Chin Reduction Surgery Near Me

You may discover that your chin is extra large when compared to other attributes of your face. Through chin reduction surgery near me, the bone as well as other tissues of your chin bone can be adjusted so that a more charming contour can be actualized. There is no need for a chin implant and the outcome should look natural. In other cases, if the chin is too big and renders other facial features, like nose, small in relation to the face, a chin surgery may be necessary to reduce it so that a balanced look is achieved. In order to refine the definition of your facial contour and definition, chin reduction is definitely an ideal option.

Are You Fit For Chin Reduction Surgery?

Chin reduction surgery near me is not a difficult procedure once it is handled by a competent surgeon. You can be an ideal candidate for the procedure if your overall physical as well as mental health are in good condition. You must also be older than 20 years before you can go for the surgery. If it is discovered after your test that you are not fit for chin reduction, your dentist will give several options from which you can choose from.

How It Is Carried Out

Usually, you will be prepared for chin reduction surgery near me through the provision of specific instructions from your dentist. You will be asked to avoid some drugs few weeks to your surgery. Some of these drugs include aspirin, antiinflammatory medications, among others. The reason for this is not far-fetched – these drugs can aggravate the danger of bleeding along with bruising because they are blood thinners thereby preventing normal clotting of the blood.
The procedure begins with the creation of an incision in your mouth, very close to your lip below. Alternatively, the incision can be created beneath your chin so that a point of access will be created for the surgery. Thereafter, the chin bone at the tip will be disengaged while the excess bone will be evacuated so that an ideal profile will be achieved for your face. A repositioning of the tip with other divisions of the chin will then take place before they are fastened with plates and wires. Your surgeon will then close up the incision with sutures to mark the end of the surgical procedure.

What Are The Risks Involved in Chin Reduction Surgery

Just like every other surgery, there are dangers that are connected to chin reduction surgery near me. There is the possibility of experiencing swelling for many weeks or months as your chin bone receives healing. In addition, you may have some infections. But this can be very rare. Other risks include nerve damage. Which has the capacity of leading to numbness at the lower part of your chin and lip. You may also develop adverse reactions to anesthetics. And this can upset your respiratory system.
It is very important to consider these side effects before going for a chin reduction surgery near me, but your exposure to these risks will be greatly reduced if you engage a board-certified plastic surgeon to carry out the procedure. Your appearance will be enhanced while your morale with be boosted if a competent professional handles your operation. Your chin and nose will get a perfect balance through the creation of an ideal proportion between them. In accordance with your condition, the procedure may be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures so that the appearance your have always desired will be achieved.

Estimated Recovery Period

You should be able to return to work after one week to your surgery. However, it is very important for you to stay away from arduous activities as well as exercises for some weeks so that your wound will heal up completely. Bruising is normal but will abate after about one week and within 14 days, it may disappear.
Mild swelling will stick around for some weeks but this can be concealed with makeup so that you can enjoy your social as well as professional life. You will start seeing results after about two weeks when the swelling and bruising starts to abate. After some months, you will see the full results of your surgery and by this time, the swelling would have completely disappeared.

Primary Recovery Experience

After some days subsequent to your surgery, you may discover that you are having bloody drainage coming from your mouth. This is a normal development. Especially if the incision is created in the mouth. You should expect mild swelling of your face and neck at the initial stage of your recovery. For some days immediately succeeding your operation, you should sleep with your head elevated. So that swelling can be held back. You can use many pillows to achieve this or sleep in a recliner chair.
You can use ice therapy for the first two days succeeding your surgical procedure in order to assist in managing swelling. Also you can go for short walks for the first week or take part in light activities so that blood flow can be boosted. You should stay away from lifting heavy objects until after about one month.

Eating During Recovery

Light meals are encouraged after your surgery so that chewing will be minimized. You are likely to experience numbness of your lower lip for some days. Hence, you should not take extremely hot foods. You may initially experience some problems with eating. Because the activities of the muscles of your lips have been temporarily changed. However, within some days, things will get back to normal. In addition, you should brush the incision area with so much caution. And excessive facial expressions should be avoided for at least two weeks.


A favorable chin reduction surgery near me can boost your appearance and morale. However, you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon in order to get the . You should carry out your homework properly. Because you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your treatment in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon.