What to Expect From Neck Liposuction Surgeons Houston

Neck liposuction surgeons Houston are well trained in plastic surgery and they are capable of handling neck liposuction procedures. Neck liposuction is the process of getting rid of excess fat in your neck. The process ensures that your neck looks good in proportion to other parts of the body. In order to be an ideal candidate for the procedure, you must be in a good state of health.


You need to consult with one of the neck liposuction surgeons Houston. Before going for the meeting, you should set reasonable goals which will be the basis of your discussion with your doctor. You should not hesitate to ask questions that will assist you in understanding the procedure better. Your surgeon will have a discussion with you on the type of anesthesia that will be used for you based on your comfort level. If you think you should be asleep during the surgery, you can ask for general anesthesia. A local anesthesia with sedation may also be administered on you based on your choice.

Liposuction Procedure

Neck liposuction surgeons Houston usually create small incisions below the chin so that excess fat can be taken off. Thereafter, the incision will be sutured before being bandaged. It is important for you to take proper care of the bandage and stitches in accordance with your doctor’s instructions. The procedure usually last for about one hour and you may be able to go home same day.

Preparing for Your Neck Liposuction

Before neck liposuction, neck liposuction surgeons Houston usually advise that you should stay away from certain medications so that you will not be exposed to excessive bleeding. You should let your doctor know if you are allergic to certain drugs or anaesthesia, but this is very rare. If you are a smoker, you should quit four weeks before and after your surgery. It is not a matter of cutting down, but you need to stop so as to avoid complications and enhance proper healing.

Furthermore, you should take healthy diet which will go a long way in helping you to heal up properly. You can arrange with your employer a one-week off so that you will be able to prepare adequately. You can take advice from one of the competent neck liposuction surgeons Houston on the number of off-days you can take. Your home should be properly prepared in such a way that it will assist the healing process. The recovery area you prepare at your home should have ice packs, towels, gauze and, if possible, a thermometer.

The area should be provided with loose, comfortable clothing, petroleum jelly, antibacterial ointment, reachable telephone and pillows that will give you the opportunity to put your head at a convenient position. You can arrange with someone to stay with you for about 24 hours after the surgery. On the day that your liposuction will be carried out, you should put on loose, convenient cloth, such as button-down shirt or blouse so that you will not be pulling your cloth over your head and neck.

Side Effects and Complications of Neck Liposuction

Bruising and swelling are common side effects of neck liposuction and can last for some days after the procedure. There is also the possibility of having sensations like tingling, tightness and so on. Also, you will feel numbness in the treated area after the surgery. These side effects are normal after the surgery and may linger for some weeks. This should not give you any reason to feel concerned as they will subside after few weeks.

Furthermore, infection is a possibility and this is common with all surgeries. If your procedure is carried out in a well-equipped facility and by a competent surgeon, you should be less worried about infections. If you discover that your temperature is rising or you are having any feverish condition, you should get in touch with your physician.

Recovery From a Neck Liposuction

Recovering from neck liposuction can take some time. Depending on your body type, you should be able to return to work between 10 and 14 days. If you take part in physically demanding activities, you should stay away from them for about 3 weeks. This will allow your wound to heal up faster without any hindrance. You should endeavor to rest properly during your recovery period and give your body the required time to heal up.

Does Insurance Cover Neck Liposuction?

Majority of health insurance policies do not contain cosmetic surgeries. If you are able to get a cover, you should find out the percentage that will be covered by your insurance company so that you will be better prepared. However, if you are undertaking the surgery to fix a medical condition. Your health insurer should be informed before you go for the surgery. Your surgeon will be in the position to give you a cover letter which will give details about your case. Some insurance plans covering cosmetic and plastic surgery can have an effect on future coverage and premiums. Hence, you should get details from your health insurer before going for the surgery.

With certain insurance plans, cosmetic or plastic surgery can affect future coverage. It can also affect your premiums. Make sure you ask your health insurer about that before you go for the procedure. So that you will know what to expect.

After The Procedure

It is very important to go for follow-up appointments after your surgery. You may be asked to put on a compression garment. Which will assist in reducing swelling. You may be required to wear the garment for about four weeks. So that your recovery will not have a hitch.

Final Word

Neck liposuction surgeons Houston are adequately prepared to give you the liposuction treatment that will fix the problem with your neck. You only need to search for board-certified plastic surgeons. So that an exceptional result will be achieved. You will start seeing results after some weeks. As the swelling as well as bruising subside and as the lines of the incision fade.