How To Find a Skin Specialist In Houston

Getting a skin specialist in Houston should not give you a headache. If you can carry out a little research and ask the perfect questions, it is possible to find one without wasting too much time.

 Locating a Skin Specialist

You can ask your general practitioner to refer you to a capable skin specialist in Houston. You can be precise about what you want – whether you want a general or cosmetic dermatologist. General dermatologists are usually involved in treating skin issues like acne, rashes, moles, rosacea, just to mention but few. On the other hand, cosmetic dermatologists treat advanced skin problems like scars, wrinkles, stubborn skin discoloration, among others. They also offer laser treatments, peels, injections and so on. 

Furthermore, you can visit the website of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to locate a skin specialist in Houston. The website contains list of board-certified dermatologists who are well-trained and capable of handling your condition. You will find a doctor locator tool on the website which can be easily used to discover a good dermatologist in Houston.

You can speak with your friends as well as family members and they may be able to recommend an experienced skin specialist in Houston. In order to confirm the competence of the doctor, you can ask your friends the following questions:


  1. What do you like about your skin specialist?
  2. Did the doctor provide many treatment options during your consultation?
  3. Was he/she supportive before and after your treatment?
  4. Was the staff in the doctor’s clinic friendly and helpful?
  5. How long have you been seeing the doctor?


You can think of other questions that can be asked which will help you to make the decision. You can also look at the skin of your friends and this can be an indication that they are being treated by a proficient skin specialist in Houston.

It is very important for you to be cautious of dermatologists that spend so much money on advertisements. If they have been retaining their patients, aggressive advertising may not be necessary. A good practice should be able to get referrals through patients as well as other medical practitioners. If you see too much advertising around a particular skin specialist, you should be extra cautious.

 Confirming the Credentials of a Skin Specialist

In today’s world, it is expected that your would-be skin specialist will have a website. You should visit the website and check the profile of the doctor. You should also confirm the board certification of AAD. Also, you can also confirm their area of specialization – whether general or cosmetic dermatology.

You can consider booking your appointment for consultation on a Monday or Tuesday. This is because these are the busiest days in the office of the doctor and it will give you the opportunity to mingle with other patients in order to get more information about the doctor. It is very essential for you to note that majority of doctors will require you to pay for consultation but this fee is usually factored into the major cost of your treatment.

Confirming the Attitude and Behavior of The Skin Specialist

 On the day of your first consultation, you should allow the skin specialist to do most of the talking. You should let him/her know your expectations as regards to the particular parts of your body requiring treatment. You should then allow the doctor to talk. And observe how he/she attends to your problems. You should analyze the treatment options that they proffer properly. And this can be an indication that you are in good hands. 

It is very essential for you to take note of the aggressiveness of a dermatologist. For example, if your doctor recommends a strong treatment like chemical peel for a mole. You may need to demand for an explanation in order to know the reasons for such a recommendation. 

The ability of the doctor to provide the right answers to all your questions is an indication that he/she cares a lot about his/her patients. Good communication between you and your doctor is a vital key to a successful skin treatment.

You should also try to know the frequency at which the doctor performs your preferred procedure. If he/she handles a minimum of 3 similar cases everyday. It is a clear indication that a higher rate of effectiveness he may achieve with you. If a doctor is more familiar with your case. It will be a lot easier to give you the treatment.

Experience is also very vital when talking about skin treatment. It is not a bad idea to know the number of years that a doctor has been practicing. Being in the business for about 5 years or more is an indication that the doctor has been keeping patients through the provision of treatments of high quality.

Furthermore, you should be careful with photographs shown to you as past procedures carried out by a skin specialist. You need to sure that the before and after photos are real. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is easy to put pictures together and use them for marketing.

Consequently, you should not base your judgment on these pictures, even though they are necessary. Because you cannot use them for proper assessment of the skills of the doctor. You can demand to know if you will get the same result with what you see in pictures.

It is advisable for you to avoid comitting during the first consultation. You can accept supplementary materials given to you. And show your appreciation. When you get home, you should think about your experience. This will go a long way in helping you to make the decision.

On A Final Note

In your quest to get the skin specialist in Houston, you should make sure that you carry out enough research. This will go a long way in helping you to make the decision towards achieving a healthy skin. You should not settle for less. So that your final result will be satisfactory.