What You May Not Know About Chin Implant Houston

Your jawline must be well defined so that you can have a balanced, alluring face. With a customized chin implant Houston, strength can be added to a weak or feeble chin so that facial features and harmony can be enhanced. Read on to learn more about how you can boost your look in today’s fast-paced world.

Chin implant Houston is carried out through the process known as chin augmentation surgery. It involves the fixing of the implants in your cheek bone so that the size as well as shape of your chin will be enhanced. If a chin augmentation procedure is carried out by one of the plastic surgeons in Houston, it can give a permanent solution to your dissatisfactory look caused by a recessed or weak chin.


Why Consider Getting a Chin Implant?

If your weak, recessed chin is giving you sleepless nights, chin implant Houston can offer you a relief. The procedure has the ability of boosting your facial harmony so that you can be more confident with your appearance. In addition, the definition of your jawline and neck will receive a boost while your weak, recessed chin will be corrected. It will also fix double chin which usually occurs if the bone in your chin is too small.


Choosing a Facial cosmetic surgeon

When considering chin implant Houston, you will need to take the right decision that will help you in getting an ideal surgeon that will handle the facial plastic surgery. It is very important for you to choose an experienced surgeon with relevant experience in cosmetic surgery so that a hitch-free process will not be jeopardized. When discussing with possible surgeons, you should demand to know the number of procedures they have carried out with proofs to back up the claims.


How Is Chin Implant Surgery Performed?

Chin implant Houston surgery is usually an outpatient process and it is carried out with the aid of a local anesthetic accompanied by sedation or general anesthetic. Your surgeon will create a small incision beneath your skin or within your mouth. With the aid of the incision and special tools, the implant will be introduced near the chin bone. The surgery usually lasts for about an hour but if there are additional procedures to be carried out, it may last longer. The incision will then be sutured and it is possible for the chin to be bandaged.


What Does a Chin Implant Look Like?

Chin implants are usually produced from silicone molded to fit around your chin bone. They are small and vary in size as well as contour. Your plastic surgeon will assist you in selecting the right implant that will produce the required augmentation that your chin needs so that the natural-looking result can be achieved. They feel very much like your natural chin bone and if properly handled by a proficient surgeon, it is very difficult to know that someone has gone through the procedure.


Recovering After Chin Implant Surgery

After your surgery, there is little downtime which means that you can get back to your usual activities within seven days. You may feel some slight discomfort but this can be easily managed with pain medication. For about one to two weeks after your surgery, you will need to face up when sleeping so that swelling will be controlled and the healing incisions will be protected. You may be asked to take liquid-only diet for about two days after the procedure. You can resume strenuous activities after about three weeks and it is very essential to follow the instructions of your surgeon so that your recovery period will be successful.


Results of Chin Implant Surgery

Within one month after the surgery, you should be able to see some remarkable results. Full results should be expected after about three months when all swelling and bruising would have abated. The results are permanent since chin implants are strong. The aging process may change your other facial appearance. But your augmented chin contour will remain the same. However, the implant could be damaged if the face experiences a trauma. And you may need to go through another surgery in order to correct this.


Risks of Chin Implant Surgery

If the surgery is carried out by a competent, certified cosmetic surgeon, it is associated with few risks. Possible complications include internal bleeding, infection, displacement in implant positioning, poor scarring, just to mention a few.


Different Options To Enhance The Chin and Jawline

 You can opt for chin augmentation alone. While the procedure can be combined with other cosmetic procedures in order to get better results. Chin implants can boost the results of rhinoplasty while chin augmentation is better combined with nose reshaping surgery. So that more facial harmony will be realized. In addition, if there is too much fat underneath your chin, a neck liposuction may be a necessary combination. So that the appearance of the neck as well as the lower face will be enhanced.


Cost of Chin Implant Surgery

The cost of the surgery varies from place to place but you will need to speak with your surgeon. So that a final cost will be worked out for you. Some of the factors that will probably affect the final cost include your location, facilities that will be used, complexity of your case, the experience of the surgeon, just to mention a few. Since it is strictly a cosmetic procedure, you should not expect any dental insurance to cover it. However, if you can speak with your surgeon on the need for a payment plan to be prepared for you. It is very possible for you to get one.



Chin implant Houston is an ideal option for patients desiring improved appearance. But you need to be careful with your choice of surgeon. Since the result of the surgery can be permanent. It is not an ideal thing to make a wrong choice in this regard. Your homework should be comprehensive enough so as not to make a wrong choice.