It is a well-known fact that Juvederm is a dermal filler and it is majorly used for fixing facial fine lines and wrinkles. It consists of hyaluronic acid (HA) and water to produce a gel-like brand that will enhance your look. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the national average price tag for one syringe of Juvederm specials near me is about $620. The precise price tag of Juvederm changes from one place to another since there are various formulas available. There are other costs that affect the final cost like your doctor’s fees, location, magnitude of the treatment and so on. In addition, costs are figured out by sessions and the number of sessions needed for your treatment is dependent on areas receiving the treatment. Like every other cosmetic processes, Juvederm specials near me is not backed by insurance and the recovery time can be very quick. As a result of this, you may not need to apply for an off-time at work.

Total Expected Costs

Juvederm is a nonsurgical procedure, hence, it is not as expensive as surgical procedures, such as facelifts, with reduced risk of exposure to complications. Cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers are considered as electives by medical insurance which means that they are not absolutely, medically necessary. Consequently, you should not expect any reimbursement for your Juvederm specials near me injections. You should prepare to pay between $500 and $600 on the average for one syringe. You may require more than one syringe for one session and this is dependent on your objectives. Unlike Botox, Juvederm specials near me has various formulas based on the area to be treated and this affects cost greatly. The hyaluronic acid amount in each formula is not the same and the sizes of the syringe are not the same. Major types of Juvederm include Volbella, Voluma, Ultra and Vollure. Every formula can be found in XC version and contains lidocaine. Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent which makes the procedure less painful and eliminates the need to administer a separate anesthetic before the commencement of the treatment.

 Juvéderm for Lips and Mouth

There are 2 major Juvederm specials near me formulas for your lips – Volbella XC and Ultra XC. Volbella XC is usually used for wrinkles near the mouth and lip lines. On the other hand, Ultra XC is used to add volume to the lips so that your appearance can receive a boost. The costs of these formulas vary as Ultra XC can cost as much as $1,000 for one syringe. Volume is another factor that differentiate the two. While Ultra XC syringe has 1ml of dermal filler, Volbella contains about 0.5ml.

Juvéderm Under Eyes

Voluma can be used to fix volume loss beneath your eyes even though it is not FDA-approved for that purpose. Voluma XC costs something around $1,500 for one syringe.

 Juvéderm For The Cheeks

If your desire is to achieve chubby cheeks, Voluma XC may be recommended for you. In order to fix lines around your nose as well as mouth, Vollure XC may be recommended for you. Vollure XC has an average cost of about $750 for one treatment while Voluma can cost as high as $1,500 for one syringe.

Recovery Time

There is no recovery time necessary for Juvederm. Hence, you may not need to take time off work. However, it is important for you to note that you will experience mild bruising and swelling. In addition, you need to factor in the time you will spend for initial consultation as well as follow-up appointments, if necessary. This should be worked out with your work schedule so that you will be better prepared.

Are There Any Ways to Reduce Costs?

Even though you will have to make an out-of-pocket payment for your treatment. You can take advantage of the system in order to get an affordable treatment. You can speak with your doctor and there can be various convenience plans for you. Such as flexible payment plans, provider memberships, financing options, manufacturer rebates and so on. You can also benefit from “Brilliant Distinctions”, a program that gives you the opportunity to earn points with time. Which will eventually reduce your cost in the office of your provider. It is interesting to note that Juvederm participates in the program.

How Long Will The Procedure Last?

Depending on the number of syringe that will be used for your treatment, you should expect the procedure to last for about 15 to 60 minutes. Results will be imminent almost immediately. And can last for about a year. In some cases, the result may last for up to two years. And this is dependent on the type of dermal filler used. Maintenance treatments may be necessary afterwards in order to ensure that the result is achieved. And the results vary based on the formula used.

Preparing for Juvéderm Treatment

It is very important for you to follow the instructions of your doctor very closely in order to adequately prepare for your treatment. Drinking, smoking and tanning should be avoided. So that your treatment will run smoothly. In addition, you may need to avoid some medications or discontinue their use. Especially nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), because they can trigger bleeding. On your appointment day, it is advisable for you to arrive earlier than schedule. So that you will be able to fill the necessary paperwork and arrange the payment of your fees.

How to Find a Provider

Juvederm specials near me is a medical procedure not minding the fact that some established spas are offering the dermal fillers injections. In order to be on a safer side, you must ensure that you make use of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. You must ensure that you ask about the experience of your prospective doctor. And demand to see before and after photographs of successful procedures executed. You should also demand to know the estimate of their fees. So that you will be able to prepare adequately for your treatment.