Ways To Relieve A Painful Wisdom Tooth – Houston Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Removing a wisdom tooth is an ideal thing to do but there are ways of relieving the pain before going for a removal. The pain can abate on its own but at times, there is need for proper home management or hospital treatment. Here are things you can do on your own to reduce the magnitude of the discomfort of Houston wisdom tooth extraction.


#1. Numbing Gel

You can use a numbing gel to curtail the feeling in your gums so that the pain will be dulled. You can get this gel over the counter (OTC). And its active ingredient is benzocaine. You can apply it throughout the day to the afflicted gums. And it is very essential to follow the instructions on the pack. So that you will be able to get the usage right (Houston wisdom tooth extraction).


#2. Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is also an OCT drug with the capability of reducing inflammation. There is a recommendation on its use written on the pack and if you follow the recommendations properly, the pain you are experiencing will lessen. This will manage the pain until the time that you will be able to see your dentist for proper treatment (Houston wisdom tooth extraction).


#3. Ice Pack

The inflammation around your wisdom tooth can be alleviated through the application of an ice pack. The ice pack is very effective in providing temporary numbness to the area before getting proper attention. You can hold the ice pack against your jaw for about 15 minutes and this can be repeated at every 15-minute interval until the pain has finally subsided (Houston wisdom tooth extraction).


#4. Salt Water Rinse

You can rinse your mouth with salt water many times in a day to alleviate the pain. Salt water contains natural antibacterial properties that will lead to the reduction of bacteria in your mouth. At times, pain around wisdom teeth is caused by the formation of bacteria around broken gums. You can put some tablespoons of salt into one glass of water that has been boiled. Allow the water to cool and use it to gargle two to three times daily.


#5. Cloves

Cloves have numbing effect and this makes them to be very effective for relieving pains associated with wisdom teeth. You can use the clove of oil or whole clove to achieve an ideal result. If you are using clove oil, you need to put some drops of the clove oil on a small piece cotton wool and use it to touch the wisdom tooth that is giving you discomfort. On the other hand, if you are going to use a whole clove, you need to put it on the wisdom tooth and have your jaw closed without chewing. You should keep it there until you are no longer feeling any pain and spit it out.


#6. Onion

Onions have been proved to have both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. They have the capability of abating swelling and attack microbes. You only need to cut and chew the onion using the wisdom tooth in question. The chewing should last for some minutes so that the compound in the onions can penetrate your gums and reduce the pain.


#7. Tea bags

Tea bags contain tannins which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. When cooled tea bags are placed inside your mouth, they have the tendency of attacking bacterial infections and reducing swelling. In order to use this method effectively, you should prepare a cup of tea and get it placed inside the fridge. When it is cold, you should take the bag and place it where the wisdom tooth is giving you serious pain. You should not add any milk, sugar or cream to the tea so that it will be very effective.



In certain conditions, the home remedy may not relieve you of the pain permanently, hence, you need to go for Houston wisdom tooth extraction. A dentist can carry out the extraction in a conducive environment and a dental surgeon can perform it. Usually, a local anesthesia will be administered to the area that needs to be treated so that you won’t feel any pain when the wisdom teeth extraction is going on. Pressure will be applied to loosen the tooth from its supporting socket before the wisdom tooth is finally eliminated.



Practicing good dental hygiene will prevent your gums from being infected which will in turn avert the cause of pain by your wisdom teeth. You should brush your teeth two times daily, floss at least once daily, use mouthwash, drink enough water so that food particles and bacteria will be eliminated from your mouth. You should also avoid sugary foods because they usually stick to the broken gums and this can lead to the growth of microorganisms.



Wisdom teeth typically push through when you are between 17 and 21, and this force of pushing through can be very painful. In most cases, there isn’t enough room for them in the mouth since all the adult teeth have come up. As a result of this, wisdom teeth tend to erupt at an angle and they may get stuck. In a situation like this, we say that the wisdom teeth are impacted which makes them vulnerable to microbes. When food debris as well as bacteria are trapped in the vulnerable gums, it can lead to infections, gum disease, cysts, abscesses, just to mention but few.



Houston wisdom tooth extraction remains the last remedy for painful wisdom teeth. The home remedies discussed in this piece are just temporary solutions. And they have the capability of reducing pain while you prepare to see your dentist. Absolute removal will give you a long term result. And ensure that the pain you are experiencing is completely abated. It is not a sin to possess wisdom teeth and there are solutions for fixing them. So that they don’t become sources of discomfort. However, you should be careful in choosing a dentist that will help you extract the wisdom teeth. So that the result you yearn for will be attained.