Top Tips for Recovering From Cosmetic Surgery – Houston Cosmetic Surgery Center

Going through cosmetic surgery at Houston cosmetic surgery center will help to boost your appearance and self esteem. Naturally, you will want to speed up your recovery process. So that you have the opportunity of enjoying your new body and resume your usual daily activities, including habits, as soon as possible.

You have a unique body and the process you go through is also unique. There are lots of variables that will determine your recovery period after the surgical procedure. You can boost the recovery process by adhering to the post-operative instructions given to you at Houston cosmetic surgery center by your doctor. Here are few tips that will be of great assistance to you.

Don’t try to push through

Swelling, bruising and pain are parts of the natural recovery mechanism of your body it is normal to experience them after your surgery at Houston cosmetic surgery center. You should avoid pushing through the pain or ignoring it. It is very essential for you to take the pain reliever prescribed for you by your doctor. If you don’t manage the pain properly, you will be prolonging your recovery period unnecessarily and this is not good for your body.

Furthermore, you should stay away from over-the-counter (OTC) pain drugs or herbal formulas. Some of them can thin your blood and also hinder prescribed drugs. It is very important for you to note that painkillers have side effects, including constipation. As a result of this, you should drink a lot of water and engage in light exercising so that you will be able to prevent constipation.

 Move around

Even though you will need a lot of rest after your surgery at Houston cosmetic surgery center, it does not mean that you have to stay on your bed throughout the day. You will need to move around because moving assists your body’s healing process and may lower your pain levels.

It may not be possible for you to go for a five-mile walk, but getting up once in a while at home and moving around can help in keeping your blood flowing. You can work around the house for some minutes everyday and mild stretching movement can be very helpful. You can set your timer so that you will be reminded to get up in order to do some light movements.

Skip the gym

Moving is part of the advice given in this piece but that does not mean you need to engage in strenuous exercises. Following your surgery at Houston cosmetic surgery center, you should avoid strenuous exercises like weight lifting and running so that your healing process will not be jeopardized. You should not be in a hurry to go back to your usual workout routine and stay away from challenging exercises for many weeks after the procedure.

Your blood pressure will be elevated during workout and this can lead to aggravation of inflammation, bleeding and bruising. If you go through vigorous exercises too early after your procedure, you may experience severe complications like the reopening of your incisions. If you believe it is the right time for you to get back to the gym you should not hesitate to speak with your surgeon so that he will advise you properly.

 Have realistic expectations

The recovery process is just what it is called – a process. Which means that will pass through different phases of recovery. You may have bad feelings during these phases. But you will surely get better with time. Swelling and bruising are normal after the surgery. And this should be among your expectations. You should not be given to stress. Because this can hinder the natural healing period of your body. You may not see results immediately. But after some days or month, you will start seeing them.

Your recovery period can be between some days or weeks and this is dependent on the procedure you go for. It is very important for you to plan your downtime after the surgery in such a way that your family, work and social responsibilities will be factored in. You can also make an arrangement with a friend or family member to assist in taking care of you within the first 72 hours after your surgical procedure. Arranging with someone to help her out will go a long way in helping you to focus more on your healing.

Don’t smoke

It is generally advised that smokers should stop smoking at least 8 weeks before going for a cosmetic surgical procedure. This does not mean that you should start smoking afterwards. Smoking has the capability of slowing down your recovery process. Because it adversely affect circulation. And this can lead to severe complications when you are recovering.

Apply ice packs or compression garments if instructed to do so

You may be asked to make use of ice packs if you go through any facial surgery like eyelid lift, nose job or face lift. Application of ice packs will go a long way in helping to reduce swelling. Even if the surgical area is covered with bandages, it may still be necessary to apply ice periodically.

The use of compression garments for some weeks after the surgery may be necessary for procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift or breast augmentation. The significance of these garments should not be overlooked. Because they help in controlling bruising and swelling. They are also essential for helping the body to achieve an ideal contouring through the prevention of skin wrinkling and boosting the retraction of the skin.

Every Patient Needs Different Care

You should take note that the recovery process it’s not the same from one patient to another. The number of sessions and type of the procedure you go for. And other factors are the major determinants of how your recovery period will be.

Final Word

After your surgery at Houston cosmetic surgery center, it is very important for you to follow your doctor’s instructions. This will go a long way in helping you to get the outcome from your treatment.