Body Sculpting and Liposculpture Houston

Liposculpture Houston is an advanced form of liposuction procedure that aims at producing a perfect body contour that will be in accordance with your desire. Excess fat eliminated through this body contouring procedure can be re-applied to other parts of the body to serve as a natural filler if it is very necessary to do so.


Who Can Benefit From Liposculpture?

Your body shape has a lot of impact on your lifestyle and it can be maintained through proper diet, exercise, amongst others. As you grow older, you may develop unwanted fat deposits that may be very difficult to eliminate even if you are committed to a robust exercise regimen. Women are more exposed to this type of fat especially at special body areas like hips, thighs, waist and upper arms. Some fat deposits are also genetically motivated and liposculpture Houston may be the solution to the problem. It involves the physical suctioning of the specific area of the body with the additional fat tissue leading the the re-sculpting of the outline of your body. The result is usually enduring if you follow your doctor’s instructions properly.


Preparing For Liposculpture

It is very important for you to consult with your doctor in order to adequately prepare for your liposculpture Houston. Your surgeon will take your complete medical history and examine you clinically. In order to be sure that there is no underlying disease that may make you ineligible for the surgical procedure. You should also discuss your expectations with your doctor and it is very essential to be realistic about them.

Furthermore, you should ensure that your skin is very healthy. And you can achieve this through many methods including skin tonic massage alongside lymphatic drainage. If you test positive to any infection, your liposculpture Houston will be put off till later time so that the infection can be treated. Your system needs to be free of pathogenic microorganisms if you want the procedure to be safe and successful.

Smoking should be avoided several weeks before your surgery as this can hinder your healing progress. You should take proper diet so that you will be as healthy as possible and fruits, vegetables as well as fresh foods are very helpful in this regard. Water is a good friend of the body and it should be taken adequately while your alcohol intake should be reduced drastically. If aspirin has been recommended for you, it is advisable to stop this medication before your liposculpture Houston surgery in order to be on a safer side. Aspirin has the capability of increasing bleeding and since the procedure will involve the making of incisions on your body, it is a good idea to avoid it some weeks before going for the surgery.


What Does Liposculpture Involve?

Surgeons usually carries out liposculpture procedure through the creation of small incisions in the treatment area. Through which he introduces hollow tubes to get rid of the fat. You won’t get any noticeable scar as the surgeon will place the incision on the folds of your natural skin. Your surgeon suctions out the fat through the tubes and you will see the result immediately.

Surgeons can use so many techniques in order to get the most desirable outcome. For example, your surgeon can inject a saline solution that originals from adrenaline into the fat. So that its removal will be easier and there will be less bleeding. Your surgeon may administer general anesthesia on you if your procedure will be thorough. But if a specific portion of your body requires treatment, he may use a local anesthetic on you. And you can go back home on the same day.


Recovering From Liposculpture

After the surgery, you will experience bruising as well as swelling which will lessen within three weeks. You will definitely feel some pain but your doctor will give you all the necessary advice that will help you in managing the pain.You may be asked to put on a compression garment for some weeks so that the result can be obtained afterwards. After two weeks, you may need to see your consultant so that he will remove your stitches. And examine the general status of the treatment area.


The Difference Between Liposuction & Liposculpture

Liposuction can be an ideal way to get rid of excess fat. While liposculpture takes it further by ensuring that you get a more toned as well as athletic body. The difference is really in the planning and the artistic approach used to make the procedure a successful one. In order to carry out successful procedures, your plastic surgeon should be inventive, thoughtful and creative. He/she should have a clear understanding of how muscles and bones interact in order to produce an alluring body contour. He must well understand the general anatomy of the body. So that he can carry out the body sculpting in operating room with so much dexterity.

Furthermore, traditional liposuction focuses on just fat elimination. But liposculpture has much more concerns with removing fat from their layers – superficial, intermediate and deep. Surgeons can easily target these layers with the use of modern tools that ensure precision. It is all about skillful planning that cut across the different layers. So that the surgeon can work out an ideal shape. If right hands handle the procedure. It will definitely accomplish an incredible result compared to going the traditional lipo way.



Liposculpture Houston removes fat from vital fat layers of the body. And gives you an ideal body contouring that is magically artistic. The surgical procedure is a perfect choice for you. If other fat elimination methods do not give you the desired result. Once your medical examination reveals that you have fitness for the surgery. You can achieve your dream body shape with ease. To get the and guaranteed result, a certified surgeon should supervise the procedure while it is carrying out. This will give you the opportunity to get it right and undergo a safe procedure that will have less complications.