Facts You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Houston

Wisdom teeth extraction in Houston TX is carried out every year by oral surgeons in order to boost the oral health of patients. Wisdom teeth are called third molars and they usually show up when people are between 17 and 25 years of age. They are the set of teeth to erupt last and may not seem to cause any problem for some people. On the other hand, a lot of people bear impacted wisdom teeth which do not have adequate space to erupt in their mouth. There are many facts you need to know about wisdom teeth removals and they are about to be revealed if you care to read on.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Problems

Wisdom teeth extraction in Houston is very essential in order to forestall any problem that wisdom teeth can cause. They may have difficulties in breaking through your gum if your jaw is not big enough to contain them and this can lead to impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth have the capability of causing infections and injury to your teeth. They can also be partially erupted which can also create an avenue for the buildup of microorganisms that cause infections.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Avert Problems

You need to go for wisdom teeth extraction in Houston so as to avert teeth crowding at the back of your mouth. It will also prevent them from being impacted while gum disease that can be brought about by tooth decay will be kept at bay.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Surgery

Your oral surgeon or dentist can carry out wisdom teeth extraction in Houston right in his or her office. If your condition is special, especially if you are considered to be at a high risk of going for the oral surgery, you may have the procedure carried out in a hospital. You will be administered with a local anesthesia. So that the treatment area will be numbed and you won’t feel any pain. A general anesthesia may be used if many teeth will be extracted and this means that you will sleep off when the procedure is going on.

The gum tissue covering your tooth will be opened by your dentist before the bone that covers it will be taken out. Thereafter, the tissue linking the bone to the tooth will be separated and the tooth will be removed. The treatment area may be stitched and the stitches will dissolve or be taken off after some days.

You Need Some Days to Recover After Extraction

After your wisdom teeth extraction in Houston, you will need some days to recover. Your oral surgeon will give you some painkillers so that you won’t feel so much pain. You will be given some recovery tips which include changing the gauze at fixed intervals while biting of your tongue should be avoided. In addition, you should uphold your head with pillows while ensuring that you don’t lie flat. An ice pack can be placed on your cheek on the first day after your oral surgery at intervals of 15 minutes. You should relax properly and avoid strenuous physical activities for a while. Soft foods as well as thin soup should be taken and use of straws should be avoided.

Most Common Post-extraction Problems

You may feel some pain at the extraction site and this may last for some days, usually three days after the surgery. Prolonged bleeding and strange sense of touch is possible but not common while fever may also be experienced. Other possible but uncommon problems include swallowing or breathing difficulty, severe jaw joint pains, among others. It is very important for you to get in touch with your dentist if any of these problems are persisting.

Treating and Preventing Wisdom Teeth Problems

The cause of the wisdom teeth problems will go a long way in determining the treatment and preventive option. Appropriate oral hygiene is very vital in preventing some of these problems. Cleaning wisdom teeth can be an arduous task. Since they are not easily accessible due to where they are situated in your mouth. And this easily exposes them to decay. Wisdom teeth that are partially erupted are more difficult to clean. Since they have not fully come out. It is advisable for you to use soft manual or electric toothbrush to clean them every morning and evening.

If you are finding it difficult to brush your wisdom teeth with a normal toothbrush, you can go all out for a small brush or the one used for children. You can use mouthwash containing fluoride, especially when there is difficulty in the cleaning process. If you are experiencing intense toothache caused by the inflammation of your tooth’s tissue, you can fix it with usual painkillers and mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine. The teeth may be cleaned by your dentist while antibiotics may be prescribed for you. Gum disease as well as other dental issues can bring about wisdom teeth problems and pain. Hence, you should not hesitate to see your dentist when these problems persist even if they are not severe.

How To Find a Suitable Dentist

Wisdom teeth are usually removed by general dentists as well as dental specialists. The need as well scope of the therapy will be estimated before extraction is carried out. It is not a bad idea to seek help from your general dentist. You can also speak with your friends, colleagues as well as family members. And they may be able to assist you in getting an ideal professional that will handle your extraction. You can also consult different dentists. Especially when the problem does not need immediate attention. This will give you the opportunity to make the choice.

 On A Final Note

Wisdom teeth extraction in Houston can be your last resort if it is established that they may cause problems for you now or in future. The procedure is safe, especially if carried out by an experienced dentist. But you need to ensure that you are using the right professional. If your wisdom teeth require removal, it is better to allow an expert handle the oral surgery.