Understanding Houston Neck liposuction, Contouring And Lift

You can enhance your overall appearance by having a smooth neckline which will boost your self esteem. That is where Houston neck liposuction, contouring and lift come into the picture. If you need to learn more about these procedures, you should read on.


What is Neck Contouring Surgery?

Neck contouring will give your neck and chin a firmer, smoother appearance to make you look younger. It helps in restoring balance to your facial features. Through the provision of a well defined jawline that fits your face. It can be carried out as a lone procedure or combined with other cosmetic procedures. In order to achieve a more desirous result.


Neck Liposuction

Houston neck liposuction will give you permanent graceful neckline. If you have an extremely full or double chin, liposuction will remove the excess fat and make you look younger. The procedure does not take too much time and it is usually carried out with the aid of local anesthesia.

A cosmetic surgeon carrying out Houston neck liposuction will make one or two tiny incisions below the chin. Or at the back of your ears. A little liposuction cannula will then be inserted. To eliminate the excess fat and sculpt a normal contour to your neck and chin.

After your Houston neck liposuction procedure. You will be asked to put on a chin strap which will serve a supportive role for your chin. And you may need to wear it for about 3 to 4 days. You can get back to work after one week and go back to full action after 2 weeks or thereabout. You may experience some bruising and swelling after the procedure. But these should disappear within 10 to 14 days after the surgery.


Considerations & Goals With Neck Liposuction

Houston neck liposuction enhances the appearance of fullness under the chin which is usually referred to as double chin. It also refines your jawline so that your facial features will be balanced. If you have a good skin tone, you will have the tendency of seeing the result. And it can be combined with other procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, etc., in order to boost facial contours. Your result will be permanent as long as you try as much as possible to maintain a constant weight.


Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgery, which includes cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty, is usually used to fix loose, sagging skin round your neck. It involves the tightening of the sloppy neck muscles. And removing additional, sagging skin so that a better appearance is restored to your neck. The procedure is an outpatient one with the use of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. A little incision will be made at the back of each ear. And a third one may be made under your chin based on your need. Your cosmetic surgeon will then tighten your neck muscles as well as underlying tissues through these incisions. So that excess, sagging skin will be eliminated to enhance more youthful look of our neck.

After your surgery, your recovery time depends largely on your body type and the magnitude of the surgery. Usually, you should be able to return to normal everyday activities within two weeks. Usual side effects include neck tightening, swelling and bruising. But these should die down naturally and after about a week, the bruises should disappear. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to properly recover after the procedure.


Combining Neck Contouring & Facial Procedures

Since your neck, eyes and face work together to produce your facial appearance. Neck and face cosmetic procedures can be combined to achieve the result as well as your goal. This will go a long way in ensuring a shiny, refined lines as well as naturally balanced look. Here are some of the procedures that cam be combined with neck contouring surgery.



It is common for cosmetic surgeons to combine facelift with neck contouring. This well help in fixing sagging cheeks as well as lax tissues of the neck in one procedure.


Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation can also be combined with neck contouring. So that more definition can be added to the receding chin and the neckline will be more refined. The same incisions can be used for the two procedures.



Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for reshaping the nose. Your jawline must fit your nose. And that is why neck contouring can be combined with rhinoplasty to enhance your appearance.


Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Boosting the look of your neck requires a cosmetic surgeon with the understanding of the connection between the physical structure of the neck as well as face. And how they uniquely contribute to your appearance. For a successful and safe neck contouring. A surgeon should be highly experienced in diversified facial cosmetic processes with an advanced aesthetic eye. A lot of doctors practicing cosmetic surgery may not be properly trained in aesthetic face. And neck surgery during their residency training. Consequently, you should do your research properly before going for a surgeon.

It is advisable to choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Who will give you the assurance that the surgeon is particularly trained in cosmetic surgery with relevance experience. It will also give you the assurance that the procedure will be carried out in an authorized surgical center.

Furthermore, during your consultation with a surgeon you have in mind. You should ask about his/her experience as regards neck contouring, liposuction and facelift surgery. You can ask for before and after photographs of past procedures. So that you will be able to know their aesthetic style. If a qualified cosmetic surgeon carry out your neck contouring surgery. You should expect a dramatic change in the way you look.


On A Final Note

Understanding the concepts of Houston neck liposuction, contouring and lift will assist you in making the right decision that will boost your look. If your current look is not satisfactory, booking an appointment with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon is all you need. And various options that can fix your look will be presented to you.