Abdominal liposuction is a cosmetic surgical process that removes excess fat from the abdomen. It is one of the most common surgical operations among women worldwide. The procedures involve the insertion of a tube beneath the abdomen so that accumulated fats will be get rid of. Here are ten things you need to know about the procedure.


#1 – How Is It Performed?


Abdominal liposuction is carried out with the aid of a local anaesthetic that includes a tumescence solution. The anaesthetic ensures that there is a reduction in bleeding as well as sedating the treatment area so that you don’t feel any pain all through the process. An incision is then made by the surgeon and a small tube known as a cannula is inserted into the abdomen. The surgeon links the tube to a vacuum which then sucks out the extra fat through suction. As soon as the extra fat is removed, any excess fluid or blood will be drained out. Thereafter, the treatment area is stitched up by the surgeon. And the abdomen is kept to its new shape by a designated compression garment.


#2 – What Can Influence the Results of the Treatment?


A lot of factors can affect the result you will get from abdominal liposuction and it is very important for you to know them. By knowing these factors, it will be easier for you to have a realistic expectation when you are going for the surgery.


#3 – Previous Pregnancy


If you have been pregnant before, it could affect the result of the process. While you were pregnant, your abdominal muscles will expand considerably which leads to the bulging of the lower abdomen. The curvature of the wall of the abdomen is the major determinant of the flatness of your abdomen which will determine its shape after abdominal liposuction. However, you will usually be contented with the process and your surgeon will advise you if there is any further step to be taken.


#4 – The C-Section Bulge


Liposuction has the capability of correcting the after-effects of a caesarean section. At times, a caesarean section can lead to bulging of fat over the incision and your surgeon must be able to handle this case because of its delicate nature. That’s why you need to ensure that you consult a competent cosmetic surgeon as this is the only way to guarantee the result.


#5 – Discover The Benefits of Abdominal Liposuction


A lot of people, especially women, are benefiting from abdominal liposuction. Even though this procedure may not remove all the fats because you can only get rid of intestinal fats through dieting and exercise, you will achieve a considerable fat reduction.


#6 – Obesity and Weight Loss


If you go for a weight loss program after an extent of time of obesity, it may make the surgery to be more difficult. This is because the fats in the body can turn to more fibrous after the weight loss program. That is why it is very important for you to make use of an experienced surgeon so that you will get a smooth process.


#7 – Location of Fats


Where the fat is located will also have an effect on your abdominal liposuction surgery. There are two levels of extra fat deposits – superficial as well as deep-level fats. Superficial fats are found just beneath the skin while deep-level fats are found inside the abdomen. And they wrap up the intestines. The surgery can only remove superficial fats while you will need to rely on diet and exercise for the removal of deep-level fats. Regular exercising and proper dieting shouldn’t be a problem. Since you’ll need them for maintaining an overall good health. However, you will still experience a lot of improvement if you actually see an expert to handle your lipo surgery.


#8 – Age


Age is not a barrier for this process but it influences results. Older people possess elastic skin and this can result to loose skin when you remove too much fat. That is why extra caution needs to be taken when dealing with older people. It is important for you to know your expected results in relation to your age before you go for the surgery.


#9 – What Should I Expect After The Procedure?


After the surgery, you will definitely need to go through a recovery period. During this period, you will put on pain management medication. The medication is usually mild because the operation is not a complex one. And the pain can be like muscle soreness or a terrible sunburn. It is important for you to note that the pain is not measurable. Because we all have different ways of tolerating pains. As a result of this, you should speak about pain management with your surgeon before you go for the surgery.

You can also go for an emergency follow-up after the procedure if you feel you are experiencing an abnormal pain. It is also advisable to keep off stressful activities during the recovery period. So that the healing process will not be jeopardized. You should resume full physical activities when your surgeon gives you the green light. The recovery period is usually about four weeks but this period may vary from one patient to another due to differences in body type.


On A Final Note


Abdominal liposuction will surely give you the desired body shape you have always dreamt of. However, it is very essential for you to investigate properly before going for it. You need to be sure that it is ideal for you and you should ask all the necessary questions. It is also important to consult a competent cosmetic surgeon or any other health professional for necessary advice and guidance. You should carry out an adequate research to discover the right surgeon. That will handle your lipo surgery so that there won’t be any problem after the procedure. You wouldn’t want to have complications afterwards. Hence, you should do everything possible to come up with the right professional that will not disappoint you.