Double Chin Treatment Near Me – What You Need to Know

A lot of us love to see our profile in the mirror looking streamline, however, one way or the other, some of us have too much fat under the chin which creates a condition known as double chin or submental fullness. There are many causes of this condition including overweight, diet, hereditary factors and so on. There are many options for double chin treatment near me and some of them will be discussed in this piece.

Double Chin Surgery

There are many surgical options for double chin treatment near me and they include liposuction, face lift and neck lift. A plastic surgeon will use any of these procedures to fix the problem so that your appearance will be enhanced.


Liposuction is one of the alternatives for double chin treatment near me. It involves the removal of fat underneath the skin while the chin as well as the neck contour are sculpted. A little incision is created through which a tube will be inserted in order to extract the fat through suction. Usually, the procedure is carried out with the aid of a local anesthesia so that you won’t feel any discomfort during the process.


Facelift is another surgical method for double chin treatment near me. This plastic surgery gives surgeons the opportunity to get rid of fat as well as saggy skin encircling the neck and chin. A general anesthetic can be used for the procedure which will make you to sleep off and your surgeon may decide to use a local anesthetic.


You may be asked to go for a neck lift which is another option for double chin treatment near me. There are different methods of carrying out a neck lift. Cervicoplasty is used to get rid of extra skin around your neck and chin. Platysmaplasty will ensure that the contours of the chin as well as neck are enhanced. In most cases, face lift surgery is combined with this procedure in order to get the result.

Side Effects

These surgical procedures come with some side effects and it is very important for you to know them so that you will be able to prepare adequately. Some of these side effects include swelling and bruising which may last for about 14 days. In addition, if you have serious health problems, the administration of general anesthesia may be risky for you. If you are a smoker or you are using anti-clotting drugs, like warfarin, you may be exposed to risk of bleeding.

Nonsurgical Methods

There are nonsurgical methods for treating double chin. Your doctor will determine the method that can fix your problem after proper examination. As a result of this, you should request a consultation with a competent plastic surgeon so that the method that will solve your problem will be used for you. Some of these nonsurgical methods are discussed below for your reading pleasure.

Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is a nonsurgical approach to getting rid of double chin. It is an injectable treatment that is introduced into the skin under your chin in order to melt excess fat. You may need to go through more than one treatment sessions which can be spaced over many weeks in order to get the result. You may need to get up to six treatments based on your body type and the quantity of excess fat to be eliminated.

Deoxycholic acid is very popular because it produces long-lasting results. It is noninvasive and that is why a lot of people prefer it. If you are able to maintain your weight, the result can last as long as you want. One drawback of the acid is that it is more painful than Botox injections and dermal fillers. You can also experience a swollen neck which can linger for up to 10 days after each treatment session. However, the dexterity of your surgeon will ensure that these side effects are properly managed to your advantage.

Near-infrared Skin Tightening

Infrared light waves of low levels can be applied to your chin in order to reduce your double chin and the procedure has been very effective. The application of heat to the deep-seated layers of your skin just as the upper layers are kept cool will probably provoke the ability of the skin to reawaken the collagen underneath the skin. When infrared light is introduced to your chin, you will experience notable tightness, elasticity and thickness of your skin.

CoolMini Coolscuplting

CoolMini Coolsculpting involves the application of cold to the excess fat underneath the chin. As soon as the fat becomes frozen, the treatment area will be massaged in order to break up the frozen fat. You will not see results immediately but with time, you will be able to notice remarkable improvements.

Velashape III

Velashape III is an ideal treatment for improving your look and the procedure is very effective for eliminating fat beneath the neck which looks like double chin. Heat is applied to the treatment area which will melt fat and this will lead to a smoother skin texture on the surface.


Anti-aging creams containing peptides can be very effective for firming and lifting your chin’s skin. Peptides have a very strong anti-aging effect on the body. And will improve the tightness and appearance of your skin. You can take advantage of this by looking for anti-aging products containing peptides. So that your look will receive a boost.


Some facial exercises are very good for reducing the fat in your chin. Majority of these exercises will work up your chin muscles. So that the fat there can be reduced. Some of these exercises include whistle at the ceiling, kiss the sky, gum chewing and so on.


You can boost your appearance with double chin treatment near me but it is very important for you to get your treatment from an experienced skin doctor. By doing this, you will be at peace that the procedure that will be carried out on you will be successful to destroy fat cells that are disfiguring your face.