Top Tips on Body liposuction Houston TX

A lot of people seeking body liposuction Houston TX believe that fat as well as fat cells are really bad. We all need fat to maintain a healthy lifestyle but when that fat is in excess, it becomes a problem. Fat cells are found under your skin and in some other areas of the body. The concentration of fat in your body depends on some factors, such as whether you are a man or woman. Usually, men carry fat in their abdomen, buttocks and chests, while the women folks carry theirs in their hips, breasts, buttocks and waist. That is why overweight men form a round “apple” shape while overweight women form a “pear” shape.

Do We Need Fat At All?

Yes, we do. Fat is very essential for energy metabolism as well as body heat cushioning. We get fat from the food we eat and the fats are reduced to pieces and built up into fat molecules which are stored in order to give us energy. The pace at which the body breaks down the stored fat will determine your body weight. Even though it is possible to reduce excess fat through exercising and dieting, fat cells only get smaller. The only option for getting rid of fat cells is through body liposuction Houston TX.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction has helped a lot of people to reduce their weight and begin a new life. It has a lot of benefits that may not be known to so many people, especially those who have not taken time to find out.

Reduces Inflammatory Cells

Liposuction has the capacity of reducing the number of inflammatory cells in your body by 11% and this has been confirmed by various researches. Inflammatory cells in your body are responsible for some cardiovascular diseases and when they are significantly reduced, your health status will receive a boost.

Reduces Blood Fat Levels

Research has also shown that lipo can reduce triglycerides by up to 43% which may not be possible with most medications. A lot of medications can only reduce triglycerides by 20%.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Since lipo will lead to a nearly immediate weight loss, it will enhance living a healthier lifestyle. It with have a positive effect on your overall appearance and boost your self confidence.

Better Mobility

There is no better way to boost mobility than liposuction. We all know that excess fats, especially in places like knees, hips and thighs, can inhibit mobility. Once these excess fats are eliminated, better mobility will be enhanced.

Tips for Achieving the Best Liposuction Results

In order to achieve the body liposuction Houston TX, you need to take cogent steps that will guarantee success. You need to follow through the instructions given by your surgeon, before, during and after the surgery. You should do everything possible to ensure that you are properly prepared for the procedure.

Getting the Most out of Your Consultation

It is very important to get an ideal body evaluation before your real body liposuction Houston TX. You should consult with your doctor and he should be able to examine you based on your skin quality, asymmetries, skin tone and stretch marks. This will assist him in coming up with the perfect liposuction procedure that fits your body type.

Reducing Your Risk of Complications

It is very essential for you to know some of the complications that can arise from your body liposuction Houston TX and ways of reducing them. Some of these complications include lumps, bumps, blood clots, embolism, bruising, pain and nausea.

Reducing Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps are caused by the use of big liposuction rods (6-8mm) by some surgeons. Big liposuction rods make the job faster but have their side effects. These complications can be reduced if your surgeon makes use of smaller rods (3-4mm) and it is not a bad idea to ask about the type of rod he is going to use.

Reducing Blood Clots

In order to reduce the risk of occurrence of a blood clot between your thighs, it is very important for your surgeon to place a compression device over your legs during the procedure. The compression device will clasp your legs while the surgery is going on so that blood clot formation is significantly reduced.

Reducing Fat Embolism

Fat embolism or blockage is another complication that may arise from liposuction and it has been linked to the application of large rods by some surgeons. As a result of this, it is very important to make use of a competent surgeon and ensure that the right rod (3-4mm) is used for you.

Reducing Bruising

Before your liposuction surgery, your doctor will probably inject you with tumescent fluid which contains epinephrine (same as adrenaline) and other compounds. Tumescent fluid narrows your blood vessels in order to reduce bleeding during and after the process. In addition to this, the fluid will also help in making the final result smoother.

Reducing Pain

A muscle relaxant can be recommended to reduce pain associated with complications like swelling and bruising. Once bruising is taken care of by tumescent fluid, the muscle relaxant will ensure that every other pain that can show up, especially after the surgery, is dealt with.

Reducing Nausea

Pain is one of the most common causes of nausea. Taking the above steps to reduce pain will go a long way in reducing nausea and vomiting after the procedure. A lot of medications can be recommended for post-operative nausea. Some of them are Zofran and Pepcid AC, just to mention a few.

Getting the Smoothest Result

It is advisable for you to go for endermologie sessions after your body liposuction Houston TX. Endermologie is used to smoothen the area of liposuction through the use of a hand-held suction device. You may need to go for about five sessions of non-surgical endermologie treatment. This should be able to give you the result. Your surgeon will be in the position to advise you on the post-operative procedures you may need to go through.