Tummy Tuck Recovery Houston – Timeline, Tips, and More

Recovery time for tummy tuck procedure is not the same for everyone. Before going for the procedure, it is very important for you to know the implications of recovery so that you will be able to get prepared adequately. There are some factors that will affect your recovery and they include age, body weight, health status, type of tummy tuck, and so on. It is normal for you to desire to return to your usual activities immediately but you need to give your body enough time to heal up.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline

Knowing the tummy tuck recovery time will give you the opportunity to be well-prepared and possibly abstain from certain facets of your life. It will also give you the opportunity to make adequate preparations that will make the recovery period worthwhile. You will need to carry your drains for some days and your surgeon will give you antibiotics and anticoagulants while you are still carrying the drains. There is every possibility that you will be given instructions on the way to care for the drains and empty them.

In addition, you may need to wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks after your tummy tuck Houston so that fluid buildup will be avoided and your abdomen will be supported. If you had a mini-tummy tuck, you will have a shorter recovery period but you will still need to avoid stressful activities, like lifting heavy objects or exercising vigorously, for a minimum of six weeks.

What To Expect After Your Surgery

Your surgeon will give you instructions on how you can get better at home after your tummy tuck Houston. You will be instructed on how to take care of drain tubes as well as incisions. In addition, you will be advised to avoid physical activities for about six weeks. So that your incisions will be allowed to heal up properly. You will also get instructions on what you can eat that will aid your recovery. And how much rest is required for a successful, quick recovery? You will be given follow-up appointments based on your condition and in order to monitor your progress.

You should arrange with somebody that will drive you home after your tummy tuck Houston. The person may need to stay with you for some days in order to assist you with some things. You can go ahead to shower after 48 hours of removing the drainage tubes. Before you will be able to shower, you can help yourself with a sponge bath and you may be asked to use a chair to shower for a while. Your surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic for you while an anticoagulant may also not be ruled out.

In certain conditions, the application of a medication to the skin may be necessary and if your doctor discovers that you need this, it will be added to your medications. If you are given any pain medication, you should take it accordingly and you should stay away from aspirin except if your doctor recommends it. Consumption of alcoholic beverages should be avoided, especially when you are taking your pain medications, and smoking should be avoided for about six weeks after your surgery because it can slow down the healing process and lead to a lot of complications.

Guidelines For Recovering At Home

For some days after the surgery, you may be asked to sleep on a sloppy bed. By making your upper body to be slightly raised and your knees at a bent angle, you will be helping your body to lessen swelling. You may also be advised to put pillows beneath your knees in order to lessen abdominal pressure. Your surgeon will give you the necessary guidance as regards recovering at home.

Do not stay in one place for a long time after the procedure, you can go for brisk walking. This will go a long way in helping your blood flow to go on without any hindrance. So that your healing process will be enhanced. It will also help in reducing the possibility of a blood clot around your legs. In addition, your surgeon will advise you on the perfect resting position which will help in speeding up the healing process. You should try to rest very well. Because you may have the feeling of tiredness for many weeks or months.

It may take you many weeks before you can begin your full normal activities. You may not have the ability to drive for some weeks. And your exposure to strenuous activities as well as exercises should be at least for about six weeks after your tummy tuck. You should seek your doctor’s advice as regards the type of activities you can perform. And the number of days you can take off work.

Possible Physical Side Effects

You can experience severe pain after the first few days. Your doctor will give you pain medications to reduce your discomfort. Swelling may be experienced for about three months succeeding your surgery. You may have the feeling that your tummy is being pulled out when you are trying to stand up erect. Numbness may also be felt in your tummy and this can last for some months. Bruises in the abdominal region are normal. There can be swelling over the scar but this will eventually subside. The scar may be raised and red but will eventually fade away.

Tips For Tummy Tuck Recovery Week By Week

You need to take the necessary steps that will aid your recovery. Your health status must not be allowed to drop at this period. You should prepare a nice relaxation setting. So that you will be able to rest maximally without any hindrance. You should endeavor to drink a lot of water. So that there will be enough fluid to flush out toxins from your body. There should be enough fruits as well as vegetables in your diet. And this will help in boosting your body nutrients that will aid your recovery after your tummy tuck Houston. It is very important for you to note that the recovery process is a slow one. And you should follow it through.