How to Prepare for Oral Surgery – Maxillofacial Surgeon Houston TX

A maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX is skilled in handling oral surgical services and in order to get the from the procedure, you need to be adequately prepared. The preparation process should start several days or months before going for the appointment. The following tips will help you to prepare for your oral and maxillofacial surgery.


Get Information

It is very important for you to schedule a consultation with your maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX so that you will be able to get details about the surgery. Your physician will inform you about the reason the surgery is very vital for you, risks involved and every other thing that will help you to plan ahead.


Get Someone To Drive You

Since it is a possibility that your maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX will use anesthesia for the procedure, you may not be able to drive home after the surgery. As a result of this, you should organize with your partner, a friend or family member to take you to the clinic and back home on the surgery day. If you cannot get someone to drive you, you can hire a cab to get the job done. If all these cannot work, you can discuss with your doctor and you may be allowed to stay in the hospital till the time that you will be able to drive.


Bare Your Arms

You should prepare a short-sleeve top for your surgery day. This is very essential so that your maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX will not have hectic time taking your vital signs or administering the blood pressure cuffs that will be used to monitor you during the process.


Bring A Box And Give Yourself Time

You should prepare a container that will be taken long with you which will be very useful for storing stuffs like partial plates, dentures, removable bridgework and so on. You should also plan to arrive early for your surgery. Ideally, you should be in the clinic about 30 minutes before your operation will start. This will give you the opportunity to relax properly before it starts and if there is any paperwork you need to finish, you can use this period to do it.


Top Oral Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovering from your oral surgery is very vital in order to achieve your desired result. Easy and quick recovery is possible if you take to the following instructions.


Take Things Easy

After your surgery, you should endeavor to rest for the remaining period of the day. You should avoid doing things that will require concentration because you will still be feeling drowsy because of the anesthesia that was administered. In addition, you should stay away from strenuous activities and you can use additional pillows to elevate your head when sleeping.


Follow Instructions

You should not hesitate to follow all the instructions given to you by your maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX. You may be asked to avoid brushing for some time and use a mouthwash instead. This is because your mouth may be too sensitive at this period for regular brushing. Alternatively, you may be asked to avoid brushing the tender part until the time that it will be right for you to do so. You may also be asked to rinse your mouth with a mixture of salt water and warm water. Following the instructions properly will give your body the opportunity to recover quickly and adequately.


Use Ice

It is normal for your bruises and swelling to occur after the surgery. Hence, you can put ice on your jaw and let it stay there for about 30 minutes. You should remove it and wait for about 15 minutes before putting it again. If the surgery takes place on both sides of your mouth. You can switch the ice pack from one side to another. Within three days, this swelling should have reduced. But if it doesn’t or you detect any pus, you should contact your doctor immediately.


Block The Blood

There is also the possibility of some bleeding for about one day after the surgery. You can bite on the folded gauze gently. So that the blood flow can be reduced. However, if the bleeding persists for more than one day, you really need to see your surgeon. So that the necessary action can be taken by a professional.


Guard The Clot

You should try as much as possible to protect the blood clot. So that the healing of the wound in your mouth will be fast. You should also avoid the use of straws, drinking of alcohol or carbonated foods, smoking and so on, for a minimum of three days after the procedure. Spitting too much is also not encouraged. Because your mouth needs enough saliva to enhance healing at this period.


Watch What You Eat

 Soft foods are very good after your oral surgery. If you want to go a step further, you can take oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt. You should avoid too cold, hot, spicy or chewy foods during this period.


Take Your Pain Medications

You may experience some pains after the process. But your dentist will give you pain medications to manage the situation. You must ensure that you take the drugs in accordance with the prescribed instructions. Some over-the-counter drugs can also help in alleviating pains. But it is advisable to follow your surgeon’s instructions as regards pain medications.


Be Vigilant

It is important for you to keep your eye out for post-operative issues that last for 2 days or more. Issues like fever, infection, swelling, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, allergic reaction, etc., should be watched out for so that you can visit your doctor right away.


Follow Up

Attending your follow-up appointments is very vital so that the healing progress will be properly monitored. In order to avoid any complication, you should follow all the instructions given to you by your maxillofacial surgeon Houston TX. Your Houston oral surgery can be successful if you prepare adequately. And follow basic recovery instructions.