How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon Near Me?

Finding a cosmetic surgery specialist in Houston is very vital because your choice will probably remain with you for life. In order to go through successful cosmetic procedures that will boost your look, you need a competent plastic surgeon in Houston that will handle your treatment with so much dexterity. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon is your bet in this regard but how do you find one in today’s frenzied world. Read on.

#1. Make Sure The Cosmetic Surgeon Is Board Certified

It is very important for your cosmetic surgery specialist Houston to be board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). ABCS is dedicated to certification, training and retraining of cosmetic surgeons so that patients will be adequately protected to go through cosmetic procedures. As a result of this, getting an ABCS certified doctor will go a long way in ensuring that you have a hitch-free process.


#2. Confirm The Surgeons Experience In The Specific Procedures You Want

 Different cosmetic procedures require special skills so that they will be successful. The skills required for correcting the shape of a nose will be quite different from the ones needed for a breast augmentation. Consequently, you should look for a cosmetic surgery specialist Houston with requisite skills as well as experience in the particular procedure you want to go through.

#3. Choose A Surgeon Whose Aesthetic Sense Appeals To You

One man’s food is another man’s poison, hence, you should go for a cosmetic surgery specialist Houston with an aesthetic sense that actually appeals to you. You may need to go through before and after photos to see if the results you are seeing are relevant to your situation. Consistency of the surgeon’s results should also be watched out for because it will determine the accuracy of the result you will get.

#4. Pay Attention To How The Surgeon And Staff Make You Feel

Getting your cosmetic surgery right will give you the opportunity to improve the way you look. As a result of this, you need a cosmetic surgery specialist Houston that will make you feel comfortable. A lot of people are apprehensive about surgery because they are not comfortable with the surgeon that will handle the process. In addition, you need to be comfortable with the support team of the surgeon because every single person in the team is very vital to the success of the procedure.

5 Ways To Save On Cosmetic Surgery Without Compromising On Safety

After finding the right surgeon, you may need to know the tactics that will help you to save on the procedure without making concession on safety. If you are very smart, you will definitely find an ideal procedure that will be in accordance with your budget. You can keep the following points at the back of your mind.

#1. Sign Up For Specials

A lot of practices and manufacturers organize special programs aimed at giving succour to patients as well as consumers. If you can get information about these special programs, you will have the opportunity of saving so much money in the process. You can sign up for the newsletter of major cosmetic manufacturers and practices so that you will be able to know when a special program will take off.

#2. Get A Discount For Your Military Service

If you (or your spouse) are an active or retired member of the US military, you may be qualified for a discount on your cosmetic process. You can ask your surgeon if there is any offer of military discount at their practice. You may require to provide your valid military ID and once you are able to do this, you are good to go.

#3. Take Advantage Of Cosmetic Surgery Financing

You can discuss with your surgeon so that he can work out an ideal financing plan for you. You can decide to pay by monthly installments so that it will be convenient for you to make payments. If your credit rating is very good, you may get a low interest and may even enjoy interest-free period. So that extra cost will highly minimize. A lot of financing plans in plastic surgery work like credit card whereby you choose the amount of credit you want and start paying little by little every month until the whole amount is paid off.

#4. Bundle Procedures Into One Surgery Day

If it is very important for you to go through more than one cosmetic procedure, e.g. tummy tuck and breast lift, it is advisable to do all of them at once. This will give you the opportunity to save so much money because you will only be paying once for anesthesia and operating room for all the procedures. You will also get other benefits like single recovery period, less time that you will be off work and so on.

#5. Find Ways To Save Outside The Operating Room

There are so many other costs that affect your final surgery cost and if you can work towards reducing them, you will be giving yourself a great relief. You can fix your treatment to your vacation so that you don’t take too much time off work which can have an adverse effect on your productivity and earning.

Furthermore, you should properly organize your eating schedule after the surgery. You may not have the full ability to cook after the procedure. And eating out all the time can adversely affect your purse. You can prepare healthy soups, casseroles, etc., and put them in the freezer. So that you can fall back on them after your surgery. You can also arrange with family members or friends to take care of you and the kids (if any) after the procedure. So that you can save money that you would otherwise had to spend on securing the service of a babysitter. Or paying for a day care or camp during this period.


You can get the right cosmetic surgery specialist Houston for the purpose of enhancing your natural beauty. However, you need to play the game according to the rules in order to achieve your desired result.