Laser Hair Removal – Skin Treatment Houston TX

Laser hair removal remains an ideal process for getting rid of unwanted hair on your skin with the aid of intense beam of light. During the procedure, a laser discharges a light which is taken in by the hair pigment known as melanin. The light energy will then be transformed into heat which will inhibit or deter the imminent hair growth through the crippling of the hair follicles (skin treatment houston TX).

Even though the procedure is capable of delaying hair growth for a long time, permanent removal is not usually experienced. In order to achieve permanent removal, multiple sessions are needed and result maintenance must be properly carried out. It is an ideal procedure for people with light skin but dark hair (skin treatment houston TX).

Why It Is Carried Out

Laser hair removal can be carried out in order to reduce the growth of unwanted hair. Popular treatment locations include armpits, legs, chin, upper lip as well as bikini line. However, treating undesirable hair is possible in any part of the body except eyelid and the surrounding area. The success of the procedure is largely dependent on your skin type and hair color (skin treatment houston TX).

The main principle of the procedure is that the hair’s pigment should take in the light and not the skin’s pigment. The hair follicle should be crippled and not the skin. As a result of this, there should be a difference between the color of the skin and hair (e.g. light skin and dark hair) so that the outcome will be achieved. If there isn’t much difference, there will be greater risk of skin damage. However, due to improvement in laser technology, people with darker skin type can take advantage of laser hair removal. For people with hair colors that do not absorb light properly, e.g. white, blond, red and gray, the procedure may not be effective for them (skin treatment houston TX).

Side Effects

Your exposure to side effects is largely dependent on your hair color, skin type, treatment plan and devotion to pre-treatment as well as post-treatment care. Some of the common side effects of laser hair removal are discussed below (skin treatment houston TX).

Skin Irritation

It is possible to experience temporary discomfort, swelling and redness after the procedure. However, symptoms and signs usually abate after some hours.

Pigment Changes

It is possible for your skin to be lightened or darkened after the procedure but this will be on a temporary basis. Skin lightening may affect you if you don’t stay away from the sun before and after your treatment or if you have a darker skin.

Rare Side Effects

In rare cases, the procedure can lead to blistering, scarring, crusting as well as other skin texture changes. Others include growth of excessive hair around treatment sites, especially those with darker skin. However, it is important for you to note that some areas of the body are not ideal for laser hair removal. Such areas include eyebrows, eyelids as well as areas surrounding them and this will ensure that the eyes are prevented from severe injuries.

How To Prepare

It is very important to consult a qualified dermatologist, especially a board-certified one before your laser hair removal. A consultation is ideal so that you will be able to know if you are fit for the treatment. Your doctor will examine your medical history and this will include drug use, past procedures, history of scars or skin disorders, among others.

Furthermore, your dermatologist will discuss benefits, risks as well as realistic and unrealistic expectations with you. He/she will take photographs of your condition in order to monitor progress when the treatment begins. Treatment options and plan will also be discussed with you so that you will be able to be on the same page with your doctor. The cost will also be discussed with you and it is usually not expensive.

In addition, your doctor will advise you to stay away from sunlight at least six weeks before your treatment. You can make use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen skin care product everyday in order to achieve this. You will also be advised to avoid skin creams that will darken your skin. If you have a darker skin or recent tan, a bleaching cream may be recommended for you.

Moreover, you should avoid other hair removal techniques, such as electrolysis, waxing and plucking, at least four weeks prior to your treatment, so that your hair follicle will not be disturbed. Blood thinners, like aspirin and ibuprofen, should be avoided before you go for the procedure. The treatment area should be shaved and trimmed before your treatment. This will help in removing hair on the skin that can cause skin damage due to burnt hair.

What To Expect

Usually, the procedure requires between two and six treatment sessions. And the interval between each session is dependent on the location of the hair. If the area to be treated is located in a place where hair grows very fast, like upper lip, treatment interval can be between four and eight weeks. If the area does not experience quick hair growth, like the back, the interval can anything between twelve and sixteen weeks. You will be given special goggles to use in order to keep your eyes protected from laser beam and a topical anesthetic may be used on your skin to reduce discomfort.

During The Procedure

Your dermatologist will use hand-held laser device and press it against your skin. There is usually a cooling device built into the device. Or a cooling gel may be used to reduce your exposure to side effects. As soon as the laser is activated, the beam will go through your follicles. The heat from the laser will cripple the follicles. So that hair growth will be inhibited.

After The Procedure

It is possible for you to experience swelling and redness for some hours immediately after your treatment. You may be advised to apply ice on the treatment site in order to reduce your discomfort. Your doctor may recommend steroid cream if you experience any skin reaction after the treatment (skin treatment houston TX).