Things To Know Before Going Lipo and Vaser Lipo – Vaser Liposuction Before After

Before going for liposuction and vaser liposuction, it is very essential for you to understand the procedures so that you will be able to achieve your desired outcome. The two procedures are used for getting rid of stubborn fat cells in your body so that you will be able to get a slimmer look. They can be used to fix body areas like buttocks, thighs, stomach, chin and so on (vaser liposuction before after).

Difference Between Soft Liposculpture and Vaser Liposuction

Soft liposculpture technique helps to get rid of multi-layered fat with the aid of fat loosening solutions. This ensures that your recovery is speedy and bruising is minimal. Once your surgeon eliminates the fat, they will carry out a deep massage. So that it reduces the risk of lumpiness and enhances resolution of swelling. Surgeons carry out superficial liposuction with the aid of special cannulas. So that it enhances skin tightening and achieves more compact skin tone (vaser liposuction before after).

On the other hand, a vaser liposuction procedure is a modern technique of removing excess fat cells and achieving the body contour. This procedure is popular because it ensures that the fat is removed without having any adverse effect on surrounding tissues. As a result of this, the end result is much smoother while bruising is minimal. The system can boast of many specially-made probes as well as cannulas which can help to treat different fat areas. This means that smaller delicate parts of the body can be fixed effectively in addition to areas with bulky pockets of fat (vaser liposuction before after).

Benefits of The Procedures

Despite the fact that you try as much as possible to live a healthy lifestyle, including proper dieting and exercising, there are times when stubborn pockets of fat will still accumulate in certain parts of your body. Women usually have excess fat problems with their buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, knees, among others. In men, problem areas include abdomen, waist, under the chin, just to mention a few. Usually, men tend to have a reduced percentage of body fat when compared to women.

Liposuction procedures ensure that stubborn fat deposits are eliminated. So that loss of bulkiness and aesthetically amiable contour will be achieved. In most cases, fat cells may not regenerate during adult life. Hence, once they are eliminated, it may be a permanent contour change which is not dependent on your body weight. However, it is important for you to note that lipo may not stop you from adding more weight in future (vaser liposuction before after).

Risks and Possible Side Effects

Just like every other surgery, plastic surgery comes with some risks and side effects. Your body type, fitness level, general health status, genetic profile and age will go a long way in affecting the longevity of your recovery period and exposure to risk.

You may be more exposed to risk of complication during and after your liposuction procedure if you smoke, drink alcohol, use some drugs for medical or personal reasons, just to mention a few. In particular, you should avoid smoking because it will expose you to risks of infection, blood clot and wound breakdown.

In addition, it is very normal to experience pain, tiredness, numbness and swelling after the procedure. The size of the treated area will go a long way in determining the acuteness of the symptoms. Lumpiness and irregular bumps beneath the surface of the skin are very common but will subside after some weeks or months. Especially if supported by deep, frequent, regular massage.

You may be exposed to heavy bruising especially if you have been using aspirin or other inflammatory drugs. As a result of this, your doctor will check your clotting profile while they will take a full blood count before you will go for the surgery.

It may be rare to have serious infections but the treated area can be inflamed at times. And oozing may be experienced occasionally from the incisions. It is also possible to experience occasional irregularity beneath your skin. This may require another liposuction so that it can be adjusted (vaser liposuction before after).

Recovery Period

You will be properly checked by your surgeon after the procedure to ensure that you are feeling fine. Especially after the anesthetic has worn off. You will be given a compression garment which will help in reducing swelling and give you support. Usually, your doctor will discharge you immediately. But if various areas need treatment, your doctor may advise you to stay overnight. When you are leaving the medical center, they will give you some drugs as well as post-operative instructions. It is advisable to follow the instructions to the letter and use your drugs as prescribed.

Week 1-2

It is possible for you to experience some pain and discomfort for the first few days. Especially as the effects of the anesthetic starts wearing off. You can control this by taking your medication properly and as at when due. In addition, you may experience fluid discharge on the incision sites. This may last for about three days. However, your body will absorb this discharge with time.

It is very important for you to put on the compression garment day and night, at least for the first two weeks after your surgery. You should only take it off when you want to shower or wash. You may feel bigger than your normal self during this period. This is due to the swelling that your body will experience, with time, this will subside. You can return to work soon but it is advisable to take some days off work. So that you will be able to recover properly.

Week 8-10

You may need to see your surgeon within week 8 and 10 so that you will be properly checked. Your surgeon will evaluate the progress of your cosmetic surgery and by now, you should be seeing dramatic results and all the scars on your skin would have disappeared (vaser liposuction before after).