Liposuction for Men in Houston, TX

It is envisaged that men’s ideal body shape should be slim and athletic-looking with a flat abdomen, slender hip-thigh area, broad chest, and shoulders, just to mention a few. However, as you grow older, fat deposits begin to store up at your abdomen, breast region, neck, flanks, chin, etc. As a result of this, liposuction for men is very crucial for the removal of excess fat.
In most cases, only liposuction has the ability to fix these body regions with these problems. It is worth noting that men have longer skin elasticity than women while the regions of fat under the skin are predisposed to more firmness than those of women. Consequently, liposuction for men tends to be very successful if carried out by a competent plastic surgeon.
If you have droopy, sagging skin and regions of additional fat, you can go for a traditional excision process along with liposuction for men. Excision is also ideal for you if you have excess skin in your breast region which may be the result of breast enlargement.

Abdomen Reduction

You can opt for a tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty if you have drooping abdominal skin (typically caused by a comprehensive weight loss program), neglected hernia, or/and flaccid abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck is one of the surgical procedures that is commonly used in plastic surgery and it is mainly used for removing excess fat, tightening abdominal wall muscles, and contouring the waistline. The recovery period for full abdominoplasty is usually long as you may only be able to return to work after four weeks succeeding the surgery. However, if you have very good elastic skin with a fair amount of additional fat, you can go for liposuction for men alone.

Muscle Enhancement

Your muscles can be enhanced through muscle-enhancing surgery which involves cosmetic implants as well as sculpting methods. Calf implants are now used once in a while to produce cosmetic fullness around the lower part of your leg, even though the procedure was initially intended for the restoration of leg contour for polio and accident victims. In addition, pectoral implants can be used to boost your pectoral muscles even though the procedure was created for building chests for men suffering from Poland’s syndrome. Abdominal etching, which is a new method in liposuction for men, has been used to produce a muscular, rippled look at the abdominal region. If you are seeking muscle enhancement, you should keep it at the back of your mind that the procedure is relatively new, hence, you should get in touch with a plastic surgeon that is board-certified and with relevant training in these procedures.

Planning Your Surgery

It is very important for you to maintain good communication with your plastic surgeon. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will demand to know your reason for considering the procedure and your expectations. You should be very objective. As this will go a long way in helping you to get an ideal treatment plan. Your surgeon must feel you and both of you must be on the same page. So that you accomplish your desired final look.
Furthermore, your surgeon will evaluate your health condition which may include conduct of a physical examination. Taking of pre-operative photographs and explanation of various options available and the ideal ones for you. Your surgeon will also discuss with you the type of anesthesia he will use. While he will also discuss the type of facility for the surgery, probable risks as well as cost implications. Even though cosmetic procedures do not get covered by medical insurance, you can get a nice financing plan from an ideal surgeon.

The Surgery

Your surgeon will give you comprehensive information about the surgery during the consultation. He will also discuss with you extensively a lot of issues that can affect the procedure. And it is very important for you to understand them adequately. Your surgeon may use general anesthesia for the surgery and your surgeon will communicate this with you.

After Your Surgery

The direct period after your surgery is very critical because it can make or mar your results. As a result of this, you should abide by your doctor’s instructions regarding your recovery. Your doctor may ask you to take one day off work. And he may also recommend wearing a compression garment or bandage. In order to boost your recovery, you should get enough rest and avoid the excessive rays of sunlight. You may also need to avoid sex, strenuous activities, sports, alcohol, and cigarettes, just to mention but a few. You should not hesitate to request help not minding the fact that you are a man. When you get help during your recovery period, it will help you to fully recover in good time. You can arrange for somebody to help for about a week after the surgery if you don’t have a partner.

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon

Getting it right with your liposuction requires choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. Especially an associate of the American Society of cosmetic surgeons (ASPS). To be a member of ASPS, a surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and have completed a minimum of six years of surgical training after graduating from medical school with at least three years of residency training in plastic surgery. In addition, he/she must pass both oral as well as written examinations. And participate in total, ongoing medical education, which includes patient safety, every year. Also, he/she must have carried out surgery in authorized, Medicare-certified, or state-licensed surgical centers.


Liposuction for men has gained a lot of prominences. Because of the desire of so many male folks to boost their appearances. Male liposuction offers a solution for getting rid of fat that will not cooperate with diet and exercise. As well as other weight loss programs. It is a form of cosmetic surgery that has been very successful for many patients. And yours will not be a difference. However, you should ensure that the right surgeon handles the procedure in order to achieve the most excellent result.