What You May Not Know About Dermal Fillers Houston

Approved in 1981, bovine collagen reigned as the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified compound to be used in Dermal fillers Houston for several years. However, due to its shortcomings like allergy to bovine collagen, results lasting for only 3 months or less, unsatisfactory results when used in filling mild rhytides, scars or folds, etc., there was need for long-lasting, safe, inexpensive fillers. This led to the development of new fillers which have contributed in no small way to facial rejuvenation.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an important glycosaminoglycan naturally present in the skin. And helps in hydrating, softening and volumizing the skin. It is also useful in cell growth along with other functions in the body. Through aging, your body’s intercellular structure as well as the production of viscoelastic network for elastin fibers and collagen to bind together fails. And this usually makes the aging signs to be more prominent. When injected into the body, hyaluronic acid has the ability to stabilize the intercellular structure thereby eliminating signs of aging.

Dermal fillers Houston containing hyaluronic acid have been found to be very effective with minimal side effect and cost effective. Hence, Restylane was FDA-approved in 2003. And it contains crosslinked, non-animal source hyaluronic acid. Which does not require any skin testing before being used, unlike bovine collagen facial fillers. However, the discomfort associated with the use HA fillers was much which necessitated the addition of lidocaine to HA fillers. In 2010, the FDA approved HA fillers containing lidocaine thereby opening a new chapter in filler treatments.

Another advantage of Dermal fillers Houston containing hyaluronic acid is that the process can be reversed if the result is not satisfactory. A commercially available compound known as hyaluronidase can be used for this purpose. Hyaluronidase works by breaking down the undesired hyaluronic acid in order to take you back to the stage prior to the administration of the HA injectable fillers.



Restylane is one of the Dermal fillers Houston and was FDA-approved in 2003 to treat nasolabial folds, tear troughs, marionette lines cheek augmentation, lip enhancement and so on. It originates from the fermentation of equine streptococci in bacterial cultures and contains about 100,000 particles per mL. The particles are cross-linked with an ether bond. This makes them to be one of the stiffest HA fillers around. In 2010, Restylane-L was introduced. And it contains lidocaine which helps in alleviating any discomfort that can be associated with the administration of facial fillers.


Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine

Restylane Lyft originates from larger gel particles in comparison to Restylane. And very effective for fixing deeper folds, like nasolabial folds. And very effective for cheek enhancement. The result can last for between 6 to 12 months. And the lidocaine helps in reducing the pain that the injection can cause.


Restylane Silk

Approved in 2014 by the FDA, Restylane Silk has a pH of 7.0. And the same concentration of hyaluronic acid like other Restylane products. It has lower molecules. And ideal for lip augmentation as well as dermal implantation to correct perioral rhytids. Especially for patients who are 21 years old or more.



Products containing lidocaine cause reduction of pain when injected. But if you react to lidocaine, it is advisable to stay away from it. Common side effects include erythema along with edema and they usually last for some days. When surgeons lightly injects, patients will experience a bluish Tyndall effect. But this your surgeon can correct it very easily. At times, you may feel some palpable nodules under your skin. This usually causes by the technique your surgeon uses for the injection. Linear threading is an ideal technique that will ensure that the risks of the nodules are lessen. Instead of the multiple puncture technique. It is advisable for you to stay away from blood thinners 10 days before your treatment.



Approved by the FDA in 2006, Juvederm is one of the foremost non-animal HA Dermal fillers Houston. Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus have 24mg/mL of HA. But the proportion of cross-linking in Juvederm Ultra Plus is higher than that of Juvederm Ultra. They can be used to treat cases that can be treated with Restylane. And do not need refrigeration or skin test before using it. Lidocaine was added to the formula in 2010. In order to alleviate pains that comes with the use of the fillers.



The side effects connected to the use of Juvederm are similar to those of Restylane. Swelling as well as bruising are common side effects. But your plastic surgeon will give you all the necessary guidelines in order to guarantee a safe procedure.



Hylaform is a non-pyrogenic, sterile gel which consists of cross-linked HA molecules obtained from a bird source. It has 5.5mg/mL of hylan B particles. While Hylaform Plus has more particles but same concentration with Hylaform. You can use Hylaform products to fix issues fixable with Juvederm.



Hylaform has the same precautions with Restylane. However, since it originates from a bird source. It may not be ideal for people allergic to bird protein. You can preserve Hylaform under room temperature. And you don’t need to go through a rigorous skin test before using it.



Captique is similar to Hylaform but it originates from a bacterial source as a consequence of fermentation. It is a little bit stiffer than Hylaform and you can store it under room temperature. You don’t need to go for any skin test before you can use Captique.



Puragen is one of the popular Dermal fillers Houston and has 20mg/ml of HA derived from bacteria. It has a particle size of about 200mm and this is a little bit lesser than Restylane. It makes use of double cross-linking with the use of both ester and ether bonds. The ester bond linkages specifically helps in making the filler to be more stable and supporting the ether bonds. Puragen has the same use as Restylane and their precautions are virtually the same.