Natural Methods To Cheek Reduction


Chubby cheeks may be cool for babies as well as toddlers but they may not be too good for an adult. They may be caused by poor diet, obesity, lack of sleep, stress, too much sugar, salt, carbohydrate or fat and so on. There are natural ways of achieving the right cheek reduction so that you will be able to enhance your look.


Stay Away From Alcohol


Avoiding alcohol can help you to achieve your desired cheek reduction. Too much consumption of alcohol has been linked to many health problems, including facial swelling. Alcohol desiccates your body which eventually leads to retention of water and bloated features. If you can completely stay away from alcohol or take a drink per day, you will be helping your cheek to stay cute at all times.


Drink Water


Two third of our body is composed of water. When your body is dehydrated, it retains water which leads to chubby facial features. Adequate intake of water is ideal for cheek reduction for the purpose of getting an alluring face. It is advisable for you to take a minimum of eight glasses of water everyday.


Take Less Salt


If you take too much salt, you may be courting facial bloating and this can have an adverse effect on your look. In order to actualize cheek reduction, you should limit your consumption of salt and it is advisable to choose salt with low sodium.


Take More Nutritious Foods


The role of a proper diet is very vital in cheek reduction. It is important for you to know that too much intake of carbohydrate and fatty foods can lead to plumb cheeks. You should take carbohydrates and fats in moderation and consider proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.


Choose Good Hairstyles


The way you present yourself matters sometimes and it will determine the way you will be perceived. As a result of this, you should always choose hairstyles that are perfect for your face. If you go for a bad hairstyle, it may make your cheeks to look chubbier than they really are.




Regular exercising can go a long way in boosting your body metabolism and getting rid of excess fat. When you work out, you will burn the additional fat in your cheek which will keep your face slim. Regular exercising has a lot of benefits for the body and getting a trim cheek is one of them.


Exercises for Chubby Cheeks


You can reduce your chubby cheeks through facial exercises. There are some exercises that can ensure that the muscles of your face are worked out so that it is well toned. Even though there are general exercises that are good for the body, some that can really help your chubby cheek. Here are some of them for you to try out.


Blow Balloons


When you blow balloons, you will be toning and slimming down your plump cheeks. The procedure is very simple, just pick a balloon and use your mouth to inflate it. As you are blowing the balloon , you will be feeling the muscles in your cheeks expanding. You should then let out the air in the balloon and go over the process again ten times. After five days of engaging in this exercise, you should be able to notice a significant difference.


Rotate Your Tongue


This exercise is very good for the reduction of your chubby cheeks. You need to close your mouth and rotate your tongue in a circular manner. As you are rotating your tongue, you should ensure that it is touching the exterior surface of your lower as well as upper teeth. You should carry out this exercise for about fifteen times each in both clockwise as well as anticlockwise directions.


Hot Towel Treatment


The application of steam to your face can help in reducing the fats on your cheeks. The process is very simple. You need to boil some water and allow it to cool down a bit after removing it from heat. You should then plunge a towel in the warm water and press it to get rid of too much water. You should then place the towel gently in your cheek and any other plump regions of your face. You can do this again for about five times and it is advisable to do it one hour before going to bed.


Chewing Gum


One of the most popular facial exercise is the chewing of gum. It ensures the cutting down of calories in your cheeks to reduce plumpness. Sugar-free gums are the for this exercise and you can chew one for about 20 minutes two times daily, 30 minutes after lunch and dinner.


Face Massage


Massaging your face will help to reduce fat and give it a great tone. Your face swells up due to the build up of excess fluid and consistent massage with wheat germ oil or gingseng oil will activate blood circulation, reduce water retention and incapacitate lymphatic build-up.


Gargle Exercise


This is a very powerful exercise to get rid of excess fats. The gargle exercise involves using warm water to gargle your mouth 3 to 4 times daily. You should spin the warm water around your mouth and it can be done anytime and anywhere, but make sure you do it before going to bed at night.


Puffy Cheek Exercise


This exercise is particularly good for cheek reduction of the top and bottom regions of your cheeks. It strengthens the muscles of your upper cheeks in order to make you look younger. To do this exercise, you need to close your mouth and fill your cheek with air. You should then hold the air in them for about 10 seconds and later move the air to the left cheek. When it gets to the left cheek, hold it for another 10 seconds before transfer it to the right. You should hold it for another 10 seconds on the right before finally exhaling it. You can do this ten times everyday.