Top Tips on Exercising After Houston liposuction

Houston liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that will help you to get rid of excess fat in your body. It is an uncomplicated procedure with short convalescence period, usually between one and two weeks. Even though you can resume general activities after one or two days, you need to take special considerations when you are ready to resume your exercise routines.


General Guidelines

One or two days after your Houston liposuction, you should be able to carry out simple physical activity. This include your usual domestic chores as well as easy walking. It is very important to stick to light activity at this period so that blood clot can be avoided after the surgery. You can then increase the tempo with time and your surgeon will give you clear-cut recovery instructions before the procedure.


Aerobic Exercise

Simple aerobic exercise, usually walking, can be undertaken two days after your Houston liposuction. You should endeavor to listen to your body and slowly return to normal exercising because we don’t respond to surgery the same way. As you are gradually returning to normal exercising, you should maintain a low intensity at the initial stage. It is generally advisable to wait for about three weeks after your operation before engaging in strong aerobic exercises like running.


Resistance Exercise

You can resume resistance exercise two weeks after your Houston liposuction. In addition, it is important for you to enter it slowly and increase the pace as your body tolerates. You should be specially attentive to your body reaction throughout the exercise period and after you have finished. If you discover any discomfort or pain arising from the exercise, you should not hesitate to seek medical assistance. You may need to avoid some exercises after your procedure. If they are going to target the region where the operation is carried out. You can resume these exercises as tolerated when your bruises and incisions have healed up.


Four Simple Exercises to Keep Your Belly Flat After Liposuction

It is very essential for you to note that you need to exercise your body after your Houston liposuction. We all know that the process will eliminate excess fat from areas where exercise and diet cannot deal with. But that does not mean you should neglect exercising afterwards. Exercise plays a major role in helping you to maintain the result of liposuction. Here are some exercises you can get engaged in after your operation.


Stability Ball Crunch

This is a variation of the typical crunch which involves the suppression of  the stability ball. You will need to lie down so that your back will be on the ball. While your knees are bent at a 90° angle. When your feet are apart and grounded. You should raise your body until the upper part of your back does not touch the ball. You should lower yourself gradually and repeat this 10 times.


Front Plank

The plank involves many variations targeting different parts of the abdomen. If you want to target the front part, you should be balanced on your forearms maintaining a push-up posture. Your body should then be held on your forearms as well as toes just as you squeeze the core. You should maintain this position for about 20 seconds and the time can be increased as you gather more strength.


Russian Twist

Russian Twist is an exercise targeting the front region of the abdomen. It involves sitting straight and placing you feet flat on the floor while holding a medicine ball in your front. You should then squeeze your abdomen when it is fully elongated and gently wiggle from left to right. This should be repeated 10 times for each side. And you can add weight to the medicine ball if you wish to do so.


Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch is one the most effective exercises for the abdomen. If you want to be engaged in this exercise, you should lie flat on the ground. So that your lower back presses firmly to the floor. You should then lift your head gently while your hands are placed on your knees. And your legs are moving in a bicycle pedaling movement. As your head is lifted, you should let your right elbow have a physical contact with your opposite knee. Just as it is lifted against your chest. As a matter of choice, you can let your elbows touch your opposite knees. Just as you twist your body back and forth.


Exercise Advantage

Even though fat cells are permanently eliminated during liposuction. Fat cells in other untreated parts of the body may spring up. Exercise after liposuction will greatly help in combating the eruption of excess fat cells in areas that are not treated. If fat cells are eliminated in some regions of your body. It would want to balance things up. Which will lead to the development of excess fats in other areas of the body. Consequently, resuming your exercise routine six weeks after liposuction is an ideal way of ensuring a long-lasting result.


Liposuction Maintenance

Liposuction can never be a quick fix for losing weight. If you want to successfully maintain your result, you should endeavor to make necessary amendments in your lifestyle. In order to accommodate the activities that will help you. Taking balance diet as well as regular exercising are very important. So that you will be able to be more happy with the long-term result of your liposuction.


On A Final Note

Your desire for the Houston liposuction result should be enhanced with regular exercising and proper dieting after the procedure. It is advisable to discuss this issue with your surgeon and follow his/her instructions properly. You wouldn’t want to jeorpadize your treatment by not observing the instructions properly. Exercising after the process is not a bad idea but must be done in accordance with safe guidelines. So that you will have the opportunity of getting your desired long-term result. It is possible to get that shape of your dream but you need to be proactive with your approach.