Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX – Techniques, Benefits and Risks


Breast lift, a.k.a. mastopexy, offers you an opportunity to enhance the look of your breasts. There are several techniques for Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX and your surgeon will discuss the various options with you in order to come up with the right one. Here are some popular techniques that should be considered.


Standard Lift


The standard anchor-shaped incision technique is characterized by the initiation of a slit around the outermost edge of the areola, an additional vertical slit down to the base of the breast and a third horizontal slit along the crease of the breast. This technique has the capacity of reducing droopiness, especially on the lower part of your breast. It is ideal for all women but those with smaller breasts are the most desirable candidates.


Doughnut Mastopexy


This requires less removal of skin thereby leading to minimal scarring and speedy recovery time. The process involves the creation of circumferential slits around your areola as well as nipples so that the excess tissue can be removed. This technique is also good for reshaping stretched or misshapen areolas but may not be the technique for those with larger breasts.


Lollipop Lift


Lollipop breast lift comes in between standard and doughnut techniques. It is also known as vertical mastopexy and involves the creation of a slit around your nipple as well as areola while a small slit will run down to the crease of your breast. It is less scarring and ideal for a moderate lift.


Laser Bra Lift


Laser bra lift is an advanced technique for breast enhancement with long-lasting results and it is a substitute for traditional mastopexy. Unlike traditional mastopexy where excess skin is eliminated, laser bra lift ensures that the excess skin is used as a support to the base of your breasts. This technique is ideal for all women no matter the sizes of their breasts.


Benefits of Mastopexy


The most outstanding benefit of Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX is the complete positive effect it will have on your shape so that you can boast of sturdier, bouncier breasts. In addition, your bust line will get more definition in order to get more fitting for certain clothing and look younger. Here are some other benefits of mastopexy.


Fix Drooping Breasts


Drooping breasts are caused by stretched skin as well as loss of volume. Usually, these are the aftermaths of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, comprehensive weight loss and so on. Breast lift surgery Houston tx can boost the look of drooping breasts through the removal of overabundant skin as well as the lifting of the tissue of the inner breast. The shape and symmetry of your breast will also be enhanced, especially if you blend the process with implants.


Restore Youthful Appearance


Every woman loves the breasts of her youth but as you age, your breasts will start to stretch and lose volume. This is more pronounced after breastfeeding or after a comprehensive weight loss program. You can get that youthful appearance for your breasts back with Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX. You will definitely look years younger after the procedure because your breasts will be firmer and perkier.


Increase Clothing Options


If your breasts are not firm enough, you may find it difficult to wear fitted clothes. This can be frustrating when shopping for clothes and you may just have to go for clothes that will hide your body. With Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX, you will have a lot of clothing options to consider. You will also discover that your bras will fit you better and you will be able to put on new styles with full confidence.


Enhance Self Esteem


Your self esteem can be damaged by sagging breasts and this can adversely affect your quality of life. Mastopexy offers well-proportioned, blossoming breasts that will boost your self confidence and improve your life quality. You will also be more romantic and feel sexier in your relationship. Besides, you will be more comfortable to lay out at the beach or pool and you will be able to conveniently engage in physical activities.


Improve Physical Health


Even though mastopexy is a cosmetic process carried out to boost your appearance. It can actually boost your physical wellbeing and lessen your discomfort. For example, sagging breasts can lead to serious chaffing under the crease of your breasts and can also result in neck as well as back pain.




Breast lift is a minor, safe surgery with a very small complication rate. However, it comes with some risks like every other surgery. But in order to minimize these risks, it is important to go for an experienced specialist. It is also important for you to be honest with your medical history. And take to the recovery instructions given to you.




Even though there is a very high hygienic standard and use of advanced antibiotics in cosmetic surgery, there is still a slight risk of infection. Some of the symptoms of infection are fever, redness, pus, pronounced swelling, just to mention a few. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should get in touch with your surgeon immediately.




In rare cases patients may experience bleeding after the procedure. This may be caused by an intrinsic condition, herbal supplement or medication. Because of this, it is important to be honest and thorough with your surgeon when discussing your medical history.


Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia


In some cases, patients may not respond properly to anesthesia thereby leading to side effects like dizziness and nausea. In some other cases, anesthesia may have life-threatening effects on some patients especially those with underlying health conditions. Consequently, it is very essential to be sure that your surgeon will use a competent anesthesiologist. That will regularly monitor your response to anesthesia.


Loss of Sensation


Since your surgeon will reposition your nipple and areola during breast lift surgery Houston tx, there is every possibility that you will experience loss of feeling in those areas. This loss of feeling is temporary and there is no reason to worry about it. It is a common side effect of mastopexy and will disappear after some days.