If you are considering Smart lipo Houston, there are certain facts you need to know. There are lots of misconceptions about Smartlipo and it is very important to set the records straight. Smartlipo is a type of laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) and it is a concept owned by a company based in Massachusetts known as Cynosure. The company produces and markets Smartlipo laser machines that are used to carry out the procedure.  

The Procedure

  Smart lipo Houston is a minimally invasive procedure and it involves the creation of tiny incisions at the treatment area after the application of a local anesthesia. A tiny probe with low-energy laser is inserted through the incisions and targeted at the fat deposits. The laser energy gets rid of the fat cells which will then be drained. The procedure does not take too much time as it can be completed within one hour. The use of laser for the procedure will guarantee a less painful and minimal scarring procedure.  

Is Smartlipo Better Than Other Liposuction Methods?

  While Smart lipo Houston has a lot of advantages, there is no scientific evidence to prove that it is better than other liposuction procedures. It may be safer with little downtime but comes with its limitations. Here are 7 facts you need to know about Smartlipo so that you will be able to get things straight.  

#1. SmartLipo Does Not Tighten Skin

  Smart lipo Houston has the capacity of lessening undesirable fat but cannot significantly constrict loose skin. Some patients are promised heaven and earth when the procedure is being marketed to them. A more comprehensive surgical procedure is used to tighten the skin and not Smartlipo – do not be deceived.  

#2. SmartLipo is No Safer Than Tumescent Liposuction

  Some people claim that Smart lipo Houston is more secure than tumescent liposuction but this is not true. The two procedures, tumescent liposuction, and Smartlipo can be carried out securely without many complications. In every form of plastic surgery, success and safety are determined by so many factors, including the dexterity of the surgeon, proper aftercare, and types of facility used, just to mention a few.  

#3. No Difference in Recovery Times

  No difference exists between the recovery periods for Smartlipo and tumescent liposuction. However, there are some factors that will determine the length of your recovery period such as age, genetics, the magnitude of the procedure, and so on. Almost all liposuction procedures come with some degree of swelling and bruising which can last for about five weeks.  

#4. Use of Laser Has Risks

  The use of laser in medicine, including Smartlipo, comes with some issues. Overexposure can lead to thermal injury or burns which can be very detrimental to your health. Consequently, it is important for you to choose the Smartlipo expert so that you will be able to achieve the result.  

#5. Many SmartLipo Users Have Little Experience With Liposuction

  Many people using Smartlipo may not have enough experience with liposuction. Some medical practitioners who are not well trained in plastic surgery are also using this technology without achieving the result. If you allow such a practitioner to handle your Smartlipo treatment, it may be very difficult to get a favourable outcome.  

#6. SmartLipo is an Effective Form of Liposuction, But It’s No Better than Other Forms of Liposuction

  Smartlipo is a very productive type of liposuction with no superiority over tumescent liposuction, at least there is no scientific backing for this. In actual fact, a controlled clinical study that compared Smartlipo with other suction-based liposuction revealed that there is no major difference between them.  

#7. When It Comes to Liposuction, It’s Not The Machine That Matters, It’s The Surgeon

  In order to get the liposuction result, the experience and skill of the surgeon carrying out the process is very essential. A proficient plastic surgeon will use a variance of techniques to achieve the possible results. Some of these techniques include laser, ultrasonic, power and tumescent liposuction.  

Other Smartlipo Facts

  If you want to achieve an ideal Smartlipo result, there are other facts you need to consider. Some of them are discussed below.  

Smartlipo Costs

  Averagely, you should expect to spend roughly $5,000 on a Smartlipo procedure. This can be more or less depending on the size of the treatment area. Usually, you should expect to spend more on abdominal liposuction than a procedure that will be carried out under your chin.  

Smartlipo Benefits

  Smartlipo can improve your appearance and reverse the aftermath of aging. It will also get rid of pockets of fat that have refused to come off through exercising and dieting. It has the capacity of getting rid of up to 8 pounds of fat in one single procedure. And can be combined with traditional liposuction, if mandatory, in order to achieve a more desirable result. It is safe and comes with less discomfort.  

Smartlipo Recovery

  The process is usually less severe with a recovery period that is very short. However, you may need to take some days off work because of mild swelling, bruising and discomfort that you will experience. During your recovery period, you should make sure that you rest properly, abstain from arduous activities and take diet low in sodium. You should start seeing results after the surgery and the results will be visible after some months.  

Smartlipo Risks

  There are risks associated with every surgery and Smartlipo is not an exception. The risk of infections is possible and you can experience swelling as well as bruising but these will vanish after some days. If you choose a reliable, experienced surgeon, your exposure to risk will be minimized and better results will be guaranteed.  

The Final Word

  Smart lipo Houston is very effective for improving your appearance. It is  very essential to consult with your surgeon so that an ideal treatment plan will be worked out for you. Getting a positive result is possible, especially when you take the necessary steps before going for the procedure. You should book an appointment with a competent surgeon for proper examination.