How To Boost Your Look With Nose Surgery – Nose Surgeon Near Me

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery used for enhancing the shape, symmetry and size of your nose so that it can be in a right proportion with your face. It is usually carried out by a qualified nose surgeon near me and has the ability of improving your overall appearance.


What Changes Can I Make To My Nose?

Rhinoplasty surgery aims at reshaping your nasal structures including cartilage, skin and bone. A rhinoplasty procedure handled by a competent nose surgeon near me will help in straightening your crooked nose, smoothening a conspicuous bump on your nose bridge, reducing the size of over-extruding nasal tip, reducing the size of your extra large nose, restoring symmetry after an injury, correcting impaired breathing, just to mention a few.


Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

In order to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty that will be carried out by a proficient nose surgeon near me, your health status must be generally satisfactory. In addition, your nose should be fully developed which means that you need to be 14 years old or more, if you are a female, or 16 years old or more, if you are a male, before you can be considered for the plastic surgery. It is very important for you to have unsentimental expectations because rhinoplasty can only enhance your current nose but does not have the ability of giving you the nose you see on someone else’s face.


Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Since nose surgery is a complex process, it requires a board-certified plastic surgeon for nose surgery so that you will be able to experience a hitch-free process. You need someone with reasonable experience in facial plastic surgery including many rhinoplastic procedures. During your consultation, you should find out the number of nose surgery that your potential surgeon has carried out. You can demand for pictures of past procedures and compare the situations before and after the surgery. The pictures should be real and you can use that to judge the aesthetic dexterity of a surgeon.


Types of Rhinoplasty

There are different techniques in nose surgery and your facial anatomy, as well as the desired result, will determine the one that a plastic surgeon for nose surgery will use for you.


Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty involves the creation of a little incision beneath your nasal tip, in-between your nostrils. This method gives the surgeon the opportunity to get more absolute access to your nasal structures. So that the surgeon can easily reshape the nose into the desired model. It is usually used in cases where extensive reshaping of the nose is required. The scars are  not conspicuous because they will be hidden in the natural contours of your nose.


Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty involves the making of an incision inside your nostril. Surgeons usually use it in cases whereby patients require minor adjustments of the nasal structures. It is a choice method because it does not leave any room for visible scarring but it may not be ideal for extensive procedures.



Tiplasty is not really a technique but refers to the region that is being reshaped. It actually refers to the reshaping of the tip of the nose leaving out other structures. Open or closed rhinoplasty can be used for tiplasty.


Is It Possible To Get a Non-surgical Nose Job?

You can get a non-surgical nose job by using dermal fillers to reshape the nose, but the result can only be temporary and may only last for a year. Dermal fillers carefully injected can help in smoothening your bumps, boosting nasal symmetry and reshaping nasal tip. This can be a temporary approach but it is cheaper and can give you the opportunity to test the waters before actually jumping in.


Life After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and your doctor may use general anesthesia. In certain cases, local anesthesia with i.v. sedation may be an ideal approach and your doctor will decide on the approach for you. Your surgeon will put your nose in a splint after the surgery so that your reshaped nose will get support and protection from unexpected contact. He will also place packing inside your nostril and you may need to take it home, even though it may not be comfortable but it is temporary. Within one week after the procedure, your doctor will remove the packing and you will feel better. Your doctor will prescribe drugs that will help you in managing pains that you may encounter after the procedure.


Take It Easy After Rhinoplasty

You may experience bruising as well as swelling within one to two weeks after the surgery. But this will subside within this period. Initially, you may not see immediate results but as time rolls by, you will start seeing the results. You can return to normal activities after about two weeks and this is based on the degree of your activities. It is very important to follow your surgeon’s instructions pertaining to recovery after the operation. So that you will start seeing results in good time.


Your New Nose Will Continue To Improve

Even though you will start seeing results after the bruising and swelling have abated. There is every possibility for some insignificant swelling to persist for up to one year. However, this will not be conspicuous to others in your environment.


Results Are Permanent

Your rhinoplasty results are permanent and your nose will look good for the rest of your life. As a result of this, it is very essential to choose the right plastic surgeon for nose surgery. So that plastic surgery will be a success. In order to know the option for you, a consultation with the right surgeon is inevitable. This will give you the opportunity to ask all the relevant questions bothering your mind as regards rhinoplasty. In order to get a successful process that will be satisfactory. Your facial appearance can receive a boost and a nose job can do the magic.