More About Breast Lift Surgery in Houston

A Breast Lift Surgery in Houston will make your boobs to be firmer and bouncier, offering solution to sagging breasts. Your feminine proportion as well as youthfulness will be restored while your swimsuits including bras will fit more attractively and comfortably. The process involves the removal of excess skin, reshaping of breast tissue as well as lifting the areola and nipples to more pointing positions. If your areola is stretched or large, it will be reduced during the procedure.


Common Reasons For Choosing Breast Lift Surgery

There are many reasons for choosing Breast Lift Surgery in Houston and some of them are discussed below.

To Bring Back Better Breast Shape After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, the shape of your boobs will change and they will stretch. Breastfeeding will also add to the stretch and that is why an enhancement is very important. A Breast Lift Surgery in Houston, with or without implant, will ensure that these changes are reversed so that your youthful appearance can be brought back.

To Boost Breast Contour After Vital Weight Loss

When you go for a comprehensive weight loss program, there is every possibility that your breasts will lose volume. As a result of this, a breast enhancement will get you back to the right, appealing shape.

To Experience Bouncy Breasts For The First Time

Some women have been battling with drooping boobs right from their teenage years. The number of women going through this condition is relatively small and a Breast Lift Surgery in Houston is capable of fixing the problem.


How to Know if You Need a Breast Lift

In order to know if you are an ideal candidate for a Breast Lift Surgery in Houston, you need to consult with a competent cosmetic surgeon. However, there are some questions you can ask yourself which will help you to have a perception of how the surgical procedure will be of benefit to you.

Do my nipples seem to point downward?

When the skin at the bottom of your breast expands and starts sagging, your nipple will be pulled down by the weight of your breast tissue. This is a clear indication that you need a lift to reposition the tissue so that the nipples can point forward.

Do my nipple and areola sit below the crease underneath my breast?

You can observe the position of your nipple and areola in connection with the crease below your breast. You can do this by sliding a clear sheet of paper beneath your mammary glands without wearing a bra so that it rests on the crease of the breast. Also you should then look into the mirrow and if you notice that your nipples are sitting beneath the upper border of the paper, you are probably a good candidate for a lift.

Am I happy with my breast size when wearing a bra?

If your boobs are too big or little, you can consider a breast lift with augmentation or reduction so that you will be able to get the result. The lift will guarantee fuller and rounder mammary glands while reduction as well as augmentation will ensure that you get the right size that will fit into your bra.

Are my breasts asymmetrical or unusually shaped?

If your boobs are not symmetrical, the procedure can get them back to proper proportion. Your cosmetic surgeon will make use of the technique to ensure that any imbalance is corrected.


Types of Breast Lifts

There are many incision techniques used by cosmetic surgeons to carry out breast enhancement. Some of the factors that determining the technique that will be used for you include the amount of extra skin to be eliminated,  your current breast tissues, your personal objective, just to mention a few. Here are some of the available types.

Crescent Lift

Crescent lift is used to fix minimal sagging and it is characterized by slight scarring. The process involves the running of a little incision halfway round the top border of your areola. Crescent lift is generally used when breast augmentation is also part of the treatment.

Peri-Areolar or “Donut” Lift

If your case is mild sagging, the peri-areolar technique may be used for you. Your surgeon will run a circular incision round the border of your areola. And most times, it is carried out with augmentation. It can also be used to reduce the size of your areola and it is characterized by a single scar.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift

Vertical lift is a common technique for fixing moderate sagging. Because it gives the surgeon the opportunity to get rid of extra skin. And give the breast a new shape with moderate scars. It involves two incisions – one at the border of the areola. And the other one running from the bottom of your areola down to the crease, thereby forming a lollipop shape.

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift

In a situation whereby you have extensive sagging or drooping boobs. The anchor lift may be the ideal technique that will be used for you. It is  a comprehensive procedure and ensures the complete elimination of overabundant skin as well as sagging tissues. The procedure involves three incisions – one on the border of the areola, the second one from lowest part of the areola to the crease while the third one is along the breast crease. This technique is usually used for a breast lift that also goes with a reduction. The technique comes with little visible scarring which will usually disappear with proper care after some time.

Combining a Breast Lift with Augmentation

A Breast Lift Surgery in Houston alone may not be enough to get your desired result in some instances. A breast augmentation through implants may be included in your treatment if your surgeon discovers that adding this to your treatment plan will lead to a fully restored, bouncy breasts, especially if your they lack volume. The two processes carried out at once will give you the ideal boobs you have always desired.