How To Get Rid Of Chin Fat – Double Chin Surgery Houston

Chin fat is annoying and can be unsightly particularly if you like putting on small tops and t-shirts. In order to be more comfortable with yourself, it is very essential for you to ensure that the fat is removed. There are many ways of achieving this including chin exercises, proper dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to get a fast result, you can go for cosmetic treatments such as liposuction, injections, double chin surgery Houston, just to mention but few.

Chin Exercises

There are many chin exercises that can be done in order to get rid of excess fat in your chin region. Some of these exercises are discussed below.

#1. Chin Lift

Chin lift exercise can be used to get the muscles in your neck, jaw and throat toned. It involves sitting or standing with your back straight and tilting your head backwards so that you will be looking at the ceiling. Your lips should then be pressed together as if you are kissing the ceiling while your other muscles of the face are relaxed. You should maintain this position for the count of five before releasing your lips. You should repeat the exercise 5 times or more (double chin surgery Houston).

#2. Neck Roll

Neck roll is effective for stretching the muscles of the neck, throat and jaw. It can also help in reducing tension around your neck and shoulders. The exercise involves sitting or standing with your back straight. You should then inhale as you twist your head to one side up till your chin touches your shoulder. Your gaze should then be kept to one side before exhaling while your head is rolled down so that your chin touches your shoulder. Do this for the other side and repeat the exercise five times or more on each side. However, it is very important for you to stay away from rolling back your head in order to avoid neck straining (double chin surgery Houston).

#3. Jaw Release

This exercise will help in strengthening your jaw and mouth. As usual, you need to sit or stand straight and inhale with your nose. You should then exhale and while you are doing that, your mouth should be kept wide. Continue inhaling and exhaling while you make the sound “ahhh” as your mouth is opened. Your tongue’s tip should be placed against your teeth’s back so that the relaxation of your jaw will be achieved. Repeat this exercise five times or more (double chin surgery Houston).

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

Proper dieting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you to stay healthy in addition to helping you to reduce your chin fat. Here are what you need to do if you want to get rid of excess chin fat.

Cardio Exercise

It is advisable for you to go through 30 minutes of cardio exercising everyday, especially if your double chin is caused by overweight. When you achieve a significant weight loss, the fat in your chin will begin to disappear. Your cardio exercise can include jogging, running, rowing, jumping jacks, just to mention a few. If you are having any difficulty with cardio exercise on your own, you can engage a personal trainer so that you will be motivated to carry on with the exercises. If you cannot afford a personal trainer, you can ask a friend to join you anytime you want to exercise so as to serve as a source of motivation for you (double chin surgery Houston).

Fitness Class

You can attend a fitness class many times a week. It is easy to get one at a gym close to you or community center. You can go for classes that place priority on strength building and cardio. You must ensure that you attend your class at least two times a week. So that you will be able to lose excess fat quickly and be healthy.

Eat Well

A healthy diet is very essential for good health and getting your chin fat reduced. Your diet should contain lean proteins, grains, vegetables and fruits. Your diet should be adjusted in such a way that you will be able to lose weight and have enough strength for exercises. You should go for low-fat dairy in order to control your fat intake. You should try as much as possible to limit the quantity of food you eat out. Majority of your meals should be prepared at home.

Cut Down Your Sugar and Salt Intake

It is very advisable to stay away from foods that contain too much sugar and salt. These types of food can lead to swelling and bloating of your body, and your chin will not be spared. You should reduce your intake of sugary foods like cakes, sweets, candy, prepackaged foods and so on. High salty foods to watch out for include instant noodles, fast foods, frozen dinners, among others.

Using Cosmetic Treatments

Some stubborn pockets of fat may not bulge to exercising and dieting. As a result of this, you may require cosmetic treatments to fix the problem. There two major forms of cosmetic solution for double chin reduction – non-surgical and surgical methods.

Non-surgical Methods

There are many non-surgical methods that can be used to get rid of double chin. There is an injection approved by the FDA which contains deoxycholic acid which is very effective in destroying fat cells around your chin. A laser reduction is also a noninvasive alternative. You should speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon so that an ideal treatment plan can be worked out for you.

Surgical Methods

Double chin surgery Houston is effective for reducing excess chin fat. The procedure can involve neck lift, neck contouring, chin liposuction as well as other surgical procedures so that the chin contour can be achieved. You can consider surgical options if you are fit to go through the procedure. Usually, you need to be healthy enough before going through a surgical procedure but the result can be quick and lasting. You should schedule a consultation with a competent plastic surgeon so that the outcome of the surgery will be satisfactory.