Important Factor in Getting the Best Result?

There are two major factors that determine the success of the procedure – the method used and skill of the surgeon. If the surgeon does not use the right method for the operation, it may not give you the result you desire. In addition, the surgeon that will handle the treatment must have experience and be competent. The procedure is a manual one which requires the full concentration of the surgeon. The surgeon must monitor every moment of the process in order to ascertain the level of fat removed. Too much fat elimination is not ideal as it can lead to long-term depression. On the other hand, if your surgeon doesn’t eliminate enough fat, it will lead to leftover of lumps.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost varies based on your specific need, location, experience of your surgeon and so on. You should speak with your doctor and he/she should be able to come up with a cost for you as well as a convenient payment plan. You can also request for a quote online through the website of your medical practitioner. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, you may not get insurance cover but there are flexible payment plans available.


Will I Get My Desired Result?

A lot of liposuction patients get satisfiion after the procedure. However, it is very important for you to note that results may not be the same with all patients. You should be rational about your expectations because no two results can be totally the same. You should understand that your uniqueness will affect your result



Houston laser liposuction offers more solution where traditional liposuction stops. It is a safe process that people have used for years but in order to get additional guarantee in the aspect of safety, you should endeavor to engage an experienced, qualified and board-certified surgeon. This will ensure that the procedure is carried out in an ideal environment and properly supervised so that your desired result will be actualized.