How To Choose The Right Dermal Fillers?

All dermal fillers Texas are not the same. They come in different forms serving different purposes. In actual fact, some dermal fillers can only be applied to certain parts of the body and if they are not used as intended, it can lead to complications. In order to make the right decision when choosing a filler, this guide is for you.

To Eliminate Fine Lines, Choose Thin Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers Texas are good for eliminating fine lines. A thin hyaluronic acid filler like Belotero is very popular for this purpose and the result is achieved if it is superficially injected into the line. It has a low viscosity which makes it easier to reach dispersed areas. However, it is important to note that since Belotero is not deeply injected, you may need to touch up after about three months. Restylane Silk is also good for achieving the same result.

To Make Your Lips Bigger, Hyaluronic Acid Filler Is Your Best Bet

In order to boost the shape or size of your lips, hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers Texas should be considered. Popular HA products that can be used for this purpose include Volbella, Juvederm Ultra, Belotero and Restylane Silk. Juvederm is specifically good for augmenting and adding volume to the lips because it provides the most natural and softest feeling on your lips. If your desire is to make your lip’s edges crispy, you can consider Restylane Silk, Volbella or Juvederm. They are also good for filling little cracks around your lips’ edges. If you have corners in your lips that are severely droopy, Restylane can come to the rescue because it has a lightly stiffer nature.

To Restore Lost Volume, A Thicker Filler Will Do The Magic

If you wish to bring back lost volume, thicker dermal fillers Texas may be the right solution. The location of the problem on your face as well as the required amount of volume will determine the product to go for. If your face is old and has lost a lot of volume, products like Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse or Restylane Lyft will do the magic. At times, fillers can be combined in order to get the result. For example, Radiesse can be used on your lower face because of the requirement of more volume while Juvederm Ultra Plus can be used on your upper face.

Furthermore, one of the thick dermal fillers Texas is Sculptra Aesthetic which is very good for hollowed face. It is much loved by dermatologists because it has the capability of boosting collagen growth and thickening the epidermis. This will ensure that the most natural looking results as well as long-lasting ones are achieved. However, you may require more than one session of treatment in order to get the result and the stimulation of collagen production may take some weeks or months.

To Fix Sagging Skin Without Going For Surgery, Consider Lifting Fillers

If your skin is droopy and you don’t want to go for a surgery, you can go for fillers that are specifically designed for lifting tissues. Products like Juvederm Ultra or Radiesse can be used to fix sagging skin. They are specifically designed for this function and they work by restoring volume. In some cases, these volumizing products can be combined with skin tightening procedures so that the result will be achieved.

For Cheek Definition, Choose A Collagen Stimulator or Hyaluronic Acid

Collagen stimulator or hyaluronic acid fillers are the right choices for boosting the definition of your cheek. The required volume and your body type will determine the right product for you. Juvederm Ultra Plus, Voluma, Restylane and Restylane Lyft are very good for achieving this purpose.

To Get Rid Of Hollows Beneath Your Eyes, Go For A Filler That Won’t Lead To Blue Undercast

Some fillers will cause a bluish tint on your skin and this condition is referred to as Tindal effect. As a result of this, it is very essential to make use of fillers with low viscosity like Restylane Silk or Belotero because they probably won’t show through your skin and can be reversed if you don’t like the result.

How Long Do You Want Results to Last?

In choosing the right filler for your condition, you need to consider the longevity of the result you want. There are some fillers that will only last for some months while some may last for some years. The density of the filler and your body’s rate of metabolism will go a long way in determining the longevity of the result.

Typically, lip fillers can only last for some time, usually six months. While a filler such as Volbella has the capacity of lasting for about a year. If you are approaching fillers for the first time, you can go for short-term fillers. So that you will see the results before going for long-term fillers.

Moreover, you can start seeing results immediately after your treatment and it may be gradual. For instance, Voluma and Sculptra are designed to boost the volume of your cheek. You will start seeing instant results with Voluma. But this may take time with Sculptra. This is because Sculptra works by stimulating the collagen production of your body in order to boost volume.

Do You Really Want a Filler?

It is very important for you to note that all fillers are injections. While all injections are not fillers. In certain cases like fixing frown lines and crow’s feet, dermal fillers may not be the ideal solution. In a situation like this, a Botox (an injectable) may be the perfect solution.

Bottom Line

Since all dermal fillers Texas don’t produce the same result, it is very essential for you to make the right choice. You should schedule a consultation with a competent dermatologist. So that you will be assisted in making the right choice that will produce the result. Dealing with signs of aging is a serious business. And no stone should be left unturned in order to get the treatment.