Chin Reduction Houston Surgery

If your chins are excessively large in relation to other facial features, your appearance will definitely be defective. Consequently, the bone as well as other fundamental tissues of your chin can be reshaped through chin reduction Houston surgery so that a more charming contour can be created for your face. In a situation whereby the extrusive chin makes other features of the face, especially the nose, to look too small for your face, a balanced look can be achieved through chin reduction.

Chin reduction Houston surgery is a type of plastic surgery that provides solution for redefining the definition and contour of your face. It is not a complex procedure. And can be carried out by one of the most competent plastic surgeons in Houston so that your appearance can be transformed. While a greater harmonious profile will be created in order to make you feel better with your appearance.

Chin Reduction Candidates

Chin reduction Houston surgery may not be an ideal procedure for everybody. In order to be eligible for it, the way your chin and profile appear should not be pleasing to you. In addition, you must be in good mental along with physical health. And you must be realistic with your expectations regarding the results of the surgery. You must also be 20 years old or more. Because at this stage, your chin would have fully developed. If you are not fit for this process, your surgeon will recommend other options. That will assist you in redefining the contour of your profile.

Furthermore, if you are a heavy smoker or you are suffering from chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes. You may not be fit to go through chin reduction Houston surgery. You may also not be fit if you have gone through radiation therapy of the head or neck region prior to the period of considering the surgery. It is very important to consult with your surgeon. So that you will be properly examined to ascertain your eligibility for the process.

How Painful Is The Process?

You won’t feel much pain during your chin reduction Houston surgery. Your surgeon will make use of local anesthesia. So that the process will go through with less discomfort on your part. You can discuss anesthesia options with your dentist. So that you can get a clearer picture of its benefits.

Before The Surgery

When preparing for the surgery, you will be advised to stay away from aspirin and other medications containing aspirin. You will also need to avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications one week before undergoing the surgery. The drugs are blood thinners and can hinder blood clotting. Which will aggravate the risk of bruising as well as bleeding.


The Chin Reduction Procedure

Just like chin augmentation surgery, chin reduction procedure starts with  the making of a small incision in your mouth, very close to your lower lip or beneath your chin. With the aid of specialized instruments, your surgeon will dismount the bone at the apex of your chin before reshaping and removing the surplus bone. So that the contour can be redefined. The repositioning of the tip will then be carried out with other section of the chin. And they are attached together with plates and wires. Thereafter, the incisions are covered with sutures to mark the end of the show.

Risks of Chin Reduction Surgery

There are risks associated with every surgery and chin reduction will not be an exception. You may go through swelling for some weeks or months while the chin bone is healing up. Infection is also a possible risk. But it is less common among patients. It is also possible to experience little nerve damage. Which will make you feel numbness at the lower part of your chin and lip. Another risk is associated with the use of anesthesia. And this can have an adverse effect on your respiratory system. However, if a qualified surgeon performs your surgery. Your exposure to these risks will be greatly reduced.

Benefits Of Chin Reduction Surgery

A chin reduction surgery carried out by a skillful professional has many benefits including the improvement of the look of your chin. So that your self esteem will be enhanced. In addition, it can produce a perfect balance between your chin and nose. As more balanced proportion of the two is achieved. If combined with other procedures like rhinoplasty and facelift. it can give you that elegant appearance you have always desired.

Recovering After Chin Reduction Surgery

After the surgery, you should be able to return to work after about seven days. You may experience slight discomfort. Which can be easily managed with medications that your surgeon will prescribe for you. You may need to face up when sleeping in order to help the incisions heal up fast. But this is only required for about two weeks. The resumption of strenuous activities can only be guaranteed after about three weeks. But your surgeon’s advise is very vital in this regard.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Chin Reduction?

Since the procedure is a cosmetic one, you should not expect any insurance coverage. However, in order to make it convenient for you to go through the process. Some surgeons have affordable payment plans that can be exploited. You can discuss your individual needs and expectations with your doctor. So that a comfortable financing plan will be worked out for you.

Consult a Facial cosmetic surgeon in Your Area

In order to get an enhanced appearance to boost your self esteem. You should speak with a facial plastic surgeon close to you. This will give you the opportunity to get more clarifications about the procedure. You can ask all the necessary questions bothering you. So that a clearer picture of the process will be obtained. The success or failure of your chin reduction Houston surgery lies in the hands of the surgeon performing it. As a result of this, you should do everything possible to choose a competent surgeon so as to get natural looking results.