Benefits and Risks of Liposculpture Houston TX


Liposculpture Houston TX is a type of cosmetic surgery for breaking up and sucking unwanted fat from your body. It is a body contouring procedure that is targeted at special areas of the body like chin, abdomen, hips, neck, upper and lower arms, just to mention but few. It involves the use of cannula to remove excess fat through a high-pressure, powerful vacuum.

Liposculpture Houston TX is usually carried out with the aid of general anesthesia. In order to be eligible for the procedure, your body weight must be stable with stubborn fat at certain parts of your body. It is not an entirely weight loss procedure or for treating obesity and does not have the ability of eliminating stretch marks and dimples. It is a body contouring procedure that is ideal for those interested in changing the appearance of their body.

Liposculpture Houston TX gets rid of fat cells in order to change the shape of the body to a more desirable one. Be that as it may, if your lifestyle is not led in a healthy way, the surviving fat cells have the tendency of growing bigger thereby rubbishing any result that may have been previously achieved. It is very important for you to note that the amount of fat that can be eliminated safely through the process is limited. There are some risks associated with the process and they include scarring, numbness, infection and so on. The amount of fatty cells eliminated is directly connected to the level of exposure to risks in most cases.


Uses of Liposculpture


Liposculpture Houston TX is majorly helps for improving appearance. And may not be necessary if it is easy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if after maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you are still having pockets of unwanted fat in special regions of your body, the procedure may be the bet for you. It can also help to get rid of fat that will not cooperate with your dieting and exercising programs.


Benefits of Liposculpture


Liposculpture Houston TX is usually carried out for cosmetic reasons. But in some cases, it can help for treating specific health conditions. Some of these conditions are here below.


Lymphedema: This is a situation whereby there is excess fluid in the tissues leading to swelling or edema. Lymphydema usually occurs around legs and arms but can be fixed liposculpture.


Gynecomastia: This is an abnormality in men and major sign of it is the accumulation of fat under the breast.


Lipodystrophy syndrome: Major signs of this is the accumulation of fat in one region of the body and lost in another region.


Extreme weight loss after obesity: The procedure can help for obese patients who have lost considerable weight and need to shed excess skin as well as other aberrations.


Lipomas: They are non-malignant, fatty tumors which can make you uncomfortable.


Before The Operation


Generally, your surgeon will advice you go through a series of medical tests. In order to make sure that you have the fitness for the operation. In addition, if you take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drug. Your surgeon will advice you against taking them two weeks before your surgery. If you are a woman, your surgeon may advise you against taking contraceptive pills and he may recommend iron supplements for you if you are anaemic. You will get a consent form to fill which contains benefits, risks as well as probable procedural alternatives.


During The Operation


Usually, the operation lasts for between one to four hours depending on the number of fat areas. Your surgeon may administer a general anesthesia on you before the operation and this can take like one to four hours. If small areas need treatments in the liposculpture, your surgeon may use a local anesthetic. You may require to stand up when the procedure is going on in order to ensure properly elimination of the fat.


After The Operation


As soon as the operation is over. Your surgeon may leave open the incisions in order to allow excess blood and fluid to evacuate from your body. You may experience numbness in some parts of the treatment area but your surgeon will properly manage this. If your surgeon administers general anesthesia on you, it is very possible for you to spend the night in the hospital. But if he uses local anesthesia, you may leave for your home on the same day.

In addition, your surgeon will apply support bandages to the treated area. And he may give you may some antibiotics instantly after the surgery. In order to alleviate pain as well as inflammation, your doctor may prescribe painkillers for you. Bruising and numbness will likely occur at the treatment area but the situation will improve with time. Your surgeon will give you a subsequent appointment for the removal of the stitches.




The outcome of your liposculpture may not be conspicuous until after the inflammation have subsided. This can take months in certain cases but usually, swelling will subside after about four weeks. And the treated area should not look as large as it was before the operation. If you maintain your weight properly, you should be able to have permanent results. But if you gain more weight, the fat distribution of your body will be awkward. Which may lead to problems in other areas of your body.




As mentioned earlier, there are many risks in liposculpture just like every other surgery. And your exposure to risk is greatly dependent on the amount of fat that needs removal. And the skillfulness of the surgeon. Major risks include severe bruising, inflammation, numbness, contour irregularities, adverse response to anesthesia, infections, allergic reaction, skin burns and so on.




In order to get satisfactory results from your Liposculpture Houston TX. You should endeavor to consider the advantages and disadvantages. So that you will be able to get the . You should choose an experienced, qualified surgeon. And exchange views with him or her on how to undergo a successful treatment.