Does Nonsurgical Fat Removal Work? 

Every year, a lot of people go through nonsurgical fat removal such as laser liposuction in Houston Texas. The procedure is a minimally invasive substitute to traditional liposuction and very effective for getting rid of stubborn fat cells in the body. In order to discover if the process works or not, you need to go through this piece till you get to the last word.  

How Does It Compare To Traditional Liposuction?

Nonsurgical fat removal, also known as nonsurgical liposuction, is very distinct from traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction is an invasive procedure which involves little incisions so that a tube can be tucked into the area with excess fat. The excess fat is then suctioned out with the aid of the tube leading to the elimination of the fat cells. It can be carried out on large area of fat deposit and can be targeted at specific regions. As a surgical procedure, traditional lipo comes with certain side effects like swelling and bruising with considerable recovery period. Nonsurgical liposuction, like laser liposuction in Houston Texas, includes many procedures that make use of laser, cooling, heat or sound waves to break down fat cells so that they can get eliminated through metabolism from your body. The recovery time for nonsurgical liposuction is usually equal to zero but it cannot be used for large area of fat deposit. It is ideal for conditions whereby exercise and diet programs fail to achieve the desired result. Patients who do not have fitness for surgery can also get solace in nonsurgical lipo. And for the procedure to be completely effective, you may need to go through multiple treatments.  

Types Of Nonsurgical Fat Removal

You can carry out non surgical fat elimination, such as laser liposuction in Houston Texas, in the clinic of your plastic surgeon with the aid of many proprietary procedures. Some of the brand names include i-Lipo, Exilis, Liposonix, CoolSculpting, Zeltiq and so on. Each procedure makes use of unique techniques including laser, freezing therapy, ultrasound, radiofrequency and so on. The major aim of each of the technique is to devastate the membranes of the fat cells so that they can get eliminated with ease.  

Pros of Nonsurgical Fat Removal

Nonsurgical fat removal, like laser liposuction in Houston Texas, does not require any incision which makes the procedure to have less recovery period. It is popular for reduced swelling, pain or post-treatment complications. It does not require so much preparation and you can carry out in good time so that you can easily return to your usual activities.  

Cons of Nonsurgical Fat Removal

Nonsurgical fat removal, such as laser liposuction in Houston Texas, requires several treatments. Which can last for weeks or months before you achieve a desired outcome. Since it is an external process, it may not be easy to target certain fat in specific areas of the body. It may not produce instant, dramatic results and may not cover large area of fat deposit.  

What Is The Cost of Nonsurgical Fat Removal?

In accordance with 2017 statistics of the American Society of cosmetic surgeons. The standard cost of nonsurgical fat removal is about $1,418. While that of injection lipolysis is about $1,149. However, it is important to note that the cost can vary from one place to another. And the standard cost mentioned above does not include amenities and other affiliated expenses. Other factors that affect the cost include the effort and time required for the procedure. Qualification and proficiency of the surgeon, location and so on. The procedure does not have insurance coverage because it is cosmetic. But a lot of plastic surgeons have convenient financing policy which can be of great assistance to you.  

What Should I Expect During Consultation?

First and foremost, you should endeavor to carry out a proper homework before arranging for a treatment. If you prepare adequately, there is every possibility that you will get the from the treatment. You can look for a plastic surgeon with photographs showing conditions before and after the treatment. It is better to make use of a board-certified plastic surgeon in order to undergo your treatment in safe hands. In addition, during your consultation, you should be ready to discuss your goals with your surgeon. Also, you should discuss other issues. Such as drug allergies, medical conditions, current medications, previous surgeries, lifestyle, just to mention a few. Your surgeon will evaluate your current health status, including risk factors. Your surgeon will also take your photograph, discuss treatment options with you and advise you on the treatment plan. He will also discuss possible outcomes as well as risks or complications with the treatment. You should not hesitate to ask questions during your consultation so that the whole picture will be clearer to you. You should understand all aspects of the procedure as this will help you to properly prepare for the process. It is normal to be anxious, either of your new look or pre-operative stress. And it is very essential for you to discuss your anxieties with your doctor.  


Nonsurgical fat removal is highly effective for fixing many conditions that adversely affect your look. Ultramodern technology has enabled plastic surgeons to be more accurate when getting rid of excess fat. With little or no complications after the process. It works for patients that may not have the opportunity of going through surgery. But you cannot compare the result to traditional liposuction. As a result of this, you should discuss with your doctor to know what real body contour transformation is about. And possible results compared to results you see on adverts. Your expectations should be realistic so that you don’t get disappointments. If they are not in line with what is practically achievable. You may not be happy after going through the procedure. It is also very important to make use of a board-certified surgeon. For your nonsurgical fat removal, like laser liposuction in Houston Texas. In order to get the most excellent result so that your body shape will enhance.