How To Handle Wisdom Teeth Pain – Wisdom Teeth Houston TX

Wisdom teeth pain is a scourge that can be experienced constantly or when you are chewing. The pain can also be experienced when you touch the area consciously or unconsciously. It is advisable to remove your wisdom teeth Houston TX before they start causing problems.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Pain

Recognizing the pain of wisdom teeth Houston TX can be very tricky. You can feel the pain at the back of your molars as the wisdom teeth begin to erupt. The place may be red and delicate to touch. In some situations, you may not feel any pain and this does not mean that there is no problem. There are other causes of oral pain including tooth decay, teeth grinding at night, abscess or fracture, gum infection, just to mention but few. It is very important for you to book an appointment with a dentist so that the cause of your oral pain can be ascertained.

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Pain

Painful wisdom teeth Houston TX can be caused by many factors. They may come out crooked and not fit perfectly in your mouth. They can also bring about infection due to difficulty in cleaning them. This can also lead to pain which may come up gradually or suddenly. The pain can adversely affect your overall dental health if not treated on time.

Remedies For Wisdom Teeth Pain

Hurting wisdom teeth Houston TX should be extracted. However, there are some things you can do in order to be relieved temporarily before going for your appointment. Some of them are discussed below.

Numbing Gel

Aching wisdom teeth Houston TX can be temporarily fixed with a numbing dental gel. The gel is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication and contains benzocaine as an active ingredient. You can apply the gel to the gums affected all through the day. However, it is very essential for you to follow the instructions on the pack so that you will be able to get the result. If you are allergic to benzocaine, you should stay away from the gel.


Ibuprofen can be purchased on the counter and it is very effective for reducing inflammation. The pain can be relieved if you take the recommended dose on the product’s pack. In addition, it can help in reducing gum inflammation that is associated with the development of wisdom teeth.

Ice Pack

You can apply an ice pack in order to lessen inflammation. The pack should be applied to the jaw and the pain will be relieved. The ice pack will also produce a numbing effect on your jaw. The application should last for about 15 minutes and you can maintain an interval of about 20 minutes between each application until you are relieved.

Salt Water Rinse

Your wisdom tooth pain can be reduced with a salt water rinse many times in a day. Salt water contains natural antibacterial attributes. At times, the pain may be caused by the development of bacteria in the cracked gums surrounding the wisdom teeth. As a result of this, salt water rinse will address the infection so that the pain will be reduced.


Cloves have proved to be very effective for relieving pain associated with wisdom tooth. They possess numbing effect which makes a lot of people to use them. You can use clove oil or whole clove and you are definitely going to get the result.

If you are using clove oil, you should apply a few drops on the paining tooth with the aid of cotton wool. You should allow it to stay until you feel relieved before removing it. Clove oil can be purchased in your local store or online.

On the other hand, if you want to use whole clove, the clove should be placed on the aching wisdom tooth. You should use your jaw to grasp it without chewing it and it should be left there until you don’t feel any pain. Whole clove can also be purchased at your local store and online.


Onions possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result of this, they can be used to lessen swelling and attack bacterial infections. If you want to use onions to relieve wisdom tooth pain, you should chew it on the painful part of the teeth. The chewing should be continued until you feel relieved before the onion is spit out. This will give the juice from the onion the opportunity to get into the gum in order to lessen inflammation and attack infections.

Tea Bags

Research shows that tannins in tea bags possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. They can be used to ease swelling and combat bacterial infections. You should prepare the tea with hot water and allow it to cool properly. You can put it in the fridge to hasten this process so that you will be quickly relieved. As soon as it is cold, you should take out the tea bag and place it where the pain is located. You should not add milk, sugar or cream to the tea.


As mentioned earlier, removal may be the option to fix pain associated with wisdom teeth. Removal can be carried out by a dentist or dental surgeon. The procedure is usually performed with the aid of a local anesthetic so that you won’t feel much discomfort when the process is going on.

A little pressure will be applied to the tooth by your dentist so that it can become unfastened from its socket. Small incisions will then be made all over the tooth while there may be need to cut the wisdom tooth into tinier pieces before extraction. Tooth extraction is a simple procedure that only lasts for some minutes.


The practice of good oral hygiene is very essential in preventing pains associated with wisdom teeth Houston TX. You should brush and floss regularly while regular dental check-ups should not be ignored. You should drink enough water so as to flush out food fragments from your mouth and sugary foods as well as drinks should be avoided.