How to Heal After Cosmetic Surgery – Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Houston TX

Even though cosmetic surgery is non-obligatory, it is very essential to follow instructions so that you will be able to recover easily and promptly. If you don’t comply with the instructions of your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX after the procedure, it can lead to complications like increased swelling, infections, reopening of incisions and so on. Due to expectations of many patients, they usually don’t prepare for life during and after the recovery period. If you know how to handle the recovery period properly, you will enhance your healing process to your satisfaction.


Following Medical Steps for Healing

It is very important for you to know the expectations of the recovery period. Some minor cosmetic surgical processes require some days for recovery but some major ones may take weeks or months. You should not hesitate to discuss with your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX before the process so that you will be informed of what to expect during the recovery period. Since the recovery period will affect your work life as well as your ability to mingle with friends, you should do everything possible to plan ahead.


Follow Your Surgeon’s Recovery Plan

It is very essential for you to adhere to the recovery plan of your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX. The plan may include using medications that will curb swelling as well as pain so that healing will be promoted. You may also be asked to apply ice packs to the treatment area and elevate the area to reduce swelling. Exposure to direct sunlight should also be avoided during the recovery period. If a tube is inserted in the treatment area to drain excess fluid, you should adhere to your doctor’s instructions on how to properly use it.


Attend Your Follow-up Appointments Timely

If you want your wound to heal up very fast, you should follow up your appointments with your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX in a timely manner. You should give him/her the opportunity to check the treatment area from time to time so that he/she would be able to come up with the professional advice that will speed up the healing process. If there are issues with the healing process, they would be properly tackled at the right time so that they don’t lead to big problems later.


Consult Your Doctor About Medication Use

You should let your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX know if you take some regular medications or supplements. Some of them, such as aspirin or blood thinners, can have an adverse effect on healing and can aggravate swelling as well as bleeding. Some natural supplements and remedies may also be detrimental to the healing process. By discussing with your surgeon, the medications will be properly examined to ascertain their interference with your recovery. Anyone of them that may not be ideal for you at that moment should be discontinued until the time that your body will fully heal up.


Give Your Body The Time To Recover

You should not be in a hurry to begin your normal activities after your cosmetic surgery. If you over-exert yourself, your recovery may be slowed down and some complications may come up. You should avoid exercising until the time that your doctor deems it fit. Early exercising after your procedure can lead to bleeding and swelling which can delay healing. You should note that the healing period is not the same for every patient and procedure.


Plan Your Healing Process In Advance

You should eat properly and get adequate rest before the surgery so that your healing process will be faster. You should take enough fluids and have a balanced diet after the surgery so that your body will get the required nutrients for quick recovery. Quitting smoking is very essential as it will help you to step up the healing process.


Manage Your Expectations

Cosmetic surgery usually helps boost your look but you should have realistic expectations. You should not totally aim for the result you see in another person because our body types are not the same and we don’t respond to treatments the same way. You should not expect perfection so that you will not have disappointments. Don’t think that the surgery will solve other problems of your life. Even though it has the ability of boosting your look, it may not save your bad relationship, get you promotion at work, make you more popular among friends, etc. You should be honest with yourself and set goals that are achievable so that you don’t get disappointment.


Seek Out The Support Of Family and Friends

You can get moral support from your family and friends, particularly during the initial stage of the recovery period. You may have issues with completing simple tasks and experience pains during this period. Also you may feel disappointed because the result of the surgery may not be instant. As they may need to heal up before you can start seeing results. At this trying period, you need the support and encouragement of friends and family members. Your surgeon may restrict your activities at this period. Hence, you need to take care before you can start your normal day-to-day activities.


Wear Your Compression Garment

If your case requires the use of a compression garment, make sure you use it appropriately. Some cosmetic procedures require the use of compression garments after the procedure. In order to guard against swelling as well as bruising. The period for wearing the garment depends on the procedure you go for. While a tummy tuck may require about 8 weeks of compression garment use. A breast augmentation or lift may only require about 2 weeks of use. Compression garments compress tissues and assist the body in reabsorbing edema fluid that have piled up.



Having a quick recovery after your procedure is very essential in order to enjoy your life thereafter. You should have an extensive discussion with your cosmetic surgery consultant Houston TX for a comprehensive guide.