How To Get Rounded And Bigger Buttocks?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery improves the shapeliness of the buttocks area and helps you achieve a more firm and perfect round ass. The trend for beauty is ever changing. In the past, American women and celebrities tried to maintain smaller bodies. And these days there is a trend for curvier body and fuller buttocks. The reason behind this is big buttocks draw attention, particularly from men interested in big curves. As a result, most women with skinny, flat backside now are looking to have a bigger and rounded butt. Even some ladies, who already have decent backside, wish to make it even larger in order to appear more attractive. The body type of a person is defined by the genes, which is inherited from parents. Some woman naturally stores fat in the butt, while others store in the belly, hip and other areas. Even if someone loses fat and reduces body weight, the overall shape and body type stays roughly the same. Genetics play an important role to determine shape and size of your muscle group and butt. This is the reason why we see some women with naturally bigger butt and some all over flat. If you are looking to add the muscle mass and size to your buttocks in order to give your backside the giant rounded booty look like a Brazillian superstar, then the right thing to do is a Brazilian butt lift surgery.  

What is a Brazilian butt lift surgery

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a surgical procedure that improves the shape, size and appearance of the buttocks. The procedure uses your own excess fat to augment the bottom in a natural way. The Brazilian butt lift surgery is performed using a combination of fat grafting and liposuction to achieve sexier, firmer and fuller buttocks. Surgeons administer general anesthesia before the procedure. They then gently collect fat from donor areas of the body. Donor areas usually include belly, waist, thighs and hips etc. Then the fats are processed and purified. The purified fats are put in between muscle blocks and near a blood supply in the buttock area where they will have a good survival chance. Fat grafting also creates new collagen, since fat comes with stem cells which create new tissues. This also improves the skin texture. To initiate fat grafting, surgeons make tiny incisions into the butt area. The added fat cells give the buttock volume and shape. It tightens the skin, giving the body an even more youthful shape and appearance. The entire surgery is performed under just one and half hours to maximum three hours. The duration of the procedure mainly depends on the amount of fats that needs to be taken.  

What are the requirements for a Brazilian butt lift?

To qualify for a Brazilian butt lift surgery you must meet some requirements. You should have buttocks that lack in fullness, shape and size due to factors like aging or genetics etc. You should be in good overall health. And be fit to undergo surgical procedure and tolerate the anesthesia. You need to quit smoking and drinking for 2 weeks after and 2 weeks before the surgery. If you have sagging, excessive skin under the lower buttock area, you need to undergo another surgery to remove the skin and then you can go through the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Most importantly, you must have excess fat in your body. Usually the procedure requires between 10-20 pounds of fat. If you have this amount of excess fat in your body then you’re good to go.  

What are the benefits?

Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat as filler. A portion of these fats overtime gets absorbed by the body. This way it eliminates the chances of allergic reactions. In surgeries where external materials like silicon are used, there are high chances for complications. Brazilian butt lift is completely safe from perfect round ass. This procedure removes fats from your abdominal area. The Brazilian butt lift surgery does not only improve your buttocks shape but it also dramatically enhances your overall physique. This is because; the surgery reduces a good portion of extra fat from your abdominal and waist area. This helps you achieve the perfect curves that you desire. Unlike butt implants, this procedure is less invasive. The areas where injects are performed are not visible after the procedure. The same is for the abdominal areas where the fats are removed. This procedure is effective in achieving perfectly round and fuller buttocks. It has been proved to be the surgical procedure to achieve great shape. This procedure offers quick results. People spend many hours working out in the hope of getting the perfect backside. Sadly, in many cases these workouts yield very little to zero result. Brazilian butt lift surgery takes just two to three hours to finish and the recovery takes just around a month in total. This means that you can show off you newly enhanced body and fuller butt in just about a month after the surgery.  

Final words

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered one of the butt augmentation procedures. Butt implants often increase the overall size of the patient’s body. However, for brazilan butt lift this is not the case. This procedure greatly enhances the butt size but reduces the abdomen and waist. Thus it achieves the most desirable body shape. It is known to be safe since it uses only your body fat and no artificial implants. So if you are looking to get a butt augmentation be sure to go for Brazilian butt lift surgery. Having this you will make sure you get the desired results.